Should Education Be Free?

Do you think education should be free? There are a lot of individuals who argue about this topic because they do not know the pros that come with a free education. Many just focus on the cons and leave it at that. Today I am bringing this topic to all of you in agreeance that it should be free and try to shed some light about it.

A free education would allow for an improved society with a willingness to learn. Can you imagine how many individuals would go to or back to school if they knew that it would not cost them a dime? I am betting the numbers are way higher than those who would not go. I am talking thousands of students being able to reach their full potential and life goals to be whomever they dream to be.

Next, free schooling would boost our economy. About 15% of Americans are said to be in debt from federal student loans. If there were no debt, the number of goods being purchased would be greatly increased and our economy would be booming. The world right as we know it is heading for a global recession. Maybe this could have been avoided or not as bad if we could just all get the schooling and education we need to prevent this from happening.
Equally important, our young ones in middle school and high school would benefit from this as well. Did you know that our children actually have to pay for their lunches at school? This upsets me because a number of people in our area have not achieved financial freedom with my family being amongst them. What happens when the poor and middle class families run out of money to pay lunch fees? If you thought, well they would be hungry, you would be 100% correct. Our schools do not give out free food unless you qualify for reduced lunches, which most don’t. Also, if families fall behind on tuition for their little ones, those amounts keep building up and putting parents into more debt than they already are. Free education would fill the hungry bellies of this children and give the parents or guardians a little bit of a break.

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Furthermore, I would like to talk about how the crime rates would lower. Statistically speaking, more than not, crimes are being carried out by those who never had access to an education. These criminals did not grow up in a good background or home life. I stop myself to wonder if education was free then would the criminals have not turned out to be criminals? Would they have good paying jobs to look forward to? Would they take advantage of the free schooling? These are the questions that the ones in charge should be asking themselves, but they don’t. All they care about is filling up their pockets and leaching off of the money we currently pay for education.

To end, I would like to remind you all that cost of education is still rising. This is one of the largest issues that our society has to deal with today. As if it isn’t hard enough for us already, they have to make it worse for us. I think it is time for society to fight back and take control. Who’s with me?

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By Amber Pennau

Hi there! I am a 30 year old female from the mid west. I love writing as it has always been a passion of mine. I one day hope to become a professional writer. I have 3 kids and a dog who is basically like my child as well. He sure acts like it :D I got invited into this site a week ago, and I absolutely love it.

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