I’ve published an article (here) that talks about working smart. Here in this article, I’d to let you know that there are smart ways to make more money on our website too.

Yes, you can earn points by browsing our web pages, reading our articles, positing comments, publishing articles, questions, stories, playing games, etc. However, this the regular and hard way of earning points on our website. There are smart ways too:

1. Create products like eBooks and let us sell them on our website. We create strong sales letters and publish them on our website, where our members and users can see them. They will also receive organic traffic from search engines.

2. You can publish articles on our website to earn points when people read them. But you can talk about your products in your articles too, to make people visit your products’ sales letters and order your products.

If so, you will not only get paid at the end of each month, for the points you earn when people read your articles and sales letters, but also you will make even more money by selling more products. This is the smart way of making money on our website. The hard way is earning points the way that all other members do. But the smart way is to earn points while you sell your products at the same time. You spend the same amount of time and energy, but you make more money.

Besides, when you create and sell products on our site and you support them by strong articles, you will generate residual points. They are the points you automatically earn each month and forever, when people visit your sales letters and articles. Your residual points make it easier to get in the Top Earner Group each month to get paid by us based on The LuckScout Club’s system, while you sell products and make more money as well.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you create and sell an eBook about a Forex trading strategy (or you ask us to create the eBook for you because we offer this service to our followers). While the eBook’s sales letter is on our website and people can see it and order your eBook, you can publish articles on different Forex topics and tips, and in your articles you refer people to your Forex trading eBook and the strategy that the eBook teaches. Therefore, you earn points by publishing articles on our site when people read them and react to them. But you will also drive traffic to your eBook’s sales letter(s) and generate more sales. You will not only increase your income as a members of The LuckScout Club because of the points you earn through your articles, but also you generate more sales and earn even more money.

On the other hand, your articles stay on our website and start receiving targeted-traffic from search engines, and this makes more and more points and money for you over time.

It is the same with any other products that you sell on our website. You can create and sell as many eBooks as you want, on different topics and subjects, and with different prices. You can sell any other products that you want.

For example, a company wants to sell their Pocket Money Sorter Machines on our site. They can do the same as I explained above. While we create sales letters for their Pocket Money Sorter Machines on our site, they can write and publish different articles and reviews about the same products to attract more traffic and generate more sales.

This is something that you cannot do on Amazon. They charge you a lot of money to list your products, and if you want to generate more sales, you will have to pay lots of money to advertise your products on Amazon, while you must also pay different fees and percentages that makes it much harder to make profit.