Talent and High IQ Are Necessary, but Not Enough

In my previous post, I unintentionally replied to comments with three lines of hearts. When I counted them, I saw 3, 6 and 9 hearts in each line:


It made me remember Nicola Tesla, even though I usually think and read about him and people like him a lot.

Nicola Tesla
Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was one of the rare highly talented people in history. They estimate his IQ to be between 160 and 310. I can believe 160 or even 220, but 310 is beyond what a human being can be, and so it is too exaggerative. Just to have a clue about what these numbers mean, you can compare them with Einstein’s IQ, which was 160. Now you know why I say I cannot believe 310.

No doubt that Nicola Tesla was extremely intelligent, no matter how much his IQ was. You can admit this if you read about him and the things he has done. The best memory he has left for us is his alternating current or AC electricity. He invented an AC motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology, while there was direct current or DC electricity at that time that was invented by Edison, and it had lots of problems and dangers. One of the biggest problems was that you needed one electricity generator for every one kilometer square area because it was impossible to transfer DC electricity far away. That was too expensive. But Tesla invented AC electricity that could be transferred hundreds of miles with cables without problems like overheating. This is exactly what we are currently using in our homes, offices and factories.

Tesla did so many other things that I won’t talk about them here, not to make this article too long. However, Nicola Tesla’s story is really too sad and heartbreaking. While his competitor, Edison, died as a multimillionaire, Nicola Tesla died poor, broke, and alone, in room number 3327 in The New Yorker Hotel (he only stayed in hotel rooms that had a room number divisible by three), on January 7, 1943. His body was left in the hotel room for about 72 hours while nobody knew he was dead. He died poor and alone.

Why didn’t his high IQ and talents make him rich?

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison

It is because high IQ and talents are not enough to become successful in all aspects. Tesla was too obsessive and serious about his researches, designs, inventions and things like his 3, 6 and 9 numbers, but he wasn’t a businessman, while Edison not only was an inventor, but was a businessman and strategist at the same time. Tesla suffered from OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder that was an unknown problem at that time. This problem caused him to focus on some special things a lot and forget about some other things that were also important.

Therefore, having a wide vision to see the bigger picture and the wide spectrum of what you do is very important. If you focus on one thing and forget about other important things, you will lose. Having proper and healthy mental and psychological conditions is very important, while you have to be a businessperson, strategist, money maker and wealth-builder.

Tesla spent all his money on research projects, and never thought about creating income resources or making money through his inventions independently and without others’ control. In his whole life, his talent and hard work was used by so many opportunists, while he never used them to generate wealth for himself.

What do all I explained above mean?

  • High IQ
  • Talents
  • Hard working
  • Being a good businessperson
  • Being a good strategist
  • Being a good wealth-builder
  • Having proper and healthy mental and psychological conditions

It means balance. Yes, all the above items create balance altogether. If you lose your balance, you will lose everything…

Let’s keep the balance and work hard…

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