Stock Market for Beginners:
Turn $500 Into $1,007,691

Stock market is one of the best ways to turn a small amount of money into big wealth, slowly but surely. Although there are so many other markets now, still the stock market is the best and most reliable to trade and make a fortune. Beginners lose a lot of money in all markets, including the stock market. However, if they follow the right track, they will make their dreams come true. I will tell you how. Just make sure to read this article to the end and leave your comments and questions at the bottom.

People lose a lot on Forex and crypto markets because these markets are choppy and manipulated. When someone like Elon Musk can pump the bitcoin price up with one tweet and dump it with another, it means this market(s) is not for you to make money consistently. You can only lose your shirt in these markets. Forex is too choppy and messy. So, avoid these markets. Stock market is what you need to make money consistently, grow your wealth and get rich, if you are a beginner. You are lucky because you are in the right place at the right time to achieve this. You can do it with our help, without having to pay a single cent for membership, signals or market analysis reports. It’s not only that. You can even make money with us, as a beginner stock market trader, when you are learning to trade the stocks, and even after you start making money in the stock market on your own.

Therefore, make sure to read this article to the end, otherwise you will regret it.

Stock Market for Beginners

Is there really such a thing as stock market for beginners?!!

I mean, can beginners make money with stock trading, or is there any course that turns beginners into stock market professionals?

Everyone knows that any kind of trading, including stock trading, is risky. You can lose your shirt in the stock market. Therefore, beginners should not expect to start making profit every day, as long as they are still beginners. They must learn the basics of the stock market. Then, they must demo-trade to master what they have learned. It can take you forever to become a profitable stock trader this way because what you learn as the basics, and also the person who instructs you, are very important. There are millions of articles and videos on the web that teach you the stock market basics. You can spend your whole life following them. There are 800 or even 2000 pages books about candlesticks patterns. But, you will lose money even if you memorize them word by word. The first and most important reason is that almost all of these books, articles and videos are by those who are not professional and consistently profitable stock market traders.

The second reason is, you cannot implement everything you’ve learned, when you want to take positions in the stock market. It is like learning and memorizing too many wrestling techniques that you won’t remember any of them in real combat and in the right place and at the right time.

I have seen so many stock market traders who have been learning for 25 years and they are still losing. No doubt that you don’t want to be one of them. Therefore, if you are a beginner, but serious about becoming a consistently profitable stock market trader, the first lesson is avoid these:

  1. Forex market
  2. Crypto market
  3. Looking for trading courses, books, articles, systems, etc.

So, how can a beginner become a consistently profitable stock trader without wasting lots of time, and without losing a lot of money?

You just need to sit next to professional and consistently profitable stock market experts and watch them while they trade. Can you find such traders who allow you to watch their stock trading process while they explain what they do?

I don’t think you can because most probably you don’t know such stock market traders. However, you are lucky because we have them here on this site and they are ready to show you for free how they trade, every day, through Zoom. Just be patient and read the rest of this article. I will tell you how.

The other thing you must note is that buying some stocks and holding them won’t make you a trader. Buying and holding is not trading. It is an investment that can make some profit for you in the long-term while it can also cause you to lose a lot. So, if you are after becoming a profitable stock market trader who wants to make money consistently, forget about buying and holding. Day-trading is your solution which is what I will explain here too. So, please keep reading.

Your Stock Market Mentor

As I explained above, if you want to become a stock trader who really makes money consistently, you should not waste your time and money with books, courses, articles, videos, etc. Therefore, unlike other articles you see on the Internet, here I don’t want to waste your time explaining about chart analysis, candlesticks, indicators, etc., and then ask you to buy my course. There are millions of articles about the stock market on the web. You can read them if you want, but I told you that they won’t make you a professional and profitable stock market trader. You keep learning and trying and you lose more the more you learn because learning too many things and trying to implement them is like having too many addresses for the same destination. It only creates confusion. Only the best and closest address will take you to the destination. In the case of the stock market, what you find on the Internet doesn’t give the beginners such an address, otherwise the percentage of losing stock traders wouldn’t be that high. They give you some information, but you keep losing, and you will pay for their courses eventually. But, you can lose even more, after finishing their courses.

Instead of teaching you the things that can be found everywhere (while they don’t work for beginners), here we give you the exact thing you need:

You join us through Zoom every day, at 09:00am EST, to watch our day-trading process, while you will see and hear only the necessary things that you must know to make money in the stock market, not the things that waste your time and cause you to lose money. We have made stock market trading as easy as 1, 2, 3, for all beginners, with any level of experience and age. Complicated trading systems will only make you lose. With us, you will only learn the things that make money for you. What we do is not a buy/sell signal service, nor is it a training course. We do know that buy/sell signals and training course don’t work for beginners.

Besides, our program is 100% free. You will learn why.

Stock Market Risks

Stock market is risky. Everyone knows this. If you are a beginner and you haven’t become a consistently profitable trader yet, and you open a live account to trade the stocks with real money, most probably you will either wipe out your account or will lose a lot before you give up. This is something that happens to 99.99% of beginners. They wipe out their accounts, sometimes a few times, or lose a lot of money, and then they give up and will never think about the stock market again.

This is a much bigger loss if you give up on such an amazing opportunity because it is one of the rare choices you have to achieve financial freedom. You don’t have a product or service that makes you a lot of money consistently every day, do you? Your small business or 9-5 job cannot help you achieve financial freedom as well. They can only help you survive, if they help at all. So, your only real choice to achieve financial freedom is a real market that has real money streaming in it. It is the stock market. So, if you start trading the stock market wrongly, and you lose and give up, you will forever miss the chance of achieving financial freedom through this great opportunity, and this will be a huge loss.

What’s the solution?

You should follow the right track. The stock market can be 100% risk free if you follow the right track. We have created our own system to make the stock market 100% risk-free, for the members of our community and also for ourselves:

1. You create your profile on our website to join our community, and you start collecting points to earn money (read this to learn how it works).

2. After creating your profile and becoming an active member of the community, you may become eligible to join us in our private Zoom meetings, where you will see how we trade, and you can do it for yourself too. You make money on our website while you are learning how to trade the stock market. You can use this money to open your live account when you are ready to trade the stock market with real money. Therefore, it will be 100% risk-free for you to open a live account because you will make money on our website for free and without paying any membership fees.

3. We trade the stocks five days a week (day-trading). Every day, we may make at least 2% or lose a maximum of 2%. So our maximum loss will be 2% or less. However, our success rate is good and if we lose on one day, we will recover on the following days. So, the risk of trading with us is zero, especially when you have the chance to make the money you will use to trade, on our website, for free.

Therefore, if you are a beginner to the stock market, you are in the right place at the right time to achieve financial freedom for free and without any risks, while all other beginners are losing their shirts in the stock market.

Stock Market Day-Trading vs. Swing-Trading

As I explained above, we do day-trading, five days per week. You join us through Zoom every day, at 09:00am EST. We will have 30 minutes to talk and get ready for our day-trading session. Once the New York stock exchange starts at 09:30am EST, we will start trading while you are watching our computer screen through Zoom and you hear what we say. If you are a stock market beginner, you will need to demo-trade for a while to learn how our system works. Once you think you are ready to start stock trading with real money, you can open your live account, deposit some money in it and start making real money. You can consult with us to make sure whether you are ready to start live (real) stock trading or not. There will be no rush, nor is there any deadline for anyone. The stock market is always there, waiting for your money. So, it is never too late to start trading with real money. But, it can be too early to do it. So, you have to make sure you are ready for it.

Now the question is, why do we do the stock market day-trading? What’s wrong with swing-trading?

Most probably, you are a beginner stock market trader, and so you may not know why we do day-trading.

Stock Market Day-Trading

Day-trading means you buy or sell during the day, and then you close your positions before you finish your day and close your computer. It means, you won’t leave any positions open overnight. So, whether you have made profit or you have lost, you finish the day while there is no open position.

Stock Market Swing-Trading

Swing-trading means, you buy or sell, and then hold your positions (you leave them open), sometimes for several days, weeks, months or even years. No doubt that this is not how you can make money every day. It is an investment, and in order to make a reasonable amount of profit in the long-term, you must do it with a lot of money. However, the point is, it may not make any money, and you can even lose all you have. You can set a stop loss in this case too, but they have to be too wide.

If you look at the price charts, you will see that you will lose a lot when the stock market crashes, which can happen at any time. However, in day-trading, we don’t care whether the markets are crashing or not. We open our computers every morning; we take some positions; close them and will come back the following day. We don’t care about the overall direction of the markets.

Stock market day-trading is what we need to make money every day to grow our accounts. It is a daily business that enables us to achieve financial freedom. Swing-trading is not for us because we want to make money consistently every day.

When Beginners Want to Trade the Stock Market

Millions of beginners google for articles, videos, training courses, etc. to learn how to make money in the stock market. But, all of them lose money. Most of the articles, videos and courses have been created by the Internet marketers who want to make money through selling their stock market related content, and courses. They are not traders. Don’t be fooled by them.

At the same time, learning a lot of things doesn’t necessarily mean success and becoming a profitable trader. At least, in the case of the stock market, you get more confused, and so you lose more, the more you learn. Being a successful stock trader is not about knowing too much. It is about knowing a few simple and basic things, and repeating them every day, consistently.

If you are a stock market beginner, forget about looking for more systems and strategies. Just create your profile on our website and follow the steps I explained above to become eligible to get in our daily stock market trading. You will see the results. The good thing is, there is no risk and it is 100% free. If you don’t believe me, just keep trying new systems, articles, courses, etc., and you will be back to this site after wasting lots of time and money. This is what I dare to guarantee.

1. No Membership or Upgrading Fees

We don’t charge you anything. You will make money on our website just through your profile and because of your presence. We have done this to help the members of the LuckScout community to recover the losses they had because of the recent recession and crypto rug-pull scams and other scam programs like HyperVerse. We want to enable them to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders. You can do it too if you join our community. You are in the right place at the right time, if you are a beginner who is serious about making money with the stock market. You can even make the money you want to use to trade the stock market, here on our website.

2. Your Money Will Be Under Your Control

Unlike the scams that are everywhere nowadays, we don’t take your money to pay you some profit every day, week or month. Your money will be 100% under your control. We don’t even recommend or refer you to any broker. You will choose a stock market broker on your own, based on your country’s regulations and the reviews that the brokers have.

How Much Money Does a Beginner Stock Trader Make?

Most of the beginner stock traders lose. Many of them wipe out their accounts at least once, before they give up on trading. And, unfortunately, some of them lose huge amounts of money. I have seen some beginner stock market traders who have lost their retirement savings in the stock market.

In spite of this, there are some professional stock traders who make millions. You won’t see them everywhere, but they exist. You can be one of them if you start properly. As explained above, we do the stock market day-trading, five days a week, or 20 days a month. We expect to make at least 2% profit per day, while we may lose 2% maximum. Therefore, we can make 20-30% profit per month, and sometimes even more.

If you start with a $500 account, and you keep trading the stock market with us, without withdrawing your profit, while we make 30% profit every month on average, your $500 will turn into $15,144 and $352,821 after 13 and 26 months, respectively. Therefore, your monthly profit will be $3,495 after 13 months, or $81,420 after 26 months of stock trading. If you start with $1000, the profits will be doubled. But, I don’t recommend you start with a bigger amount of money. Not only that. I recommend you make this money on our website.

You can’t believe it if I tell you that your $500 will turn into $1,007,691 after 29 months. I mean, waiting for three more months only, will turn your $352,821 that was made after 26 months, into $1,007,691. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Stock market is not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, it can make you rich, slowly but surely. Two or three years is not a long time. There’s no legitimate get-rich-quick scheme that really makes you rich. All of them are scams. Therefore, this is great if you are a beginner stock market trader, but you haven’t lost any money yet. You are lucky because you can have a safe and risk-free start here. Even if you have lost before, you can recover your losses with us. Making money in the stock market is not for beginners. However, beginners can become professionals if they start from the right place and at the right time. You are now in the right place and at the time. Create your profile on this page to start now.

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