The executive summary template becomes a necessity when you need to churn out a summary in a hurry and do not want to miss out on key details. After all, we all understand that the layout or presentation of the executive summary is often the most effective way of attracting angel investors. The biggest challenge about making it effective is to keep it short and simple and extremely impact-full. Often the doubt is about what details to avoid and what details need to be included. The idea is it should pack in maximum details without making it too lengthy or too boring in any manner.

Perhaps in this context, an already prepared template with all the key elements can be a major advantage as all you need to do is fill in as per the provision of the template. Not only can you churn out a summary faster in this way but also the room for error becomes significantly lower. Here is a quick lowdown on some of the best executive summary templates that you could use and turn your summary into an undeniably interesting document that investors won’t be able to ignore.

Identifying The Right Executive Summary Template

When you are on a look out for the appropriate executive summary template to create your copy, there are many alternatives available on the internet. Almost each one promises to be the best option for the maximum impact. So the question is how do you decide on the best option for you? Well for that, I believe that it is very important to keep in mind that what an executive summary is? The better the idea you have about the key contents, the more forceful your entire business plan would be. Remember a simple executive summary needs to be

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  • Crisp and to the point in including the fundamental details
  • Should not be very long and boring
  • Must keep the reader hooked on to the summary
  • Should not contain too many unnecessary details

This is perhaps why many people who set out to the task of writing these summaries made it an index of all the milestones that they can think about. While it is a good idea to let your potential reader know about the company’s major accomplishments, but would mere listing them out serve the right purpose?

You must understand that the core purpose of the executive summary is to attract the reader’s attention. This is the primary prerogative, and the template that you decide on has to create the necessary impact. While there could be innumerable templates that bear the promise of efficiency, you have to take into account the unique needs of your business. The executive summary template that you choose must well represent the core essence of your business and manage to take forward your message effectively to the clients. They should not compromise with the business requirements and key factors that make your business unique.

Apart from a short review of your business milestones it is important that the summary template that you decide upon needs to

  • Highlight the fundamental face of the business
  • Provide assistance to investors in deciding on giving funds
  • Be intuitive and catchy to instantly grab the reader’s interest and attention
  • Highlight the business policies and strategies appropriately
  • Eradicate a possibility of readers missing out key details for want of time.
  • Bring out the overall essence and idea of the business in a compelling manner

Therefore, a simple executive summary template needs to be a unique composition that serves as just the right fit for your business. It is a good idea to ensure that the template has well rounded structure that not just includes the above mentioned points but presents all of these elements appropriately. They should not be all crowded in a single paragraph, and neither is it a good idea to put them in an unnecessarily large number of point format. In both situations, you run the risk of either making the summary too boring or terribly uninteresting. That would be a serious no and pretty much defeats the core purpose of the executive summary.

What Format Should you Choose?

Now if you are lifting an executive summary template from the internet, one technicality that you must remember is the ultimate format that you decide upon. Remember one of your key reasons for choosing a template is after all saving time and including all details. A great option that allows you to keep both these factors intact is, of course, choosing a document format which is easy to reproduce.

Yes, there are many options on the internet which are fairly simple to incorporate. They enable customizing and editing in details quite easily, and the user can actually save time by selecting these types of document formats. Most times downloading these formats also do not take a lot of time, and the user can very simply copy and paste details to fashion the summary that suits their requirements.

Additionally, the ease of saving and sharing the document is also important. Otherwise, it would be of no help to serve the ultimate purpose. Therefore it becomes very important that the template format which you choose is not just easy to download but equally simple to share for creating the most telling impact.

The provision of e-signature is almost mandatory in documents now. Therefore while choosing an executive summary template, you must decide on one that easily enables you to sign them digitally and set the process moving. It completely removes the whole chore of downloading a document each time and signing them manually. With access to eSignature, you can quite simply share and authenticate an executive summary from even the comfort of your bedroom. It does not necessitate physical effort in getting them printed and then resorting to traditional mailing facilities to share them with the required reader.

Additionally, choosing the eSignature version also makes a statement about your commitment towards fastening up the entire work process and overall efficiency that you would believe in. It helps readers totally appreciate your principle and business ethics and can often be the channel to convey your business objective.

Well, are you confused? For example, if you select an eSignature version and your business objective is about fastening up a process, in many ways this one simple choice will convey the message more convincingly that what could be conveyed by reams of paper or tons of paper explaining the objective.

Whenever you are choosing an executive summary template, it, therefore, becomes very important that you look for an option that doesn’t just reflect the true essence of an executive summary but makes the best case for your business.

The template should be one that helps you highlight the minutest detail about your work without n any way compromising the core structure. It should be short but packed with details; it should be attention grabbing yet practical, it should be crisp but utterly compelling. In short, there is no sure fit for all executive summaries. It depends on a case by case basis. The need for specifics in a well presented manner is very important.