Stop the War Against Humanity: The World War on Farmers!

In a small country with a population of just 17 million people, more than half of the Netherlands’ land is used for agriculture. Dutch farmers are also the world’s second-biggest exporters by value after the United States. Through the usage of the latest technology and other innovations, farmers have made sure the nation holds on to its tag of “tiny country that feeds the world”. Now you’d imagine that such a robust system would be in sync with the government’s plans, right? Not quite.

Net-zero climate policies are waging war against farmers. If you agree that the government must stop the war on farmers, sign this petition.

Policies aimed at fighting climate change are being inflicted on Dutch farmers in the Netherlands by the government, and they have spent weeks pushing back in peaceful protest.

Farmers across the globe worry that these climate change-motivated net-zero nitrogen targets will force them off their land, limit fertilizer use, and force them to cull 30-40% of their livestock.

These detrimental policies, which will soon find their way into Canada, will result in supply-chain issues, empty grocery shelves, and sky-high food costs.

If you agree that the government and global elite’s war on farmers must end, sign the petition on this page.

Because without farms, there is no food.

Please Sign the Petition:

Stop the War Against Humanity: The World War on Farmers!

25 signatures

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25 Signatures:

25 Cornelia November ; South Africa ; Jan 29, 2023
Stop killing the farmers and help save our country's

24 Greg Udens ; Nigeria ; Jan 19, 2023
You talk about the war on farmers. In my country farmers faces the most challenge in the world. Last year the farmers find it very difficult to go to farm because of bandit that are killing farmers. That has made things are very costly in my country. To live in my country is very hard

23 Jean-joyce Goedsir ; Australia ; Jan 18, 2023
I totally agreed we need to stop this nonsense.

22 Nuri Karabulut ; United Kingdom ; Jan 18, 2023

21 George Afe ; Nigeria ; Jan 18, 2023

20 PwePaw Ler (Nancy) ; Canada ; Jan 18, 2023
Fully support our farmers

19 TESFAGABIR KEBEDE ; Angola ; Jan 18, 2023
Farmers are the our bread basket and founding stone of our entire existence.

18 Diane Lanigan ; Ireland ; Jan 18, 2023

17 Autumn Allison ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023

16 Phyllis Cobbins ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023

15 Maryam Fatehyan ; Canada ; Jan 17, 2023

14 David (Davo) Clifford ; Australia ; Jan 17, 2023

13 Nathanael Toms ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
Justice shall be served!

12 Caitlyn Davis ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
Stop the war against humanity!!!!!

11 Matt Gray-Smith ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
Let freedom reigns!

10 Palatiume Vaiomounga ; New Zealand ; Jan 17, 2023

9 Shaharh Armstrong ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
We should all pitch in and help our farmers to flourish.

8 Jackson Mugarura ; Uganda ; Jan 17, 2023

7 Carl Rukavina ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
Justice sooner or later is delivered on those perpetrating evil...

6 Tosin Olumuyiwa ; United Kingdom ; Jan 17, 2023

5 Sela Pauu ; United States ; Jan 17, 2023
Demand to stop this insanity against farmers. You people are crazy controlling freaks.

4 Mercie Salima ; United Kingdom ; Jan 17, 2023

3 Usman Masih ; Pakistan ; Jan 17, 2023
Plz stop war

2 Helena Gorgels ; Netherlands ; Jan 17, 2023
Follow the WEF happening in Davos now

1 Vahid Chaychi ; Canada ; Jan 17, 2023

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