However rewarding your full-time job might be, often financial needs and growing expenses, compel you to look at side business ideas.

One of the most important aspects of this type of side business idea is that neither should it be terribly time-consuming nor should it pay very less.

It should be a business idea that helps you generate genuine return while pursuing it on the side.

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Does a Side Business Make Sense?

I am used to be focused. So it doesn’t make sense to me to have a side business.

This idea has worked for me and I am happy with it.

I focus on one business and one goal and make the most of it.

Therefore, there can be so many side business ideas that many of them can make some money.

But keep in mind that making some money can’t change anything in your life.

I suggest you to focus on a good business idea and make the most of it instead of looking for a side business idea to have a side business that may not work the way you expect.

When you partially focus on something, there is a lower probability that it works.

The fact that you are looking for a side business idea means that you already have a job and source of income.

But you like to make more money, maybe because (1) your income is not enough, or, (2) you have bigger goals and dreams for your life.

The Important Point

My point is, if your current income is not enough, or you have bigger goals and dreams for your life (which is great), then working on a side business can’t generate the income you expect, and can’t help you achieve your dreams.

Therefore, following a side business idea is a big mistake that some people make.

It causes them to waste a lot of time and probably money without getting any results.

If you really want to make a change in your life, then focus on a strong and reliable business and make it work at whatever it takes.

You don’t have to leave your current job now.

Just focus on a reliable and strong business opportunity for now.

When it starts making money, spend more time on it and make it your full time job.

What I suggest you is an online business that can be done from home.

It is not only that. It has to be based on a strong and proven business system.

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What Are the Popular Side Business Ideas?

Now, if you like to know what side business ideas are and how they work, I have listed them below.

You need to select business ideas that can easily address these key factors and help you get the required earnings that you are targeting.

We decided to make the task a little simpler and list out some of the best-known side business ideas that you could explore and decide upon.

  1. Tutor
  2. Online Tutor
  3. Offer Online Courses
  4. Career Coaching
  5. Write eBooks
  6. Blogging
  7. Podcasting
  8. Marketing Using Instagram
  9. Social Media Managers
  10. Virtual Assistant
  11. Life Coaching for Children
  12. Helping Senior Citizens
  13. Dog Walker
  14. Part-Time Chef
  15. Sewing
  16. Become Egg/Sperm Donor
  17. Landscaping Outdoors
  18. Seasonal Decorator
  19. Officiating Non-professional Games
  20. Coaching Sports Team
  21. Voice Over Artists
  22. Rent Out Additional Space

1. Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

You might be proficient in a particular language or a subject but never pursued an academic career.

Well, you can still choose to make it a profitable proposition by simply carrying it as a side business idea.

You can choose any language or subject like Maths, Science, English, Geography and then look towards holding classes or a community area that could be close by.

You can decide on the schedule that best suits you and take classes on days when you are free and available.

This will then add to your existing income in a meaningful way, and you can then look at gaining better financial security.

This is an important factor as often this additional financial independence is what most people are looking at when they look at business ideas to generate additional income.

Additionally, even as a side business idea, it is a hugely satisfying alternative, and this has a sustainable long-term prospect.

You must understand that whatever might be the economic condition of a country, you will never run out of students who need to be tutored.

2. Become an Online Tutor

Become an Online Tutor

With the introduction of the internet, one of the biggest advantages is that your geographical location is never a problem.

You can ever teach online on any of the subjects that you would want to.

There are many websites that you can post your offerings or look out for postings for tutors.

Depending on the convenience of the customer and the time that best suits you, you can easily strike a favorable tutoring session to suit your needs.

The price for your service can also be negotiated, and you can look out for the rate that best suits you.

3. Offer Online Courses

Offer Online Courses

In fact, teaching has various manifestations that can be easily pursued as a side business idea.

If you are an expert in a specific field, you can easily get a group of people who would be ready to pay you a certain amount to get that guidance online.

You can easily join one of the better known online training organizations like Udemy or Course Era and design an online course.

This can, no doubt, help them experience the same kind of expertise that you have already achieved.

There are some instructors who have made as much as $90,000/year on Udemy.

But on an average, it is not difficult to churn out close to $10,000 a year from designing these type of courses.

There are many online platforms like Teachable that you can use to launch your course online and get started.

You can also choose to sign up for a variety of online courses to help you better understand ways to monetize your expertise this way and generate money using this business idea in its totality.

The advantage of signing up with established online platforms is that you get far better credibility.

4. Career Coaching

Career Coaching

There are many people who are trying very hard to get their dream job.

The interview, the theory elements all pose unique challenges to themselves.

If you have been rather successful, you can surely explore giving these set of guidance and assistance in exchange for a monetary compensation.

As a side business idea, you can train them on ways to address an interview confidently, how to negotiate better salaries and the like.

In short, this would be more like lifestyle grooming where you become the enabler for another individual to realize their potential and get the job of their dreams.

5. Write eBooks

Write eBooks

The moment you consider a side business idea, it becomes obvious that you do not have sufficient time to spare for it.

You are planning to use the additional time that you have got.

That’s exactly why you could look at writing eBooks and getting them published online as well.

The advantage is you get to write on topics that interest you; you don’t have to deal with middlemen to get the books published and then even the royalty does not have to be shared by anyone.

You can keep every bit of the profit that you earn.

6. Blogging


If you have the knack for writing, you can look for writing smaller scale alternatives as well.

You can create an account on any of the blogspots and start posting blogs on any topic that you like writing on.

You have to wait to have some reasonable amount of viewers who follow you on a regular basis.

Then you can start monetizing it by posting ads from Google Adsense and other affiliate marketing options.

Given the kind of money that it generates, it can easily be a profitable side business idea that can be scaled up eventually.

You can easily decide on the subjects that you would want to write on and then decide on a particular time that you plan your write-ups.

As a side business idea, this does not have to be updated very frequently.

But you must remember to update this at a pre-decided hour.

This will enhance your credibility as a blogger as well.

7. Podcasting


But for creating a blog, you don’t necessarily have to write it.

In case you are an expert on an issue or subject, you can even look at creating audio blogs or what is known as a podcast.

Just like in the case of a blog, you can also look at generating a regular set of followers for your podcast on a select topic.

This is, therefore, a very interesting side business idea.

Once you start getting a regular flow of listeners, you can also look at generating funds for this business idea.

You can also start getting sponsors on a regular basis as your podcasts gain popularity.

Podcasts like the Tim Ferriss Show highlight how much money you can make on the sides using this type of business ideas.

You can even use a podcast to promote other products and earn money from those initiatives.

You must understand that the ultimate aim of most of these business ideas is to help you raise additional funds.

To do that, podcast is a rather effective channel to generate that quite effortlessly.

Most importantly, it becomes a channel to further other businesses that you might be having as well.

8. Marketing Using Instagram

Marketing Using Instagram

Today social media marketing is a much in demand, and Instagram is one of the much sought after medium to choose from.

Create an Instagram account and build a stream of followers.

Soon major corporates and companies would approach you to sell products related to the kind of posts that you normally post.

Depending on the kind of followers that you have, you can charge anywhere between $500-5000 per post.

Needless to mention then this becomes an extremely profitable side business idea.

You can easily manage the time that you spend in promoting the products on the site for your marketing needs in a constructive manner.

As the account starts gaining traction and attracts more visitors, you can cut down on a minute to minute monitoring and look at posting updates at regular intervals.

9. Social Media Managing

Social Media Managing

This is another business idea that you could easily pursue on the sides.

If you have always been prompt in staying updated about various social media updates, post every little event in your life on social network sites, perhaps it is time you started to use this skill to make money on side.

There are many corporates who would pay you to manage their social network sites, and the best part is you do not have to monitor these 24×7.

You can decide on a predetermined hour and then update at the same time every day.

10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

They operate quite like regular office assistant, but the entire work happens over the internet.

It is almost like having a personal assistant of your own, but the person operates remotely.

In case you are looking at some profitable side business ideas, you can easily take up this job at a pre-decided hour that does not clash with your regular working hours.

As you operate remotely, you can even apply for jobs that might be available in other parts of the world.

Once you can match the time and job profile, you can easily start earning.

Most importantly you can easily pursue it alongside your day job.

11. Life Coaching for Children

Life Coaching for Children

Whenever you are looking at side business ideas, inevitably you must explore opportunities that are not tapped thus far or the ones that do not take up a lot of time and efforts on your part.

In this context, offering life coaching for children can offer a rather interesting alternative in case of raising money on the side.

So what exactly does a life coach do?

Well, often parents are too busy to spare time for their children and help them learn bicycle or basketball or any such daily skills that are also an important part of growing up.

So this is exactly where a life coach steps in and helps your child learn all those important elements of growing up that you are not able to help them learn.

It could also include potty-training toddlers.

These life coaches step in to impart these life lessons to the children and can be hired at a particular time and most times it is never a day-long engagement.

So you can easily pursue it alongside your regular job and keep generating the extra fund that you earn in this manner.

12. Helping Senior Citizens

Helping Senior Citizens

Lots of times senior citizens needs many kinds of help, from helping them around with household work to banking services and sometimes even getting groceries from the supermarket and the like.

This is a particularly serious issue with one in every 7 US citizens being above 65 years.

You can easily earn anywhere between $10-15 per hour every day and depending on the number of hours that you can spend in a given week, it gives you that much of an opportunity to scale up the earnings by pursuing it as a side business idea.

This is particularly flexible side business idea, and you do not have to look out too far away in search of potential employment.

Most times in your residential area you would have many senior citizens who could do with some extra help and don’t mind paying you a nominal amount every hour.

Though on the face of it; it might seem a very small amount, overall it can aggregate to a rather decent amount of earning in the course of the entire month.

Also on weekends, you can spend relatively a lot more time and improve your earning even better.

13. Dog Walker

Dog Walker

A lot many of us have pets, but the problem is while tending for the pet at home is managed somehow, necessary routines like taking them out for a walk on a regular basis is often compromised.

This could be either for lack of time or resources in terms of having enough family members at home and the like.

That clearly paves the way for you to take this up as a side business idea that can easily help you earn extra money without disrupting the schedule of your daily job.

Dog walking does not require a lot of time.

Most times, allocating a couple of hours before or after work is more than sufficient to help you take this up as a profitable side business idea.

What’s even better is you can take up to 10 dogs to walk together.

This means your relative earning from this initiative gets enhanced significantly.

So if you like pets and love spending time, this type of side business idea gives you the best possible opportunity to combine your passion and profession in a symbiotic manner and get maximum possible gains from this marriage of convenience between the two.

14. Part-Time Chef

Part-Time Chef

If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, the good news is that it can be also a great opportunity to pursue it as side business idea.

Depending on your convenience, you can look at cooking over the weekend or in your spare time and use this skill to earn extra money.

This is a particularly great opportunity to earn some extra bucks on the side without stretching your resource base very significantly.

Moreover, when you do something you like, it always helps you enjoy your time doing it.

Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to cook 4 square meals every hour.

You can look at doing selective things like cupcakes, cookies or pickles and sell them in jars through websites like Etsy, Amazon and the like.

Cook During the Weekends

In this case, you can happily only cook during the weekends and won’t have to spare any of your weekdays in this endeavor.

The advantage in this kind of cooking is, while you get a reasonably profitable side business idea, you do not have to spend a huge amount of energy in getting these done.

You could simply devote time over the weekend and enjoy the extra earnings.

You can also look at doing the occasion based cooking.

In this, you do not have to cook every day or every week.

You can undertake 4-5 orders a month, and this side business idea can sometimes help you earn as much as your day job in a given month.

Quality food is in great demand and often people want to look at bargain deals and healthy homemade food is never out of fashion.

In fact, the more health conscious people are becoming, greater is the demand for this kind of home based catering service and more pronounced are your prospects to make money on the side.

15. Sewing


You are really good with the sewing machine and enjoy creating many designer items.

In fact, many times you also tailor outfits for your family and friends.

So has it ever occurred to you then this can be a great side business idea that you could explore actively.

This is a rather unobtrusive kind of work that you could easily continue with your existing day job and can enjoy the extra bucks that you make in the process.

You could also teach interested people how to sew and earn money.

16. Become Egg/Sperm Donor

Become Egg/Sperm Donor

You must leave no stone unturned when you are on the lookout for profitable side business idea.

So if you are relatively young and in good health, you can easily make money on the side by becoming egg/sperm donors.

Of course for that, you would be needed to successfully enroll in a donation program and follow the schedule established by the egg/sperm bank to regulate the entire process.

Good looks and higher IQ level are what most people looking for these donated eggs lay stress on.

You might have to undergo certain medical and psychological tests as well before the donation.

17. Landscaping Outdoors

Landscaping Outdoors

Often when you are looking to explore profitable side business ideas, it is generally advised that you should consider doing something that you enjoy.

This is because you will be doing this in your spare time.

If you do not like doing it, you might not be able to enjoy it completely or do justice to it in an appropriate manner.

Therefore, if gardening or landscaping is your hobby and you have the necessary know-how, you can easily explore the options of continuing this as a side business idea.

There are a huge number of people, who might be more than interested in having beautifully landscaped garden but might not know how to go about it.

They might be even ready to spend money, but they are not sure, who or where to approach to get the best results.

In this context, you, as a landscaping expert, can provide them the perfect option.

Moreover, this is a kind of job that can be quite easily adapted to their schedule and be undertaken when you have spare time and energy to take it up.

18. Seasonal Decorator

Seasonal Decorator

In the list of side business ideas, there is no limit on the number of options that you could try out at any given instance to make money on the side.

There are many seasonal and festival related decorations that are required.

Often people are too tired or tied up to actually get these done.

The good news is all of these occasions could be now your opportunity to make money on the side.

In fact, you can even advertise this side business proposition.

So the next time, there is a need for someone to put up Christmas decoration at your neighbor’s house, it can become your opportunity to make money.

19. Officiating Non-professional Games

Officiating Non-professional Games

If you love sports and passionate about games, then officiating weekend community and college games can be a great side business idea.

You can conveniently hook up with organizations putting together these events and take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra money doing something that you are passionate about.

If you look at community parks, colleges and other such places, there is never a dearth of options that you could consider cashing upon.

The advantage of this type of opportunity is, once you are able to build a name for yourself, the offers come about quite easily.

20. Coaching Sports Team

Coaching Sports Team

You are passionate about baseball, follow every single move in the baseball world with dogged attention, never miss a match, then why not take it up as a side business idea.

Be it your local community sports group or the baseball team in your kid’s school; you can easily coach these teams and make money on the side.

Therefore, you can enjoy the extra cash that your passion helps you generate.

Also, sports as a profession has a very long-term sustainability.

Therefore, you can hope to make money for a relatively longer period.

21. Voice Over Artists

Voice Over Artists

When you look around, there are many TV serials, radio commercials, ads on televisions and movie dubbings that constantly require full-throated voice suitable for the electronic media.

So if you think you have a great voice that can make a difference and would be accepted, simply look out for advertisements looking for voice over talents and go for auditions.

If your voice gets accepted, then you can easily use this side business idea to generate some additional earnings and address your financial needs in a far constructive manner.

Additionally, this is one side business idea that also has the potential to scale up as a full-time job eventually.

22. Rent Out Additional Space

Rent Out Additional Space

Let’s say you have a two-storey house.

But technically your family only uses one storey effectively.

So if you are exploring side business ideas to generate additional funds, you easily rent out a part of the house or offer PG accommodation to someone looking for an alternate living arrangement.

You can quite easily earn some extra money every month to create a secondary income channel.

The interesting fact about this kind of a business idea is you never run out of people who might need accommodation.

So, you don’t have to devote any additional time or effort to generate this income on the side.

All you would have to do is create that additional space in your house and decide to share it with someone completely unknown.

However, you must always remember to conduct a complete background check and be very sure about the person that you are dealing with.

Do not just rent out to anyone on some third party references.

You must also get proper legal agreements in place with monetary deposit to prevent potential conflict or dispute in future.

We can conclude that when you are looking for side business idea, don’t just look for business ideas that pay you a lot of money.

It is important to take into account the kind of time that you would have to devote towards the side business ideas.

Normally most side business ideas are explored with the aim to generate additional income.

Therefore, you need to look for a business idea that you can explore in your spare time.

This is also a reason that if you choose a side business idea that also addresses your passion, you will be able to use your spare time more effectively and generate some income pursuing it as well.

The moot point is every side business idea that you consider to take up should not clash with your daily schedule or day job.

It should be something that can complement your schedule seamlessly and also help you earn additional income.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life Forever?

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It doesn’t matter if you are looking after making some more money, or you have big dreams and goals for your life.

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