The 12th Karma Law: The Law of Significance and Inspiration

The 12th Karma law, which is the last one, is about leadership. The first ten Karma laws are all about YOU and want you to get better than yesterday every day. The 11th law was about patience and consistency in following the first ten laws. The last law is about helping and guiding others to do the same. It is a simple as this 😀

So, I have simplified the work here too. You don’t have to memorize all the Karma laws while you can follow all of them in every second of your life:

  1. Become better than yesterday, in everything, every day
  2. Keep doing this nonstop, patiently and consistently
  3. Help others to do the same

That’s all.

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Imagine what will happen if everyone does this. The world will become a much better place to live for everyone. After a while, we will have a world of nice people who become better every day.

We cannot change everyone in the world. But we can change ourselves. Karma doesn’t want you to change people or even ask them to change. It only wants you to become better consistently. When you keep doing this consistently, you become a great person after a while, and so you attract other people’s attention. This is what the 12th Karma law says: Significance

Significance is the quality of being worthy of attention. It says you are important and worthy of receiving attention from others.

What will happen then?

They will want to become like you, and this the other thing that the 12th Karma law says: Inspiration

When this happens, it means you are helping others to become better every day too, because you have been consistently working on yourself to become better every day.

But, isn’t this what we always want from the members of The LuckScout Community too??? 😀

Yes. The LuckScout Community was designed and developed based on becoming better every day and helping the other members of the community to do the same. There’s no competition among our members. Those who are more active, not only get better results, but also they help the other members to become better and get better results too because The LuckScout Community works based on the members’ interactions.

Your activities enable you to have more and bigger shares from The LuckScout Community profits, in the short and long term, for free and risk-free. At the same time, your activities enable the other members of The LuckScout Community to become more active and have bigger shares from the community’s profits.

So, become an extremely active member who attracts the attention of other members of the community. Inspire them to become more active too.

The LuckScout Community is a place for those who are active and enthusiastic enough to be part of a community that wants to take humanity one step forward and one level higher. This cannot be achieved by those who just open an account and then leave or login to their accounts once in a while to see what’s going on here or to ask when they will get paid. The LuckScout Community belongs to the active members, not the crowd.

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