Often when you start a business, getting the appropriate SWOT analysis template is crucial.

In fact, it has been often observed that this SWOT analysis template, especially if available in Microsoft Word (doc or docx format), is one of the most integral parts of the game.

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Getting the right template in place means getting a strategic analysis underway becomes that much simpler.

In other words, this is a key step towards effective planning and implementation in any organization.

After all, the SWOT enables to project the key elements and growth drivers that govern your business.

Given the advancement in technology and the wide use of internet, there is a multitude of SWOT analysis template in Microsoft Word.

While you can use any of these options for showcasing your company’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, the question is how effective can a template be?

Moreover on what basis, should you decide whether a specific template is better than the rest?

A simple approach would be to decide on something that is easy to elaborate and can be downloaded without much furore.

But the biggest concern is the uniformity of representation.

You must understand that this by far is what decides on the final efficiency and productivity of the analysis.

Key Requisites for SWOT Analysis Template

Before we get on to the task of deciding a suitable SWOT analysis template, it is very important to understand what is a SWOT analysis.

In very simple terms this is that crucial tool that can help you identify not just the problem points in your business, but also grasp the business opportunities easily.

It is a platform that highlights the challenges as well as the threats to your business.

It helps you build on your assets and work on your weaknesses.

Therefore, it is imperative that the SWOT analysis template that you eventually decide on is successful in bringing forth all these factors with equal clarity and in no way, does it come in the way of misrepresenting any item or over emphasizing any factor.

You must understand all the four elements of SWOT,

  1. Strength
  2. Weakness
  3. Opportunities
  4. Threat

The balance between these factors is essential as this alone can decide on the true efficacy of the entire plan and analysis.

Remember the four legs of a chair, each leg is as important as the other three, and the efficiency of the chair is severely impacted even if a single one of them is damaged.

Similarly, every part of the SWOT analysis holds equal importance and impacts the overall result that you seek to achieve through this.

Remember the template that you decide has to address all these concerns with ease and bring about a long-standing and sustainable difference in the operational output.

Not only is the clarity important from the business persona’s perspective but also all the other related stakeholders as well.

Therefore, the format needs to bring out a relatively clear picture of the business dynamics for anyone going through them.

The Classic Template

The classic and the most commonly used format of the SWOT analysis template is the one which confirms to the basic requirement.

1) It is clear in projections, and there is no ambiguity in the overall representation

2) The presentation is practical and to the point and does not beat around the bush. Often it is pretty direct.

3) Easily downloaded and available in Microsoft Word

4) Uploading this template would be as simple as downloading it.

5) The formatting within the template should be simple, so when you are working with it, you do not need any fancy software to elaborate it.

6) Brings about a complete analysis of both the internal and the external elements.

7) Broaden the scope of understanding the key business environment in complete detail

8) Project a picture that creates a strong impact for all the stakeholders involved

9) Is extremely crisp and concise so you can even choose to highlight the key findings in the executive summary of your business plan depending on the need

10) Must have a balanced overview where every aspect f the analysis the same amount of attention and importance.

11) Covers all the major questions that complete a comprehensive analysis

A typical SWOT Analysis Template

Create a Distinctive Picture

This undoubtedly has to be the most important feature of any SWOT analysis template that you would decide upon.

It should be one that is striking from the word go.

Not only should it be able to convey the analysis clearly but the presentation should also highlight the entrepreneur’s imagination and drive.

In short, your choice of the template should be such that you can easily get the reader’s attention and can hold it for the entire time required to grasp the key factors in totality.

More than the choice of multiple colors or shapes, it should be some format that would be able to make the readers get excited and even make them stakeholders in the entire process of reworking the business basics.

Another factor in creating this distinctive picture is to look for a SWOT analysis template Microsoft Word which is easy to edit.

Not only does it make it more convenient to handle but also increases the basic opportunities associated with the template.

You are able to use more variations and bring out a more impressionable picture.

Remember the SWOT analysis template that you decide on must conform to the basic principles of SWOT.

It needs to bring in a balanced perspective that in no way interferes with the overall efficiency.

It needs to help you plug loopholes but in no way should lead to denying an obvious opportunity looming right in front of you.

You must choose a template that any reader can relate to very easily and does not need too much of explanation.

This will minimize the time and effort involved in bringing out the actual purpose of the analysis as such.

Download Some Good Microsoft Word SWOT Templates

Here I am sharing some of the best SWOT analysis templates that I usually use for my clients.

They are Microsoft Word files both in DOC and DOCX format. Click here to download one of the best ones. You can also click here to download all of them in a zip file.