Often the first step to opening a great restaurant starts with a good restaurant startup business plan template. Whether you are planning a massive fine dining joint or a simple food cart ready to peddle cooked food on the street, often a strong plan forms the basis of a successful business model and helps you to target long standing gains in the overall process.

You must understand the business plan template that you decide on does not just act as a vehicle to take forward the plan to others but also creates a telling impression on the readers about the ultimate efficiency and brilliance of the concept that you have created.

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Restaurant Startup Business Plan Template

Executive Summary in a Restaurant Startup Business Plan Template

Executive summer is perhaps the key element of any successful business plan. Therefore a good template is that which helps you to create a compelling executive summary with a broad outline of the basic business that you have envisaged.

1) Mention the focus and the basic seating that you are targeting in the restaurant. It is very important to spell out the exact focus as it will also create the USP on which you will peg the restaurant’s success.

The restaurant basic seating

2) The location is the next most important element to mention. Try to earmark famous and relevant landmarks close by so people can easily identify.

Restaurant Location

3) The outlook and the business growth projection come next. Whether you are planning a $100 million plus fine dining experience or $10,000 worth food truck, this is the place to sell the idea and take your readers on board.

4) It is a good idea to mention specific size of the restaurant, in terms of area it occupies or the average size of the food truck you are looking to buy.

Describing the place size in a restaurant startup business plan

5) Highlight key factors like lounge sitting arrangement or an open air restaurant option or proximity to the beach. These often win reader’s attention instantly and ultimately become some of the basic parameters on which a restaurant’s success is hinged upon.

6) The food is no doubt a restaurant’s lifeline, so ensure that you make adequate mention. From the type of food on the platter to the kind of servings and even the option of takeaways is imperative and could make all the difference between a great plan and an ok one. If you are planning any special or signature dish, make a mention of that too.

Food details in your restaurant business plan

7) Do a thorough market study before you start the task of writing the business plan and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the pricing strategy in your region. Remember that the overall pricing and the competitive edge you have against other players in the region could well be a game changer for you.

8) Do you plan to keep your restaurant open seven days a week? Have you planned any off days? Well then specify all of that and more in the executive plan.

9) A restaurant startup business plan template must also have provisions to include elements like the décor and ambience in the plan that you envisage. Remember there are times that people might begin to come to your restaurant cardinally by the pull of the warm colors or the fresh flowers or even the kind of music you play. So why not flaunt it to the reader of your business plan too.

10) In case you plan to make any alterations based on seasonal changes it should find mention in the executive plan too.

11) The quality of service is also crucial. Are you planning a casual approach or a more formal one? What kind of training schedule are you planning for your employees to master the art if retaining your employees? Well, a striking restaurant business plan template will help you add all of that and more.

In case, you are also planning to offer associated services like catering or organizing special events like birthdays and weddings, the executive summary of a great business template is just the right place to make a mention of these as well. Remember these are the type of facilities that highlight the overall resilience of your business model to the market uncertainties.

The Mission Statement

Another key factor that you can look at excelling using a great restaurant startup business plan template is no doubt the mission statement for your business. The mission statement has to be motivating, represent your passion and even encourage your entire team to function in an absolutely driven fashion.

The mission of your business could be anything for peddling out great tasting food to ultimate customer satisfaction. It could also highlight the focus whether you are targeting this restaurant is for families, couples or even kids. Remember the template should be able to portray this mission in a clear and concise manner without too much interference.


The basic target of a business plan is to clearly spell out the objectives. Whether you are targeting this for potential investors or whether you want bank lenders to get you loans to help expand your business startup , the restaurant business plan template should highlight the objectives precisely.

The whole idea is whoever is reading the plan can instantly identify the basic motive of the restaurant, and therefore they can also bring out a clear strategy to lend assistance that the owner might be seeking through this startup business plan.

The Success Parameters

Last but not the least important, the restaurant startup business plan template must be able to identify the success milestones that you must target.

  1. Highlight the unique and innovative elements that set the business apart
  2. Stress on the factors apart from the cooking that makes the dining experience unique
  3. Highlight the theme nights or the special elements that the restaurant might be organizing
  4. The key features of the menu that could interest clients from different parts of world

Restaurant Business Plan Success Parameters

A restaurant startup business plan template has to highlight both the unique features and common elements that can establish the basis of the success of a great business. The fact is every restaurant can benefit from a great business plan, and a good business plan can only enhance the quality of the service offered.

Whether the plan is for raising funds from investors or applying for a loan from bankers, it has to be one that makes a great impression and most importantly should grab the reader’s attention. At the end of the day, the readymade template can make writing a business plan for a restaurant a lot easier, and if the choice of template is good, your success is completely guaranteed.