The Ambitious and Risk Taker Make History

Some people are smart enough to become university professors, although many universities don’t really have smart professors these days. However, those who make history have a lot more capabilities than university professors. I don’t think even one million professors could do what Edison has done alone. It is the same with Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and people like them who can never be forgotten or ignored.

What is in these people that enables them to make history? What others who can’t be like these people, don’t have, although some of them are theoretically smarter?

Those who are ambitious and brave enough to take risks will make history and will change the world, not those who can only memorize some formulas and write them on universities’ whiteboards every day. The world will never see someone like Henry Ford again, whereas millions of university professors come and go every year without doing anything important for the world. Universities’ human resource centers are overloaded with piles of resumes waiting to be hired as professors. How many of them can leave an impact in history? None of them. Anyone can do what they do. But, no one can do what legends like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have done.

Life is too short. We have a very limited chance to do something outstanding. We must do it before our time is up. There are limited choices too. You can be someone ordinary and a mediocre person who comes and goes without leaving any impact anywhere. But you can also have big goals to achieve while you don’t care if your family and friends don’t understand you. Even if you do so, you will have a limited chance to become someone like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs because these people not only were smart and ambitious enough to follow their goals strongly, but also they could find great solutions for important problems.

Ford Model T
Ford Model T

Henry Ford found a solution for a big problem. He manufactured an affordable car that anyone could have. His product ended the problem of transportation for all families at that time. The car, Ford Model T, he started mass-producing in 1908, became the most affordable and the best seller car in the world. Ford Model T changed the world. Those who could never afford a good car to drive everywhere they wanted, got a beautiful and strong car that cost only $850. Henry Ford even lowered the price while he elevated the quality of the car, just to make it a better and a more affordable car for the public.

He created jobs for millions for decades. He changed the lives of thousands who could not even speak English properly at that time. He educated them and gave them jobs. I am sure that the world will never see someone like Henry Ford again.

Maybe we cannot be like Henry Ford. Either we don’t have the ambition and strength, or even if we do, we are not lucky enough to find a great solution for an important problem like what he did. That’s why you don’t see too many people as successful as Henry Ford, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, although there are  always so many smart and talented people in the world. Henry Ford was a talented early bird who was in the right place at the right time, as Bill Gates also said such a thing about himself when he was asked about his success secret. Not everyone is that lucky.

However, the way to success and having a part in history never becomes closed. When individuals are not lucky enough to do it alone, they can become part of a system and community that is doing it. Something that cannot be achieved alone, can be achieved with the help of a team and community. This is what we are doing in The LuckScout Community. Join us to become part of history. Henry Ford left a big impact in history, but the impact we will leave, will be a lot bigger, because what Henry Ford did as a big supplier and manufacturer, was copied by others and they almost did the same things later. But, what we are doing in The LuckScout Community won’t be copied by anyone, at least on the Internet. In the World Wide Web, anyone is after making a fortune from people’s money. They are not after taking humanity one step forward and one level higher. They want to make themselves rich. They don’t care about anything else.

You don’t agree with me? Then please google to find a program that pays you cash every month, while it doesn’t want you to pay membership and upgrading fees, and also it doesn’t want you to make investments, refer and recruit. If you succeeded in finding such a program, please let me know and I will shut LuckScout down.

We are and we will be the only ones who are doing such a thing in the world and on the Internet. And we will keep working until we permanently make our active and loyal members financially free, for free, and risk-free.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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