The 11th Karma Law: The Law of Patience and Reward

Persistence and patience are always an important part of our lives. Nothing can be achieved overnight. You cannot achieve financial freedom today. You have to work harder every day, and you must keep working consistently, otherwise, either you won’t succeed, or even if you can achieve to take some steps, you will go back again. This is the essence of the 11th Karma law. All other previous Karma laws wanted YOU to become better than yesterday every day. But, the 11th Karma law is about patience and consistency in doing this. If you want to become rewarded, you must work hard and be patient and consistent: Hard Work + Patience + Consistency = Reward

There’s no other formula. If you think you can get lucky to become rich, and for example become a millionaire by winning a Lotto, then you have to be one in 18,000,000 if you live in the United States. It is almost the same in other countries. So, the only way is to work hard and be patient and consistent.

It becomes a habit if you keep doing this for a while. Let’s keep it simple again: just become better than yesterday and do this every day!

That’s all. You must do it every day, not just for a few days, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. This is what the 11th Karma law says. You won’t become rewarded if you are not patient and consistent.

It is the same here too. If you are a member of The LuckScout Community, and do more activities every day, the system will reward you, more and more every month, and you will also have bigger shares from the community’s profits in different projects, in the short and long term, for free, risk-free and without any investment.

But, if you just sign up for an account, be active for a while and leave, the system will reject you. If you lose your persistence here, you will lose your presence and position. This is how the system is designed and developed. LuckScout is a community of strong people who want to change the world. They want to take humanity one step forward and one level higher. Those who are not strong enough to do this, won’t have a share from what the community will achieve. But, those who join and stay with the community, they will be rewarded forever, maybe even generation after generation.

LuckScout is the beginning of a big revolution. Be a strong part of it.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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