The 9th Karma Law: The Law of HERE and HOW

Maybe this is one of the most important Karma laws because it is focused on one of the biggest mistakes that most people make.

The Karma’s 9th law is focused on “now” and the current moment. Most people are used to focusing on the past. They moan for the failures, losses and mistakes. They miss the current opportunities by focusing on the past. This is a huge mistake.

You cannot be present if you are looking backward. Be HERE and learn HOW to make the most of your present, your current moments and today. This is the heart of the 9th Karma law.

You can recover all losses and mistakes if you forget about them and focus on doing your best now. Forget about all failures, mistakes, losses, blames, missed opportunities, bad memories, bad people, etc. you have been faced in the past. Just focus on what you are currently doing, and do your best to do it in the best possible way.

Focus on today and try to get better than yesterday. Today and now! This is all you must do.

Karma is all about you. If you get better every day, the world will get better every day. If everyone does this, the world will become a better place to live for everyone, even animals and the environment.

Let’s focus on our current project: The LuckScout Community

We have a big, important and holy goal in this community: We want to make all members financially free!

We want to turn all members into independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders. Members of this community will have shares from the profits of all of the community projects, online and offline, in the short and long term, for free and risk-free. Can you imagine?

Through creating a profile on this site and being an active member, you will forever have shares from the profits of the community that is growing like crazy.

We are 100% focused on achieving this goal. Our members should also be focused too. We need active members to achieve our goals. We don’t need the crowd. Having an account is not enough. You must be active, remain active and become more active every day. Inactive members will fall behind and won’t be known as part of the community.

Watch this video to learn what an amazing and outstanding system this is:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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