As a member of The LuckScout Club, you can sell products on the site. This is one of the strong ways of making money on LuckScout. Although The LuckScout Club members can earn money several different ways, and even those who cannot do anything more than browsing web pages can also make money on our site, selling different kinds of products and services on LuckScout is one of the ways that members can make money and residual income.

Why Should You Sell Products on

You will make more money if you do so: Your products will be introduced to the LuckScout community, and your sales letters will receive traffic from search engines and will generate more sales because we are experts in SEO, writing strong sales letters and digital marketing.

Selling products on the Internet is not easy. You need “targeted traffic”. And targeted traffic cannot be generated easily. Either you have to buy it (e.g. pay-per-click or banner advertising), or you have to receive it through search engines’ organic search results which is a method that needs quality and strong content. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is expensive and in most cases advertisers don’t make any profit. Receiving organic search traffic needs quality content and strong credit with Google. You need to have articles and web pages ranked on Google’s first page to receive organic search traffic. It is a lot of work, and your site needs to have already built a long and strong line of credit and trust with Google. Search engines don’t rank websites’ content and web pages very easily.

However, when your product is listed on a website like LuckScout, it receives the organic traffic that the site has because of the website’s users and followers. Your product’s sales letter will be seen by real people. Besides, Google trusts LuckScout, and when an article or sales letter is properly written and optimized, it continuously receives Organic Targeted-Traffic from Google. And, organic targeted-traffic equals money.

Are You Ready to Start?

1. Sign up for a LuckScout Club’s account here.

2. Create your PayPal $95/month subscription here, if you like to make money through the points you earn as a LuckScout Club member, while you make money through selling your products as well. If not, you can still make money through selling products on our website without paying the $95/month subscription fee. However, you will make a lot more if you become a paid member of The LuckScout Club.

3. Introduce your product(s) to us through the form below:


You Don’t Have a Product to Sell on

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you don’t have to have a product to make money. As I explained above, there are several ways to make money on the site. However, if would you like to take the advantage of this opportunity even while you don’t have any product, we can help you have a good product or products to sell. When it comes to LuckScout, the sky’s the limit 😀

We create digital (eBooks) and physical products for our members. It depends on what they choose to have as their product(s). We take care of everything, from production to shipping of your products to buyers. You sell your product(s) on LuckScout and make profit, and we charge some fees and deduct the expenses:

Running a Scalable Business that is powered by the Internet and Data Technology Systems couldn’t be easier.