The 8th Karma Law: The Law of Giving and Hospitality

So far, almost all of the Karma laws we talked about were about YOU. They said you must focus on yourself and become a better person every day, no matter who and how others are. But, the 8th Karma law is about how you behave with others.

It says, if you are focused on getting better every day, your behavior with others should also match this thought and action. You must give to get. It doesn’t mean that you must give all you have. But, it means you must help and support. A nice and kind behavior and a smile, although they are free, are the best and most available and valuable thing that anyone has to give to others.

Don’t compete with others. Instead, push them to go higher. As a result, you will go higher too. They have a saying in Japanese that says, “if you want to take your boss’s position, push and help them to get a higher position”. Most people do the opposite. They destroy and ruin their boss’s credit to get him kicked out. You cannot get positive results by doing negative things.

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The LuckScout Community is designed and developed exactly based on these Karma laws, specially the 8th one:

There is no competition among our members. Instead, when our senior members help new members and each other, they earn more points themselves while they cause those new members to earn more points too. Members’ participation and interaction earn them points while they also cause other members to participate and interact to earn points too. At the same time, all of these reactions, interactions and activities cause the community to earn more money that all members have a share from.

You can never find such a thing on the Internet and anywhere else in the world. Everywhere you go, people are competing with each other and try to kick other members and participants out. The LuckScout Community is against all of these. It is created to take HUMANITY one step forward and one level higher. It is for all humans, not a special group of them. Of course, if someone breaks the community’s rules, they will be banned. We do not let anyone ruin the friendly environment we have created based on love and passion.

The most interesting thing is, based on Karma laws, anything you do, will be returned to you and will remain with you forever. It is the same in The LuckScout Community as well:

The points you earn, not only will turn into money at the end of every month, but also they will stay in your account forever and will make you have share from all the profit that The LuckScout Community makes in all the projects, in the short and long term, for free, and risk-free. Please read this to learn more: Your Points

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