Steps to Become a Professional Stock Trader

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Another too short stock day-trading session again…

I preferred to finish earlier because we had “CB Consumer Confidence” scheduled to be released at 10:00am today. Although it is not too strong news, I preferred to be out before it became released. So, I finished my day-trading with 1.575% profit today. Not bad 😉

I fine-tune my stock day-trading strategy from time to time, although it is years that the basics are the same, and are based on pure technical analysis, support/resistance breakouts, candlesticks, and strong and important chart patterns like Butterfly and Bat Patterns (basics are always the same, but the details have to be fine-tuned based on the stock market conditions). There are articles about these topics on our website (here) that I suggest you read them carefully.

Steps to Become a Professional Stock Trader

There are two steps to becoming a professional stock trader (and all other kinds of trader). Learning the techniques is the first step. Although they are important, they can be learned by anyone. Only those who try to find or invent a new trading system every day, are the ones who will keep losing technically. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Stock trading techniques are already there. What I outlined above, have been used by professional and consistently profitable stock traders for numerous decades. It is proven that they work. Therefore, if you try to look for the new things that are better, you will fail. You should use the techniques that have already been tried by the most successful stock traders, and it is proven that they work.

The second step is the psychology of stock trading. You have to (1) build your confidence and (2) learn how to ignore two important emotions: Fear and Greed

This has to be done through taking some other steps, one by one. You have to learn the stock trading techniques first and then start demo-trading. You must treat your demo account exactly as your live account, otherwise demo-trading not only won’t help, but also it will cause you to develop bad habits that will make you lose in live trading too.

You should start with a demo account that is exactly the same size as the live account that you will trade later when you are ready to start live trading. For example, if you want to trade with a $1,000 live account (real money), you must practice with a $1,000 and not a $100,000 demo account.

You must grow your demo account by following your trading system every day. While you are growing your demo account, gradually, and slowly but surely, (1) your confidence will be built too, and (2) you learn to ignore fear and greed in your stock trading. You have to do this at least for 3 months. If you are too new to stock trading and you don’t have a good mentor who is a real trader (not a scam trading-course-seller), you should demo-trade at least for 6 months.

If you can repeat your success in demo-trading, consistently, every day and every month, for 6 months in a row, then you can start with a small live account. You should pass the same steps with your live account too. You must grow it, gradually, slowly but surely, and while you are doing it, you will build your confidence in live trading too, and you will turn into a consistently profitable stock trader. I emphasize on this: Consistently Profitable Trader

This is how it works. If you see that 99.99% of traders lose, it is because they don’t complete the above steps and they want to make shortcuts or reinvent the wheel. Keep in mind that YOU are not smarter than the markets, and professional traders who have developed the trading techniques and tools I outlined above. Don’t try to be too smart. You will fail.

That was my trading tip for today. As usual, I’d like to talk a little about the importance of what we do on this site:

If you are serious about achieving financial freedom, for free, risk-free and without getting scammed again, what we do on this website is all you need. But, if you think the grass is greener on the other side, and there are some other programs that pay you more, you can try them. I am sure you will be back to us after wasting some more time and money 😉

Nobody will make you financially free. You should achieve it on your own. And, here on this website and community, we help our members achieve financial freedom on their own, for free, and risk-free. Everything is clear here:

1. You create your account and start earning points through different activities on the site.
2. Your points will turn into money at the end of every month, based on the money that the website and community make.
3. You can use this money to trade with us, if you want, and grow it gradually, until it turns into a huge capital that makes you financially free. Please watch this video to learn what I mean:

4. You do all of these here on this site, for free, and risk-free. It is free because you don’t pay any fees. It is risk-free because you trade the money that you make here for free. If you like to learn about our system even more, please read this article.

That’s all. It is as easy as what I described above. However, in order to be part of this system, you MUST be as active as you can on the website to earn points and help other members to do so. Your activities (1) help you earn more points to have a bigger share from the website’s income; (2) help others to earn more points too; (3) help the community to make more money; and (4) help you to become eligible to trade with us every day.

So, please be as active as you can and help the community and other members to become more active every day.

Thank you!
I love you all💝

Best regards,

Please see the attached screenshot:

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Andy Hurrell
2 months ago

BRILLIANT advice again Vahid, and as the day approaches we are all going to be “demo” ready.  We can safely  test what we learn in the room, and grow in confidence to eventually carry though our knowledge. This will be on the back of your invaluable teachings to slowly grow in confidence and become ever more free from the dark passenger of fear and greed. As always much love from the Spanish branch of the community

Carl Rukavina
2 months ago

Aye aye, Captain, slowly and steadily the ship moves forward. We are so privileged and blessed to have access to, and learn from your experience. Practical, pragmatic and consistent. We should become part of the 0.1% that are successful, provided we develop the discipline to apply what is being shared.

We practice Tai Chi, where the movements are slow and consistent, perhaps deceptive, for the mobility and strength eventually achieved. To me, that’s a good comparison.

Carl Rukavina
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
2 months ago

Recently you said that all of us “make your life more colorful.” I love words and song lyrics, and that is a very unique and descriptive statement. I am honored that you feel fulfilled and enriched by what all of us contribute. You consider yourself a servant and worker for others, which makes you all the more endearing, This entire journey is unique, warm, ideal…to be treasured, preserved, absorbed and shared with others, so that everyone will grow and become energized and enriched in so many ways. “Mucho Gracias!”

Andy Hurrell
Reply to  Carl Rukavina
2 months ago

Gosh Carl you do have a way with words ! and the fact you can sing and play drums and keyboards makes me feel humbled in you presence my friend.

Shannon Williams
1 month ago

Very informative article as usual!

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid,this morning was real, when you trade we are not going to win every time,if you think you going to win we would be setting ourselves up for failure.The way it went this morning,shows that
the market was restless,by tomorrow it might do good.Thanks Vahid ,for your instructions.

Joshua Chan
1 month ago

Again and again we should read this articles that very inspiring for us..
I like the word Slowly but surely…from the articles now I know why mostly people failed in Trading..99% maybe…
Thanks Vahid..

Sandra Riyano
1 month ago

This is brilliant advice Vahid especially for novices like me. I will be sure to religiously stick to this advice once we start trading. Thank you so much for always teaching us so patiently.

Epifania E Zabala
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for all the relevant tips and techniques you shared in this platform. I am looking forward to join the demo trading in the future.

Fritz Amos Nitschke
1 month ago

As a learner I will follow all the Advice given. Please have patience with me. Starting from point A.

Pelagie Odigie
1 month ago

I believe everything about this community is mentioned in this article. Thank you again Vahid for breaking down the whole idea , purpose of this community. You’re very right, no one will make me financially free, but myself. I looking forward to be part of the trading zoom meeting. The key is patience and learn first before, itrading with real money.

Tsungai Gwetsuro
2 months ago

Thanks Vahid for the information

Eloise Taylor
2 months ago

Vahid, Good morning l have been up all night trying to read and, get this right so l can trade. I feel like l am doing something wrong, please help me so l can stay on track. I have so many people l have to help but first, I got to follow the process correctly. Thank you.

Eloise Taylor
2 months ago

Vahid, thanks once again for the great information.on teaching us how to earn point
with playing the game and clicking the ads.How important it is to stay focus and work hard and, supporting each other in the community .lt is a team effort,thanks again.

Jean-joyce Goedsir
2 months ago

That so good advise on the steps given to become a professional trader,Yes there’s loads of indicators and stradegy on the wedsite and youtube but those tools dont actually make traders succeed infact it makes them fail market markers are out there to generate a revenue they dont care about us,you mention fear and greed that’s so important to control, without controling your emotion simply trading is not for us.thank you so much for for this article ..

David Newton
2 months ago

Thanks much Vahid for your salient words of wisdom today. They are truly appreciated and have not fallen on deaf ears. We are indeed fortunate to have someone like you sharing daily the wisdom we need to attain the financial goals we desire.
Thanks much and may you be forever blessed.

Domingos D'silva costa
2 months ago

Thanks a lot for the advice Vahid, I will make sure I follow your advice religiously and without cutting corners. I truly believe that patience is in fact a virtue and consistence is part of becoming a professional stock trader.
I always wanted to become a professional stock trader so that I can leave my 9-5 job which I think its too risky in its own way. I want to become a professional stock trader, not because I like taking calculated risks but because is a dream and I want to achieve so badly. I understand everything you have described with regards to stock trading, I think that’s what makes it so interesting because so make it so clear and precise the steps to follow.
For me personally, becoming a professional stock trader will be a dream come true, hence why I changed my job so that I can have time to be part of the program and learn all the necessary steps I have to follow religiously. At the same time I am also aware that things might not work out but I am 100% determined to pursue this passion of mine. It might take time, it will laborious but I will get there. My philosophy is very simple: I can only offer what I have. For me everything is in the mind and we can achieve whatever we want. I can see myself already trading stocks, I can feel it . I have a vision and I know this vision will come true. The body can’t not live without the mind. Becoming a professional trader will require huge amount of psychological calibre.

I cant thank you enough for this opportunity, in my mind I always knew that out there, someone would appear and help my dream to become a professional trader. I thank you and all members of the luckscout community.
I love you all.

Matt Gray-Smith
2 months ago

Vahid, it is my prayer that God continues to increase you in Wisdom as you guide this team to financial freedom. We’re grateful!

Mugambi Gloire
2 months ago

Thank you very much for the updatee.

Thank you also for being there for us and we are very grateful for humanitarian spirit.

Chukwudi Louis Utazi
2 months ago

I’m much grateful for this opportunity.
I must say one thing is to identify an opportunity another is making judicious use of it.
Vahid Chaychi is a rare gem, I’m not saying this to bamboozle you, but with every sense of humility who cares to carry other people along for sure life is too short we need to utilize every bit of the opportunity and be happy.
On daily basis I look forward reading your updates and tips on how we can become a consistent profitable trader with ease.
Surely I have come to understand the power of the mind. Knowing that No pain No Gain.
Thanks so much.

Sandra Riyano
2 months ago

Thank you Vahid for creating this platform and giving us a chance to better our lives slowly but surely. I feel safe here because your honesty is almost tangible. You are so real in your advice and l prefer that to someone building castles in the air.

Andy Hurrell
Reply to  Sandra Riyano
2 months ago

Welcome back Sandra. I did message you as we all wondered where you have been.

Mercie Salima
2 months ago

I also wanted to point out the importance of repeatedly saying the important issues about trading. I am positive when we eventually start trading ( Demo first) , your voice of reason will be speaking louder. Thank you so much for your time and compassion for us (500 followers do far). and your continued support in the right direction( mindset change). God bless you Vahid

Omodele Wisdom
2 months ago

“LUCKSCOUT” best community ever, 100% risk free.
Honestly, I really like this community, am trying to limit my activities so I can focus on that site, I see a better tomorrow.

Veronica Chakeredza
2 months ago

Thank you Vahid for saying the major tip. It’s amazing how you keep saying the same thing over and over to help drive the point home. Thanks for your patience and love for this community. I’m beginning to get it. Not to keep looking for a new system every day; demo trading account as if it’s a live account; psychology z and discipline. These are humbling tips. I can see we’re in the right place

Adrian Rukundo
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
2 months ago

l personal feel confident in following you Vahid, be it Demo or live l will what luckscout family does. Am totally tired of messing up my life. never anywhere will l get this opportunity. with that said l stand with Mr. Vahid/ luckscout family till my achievement come 2025 love you all

Jerry luke
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
2 months ago

May God truly bless and your family, we are so to have someone like you. thanks devoting your time and patience with each of us. those of us that’s on the side line thinking if you are in the right place, let me tell you yes we’re are.

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