The Biggest Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up: Henry Ford

Who is the biggest entrepreneur ever? Whenever I try to answer this question to myself, the name Henry Ford comes to my mind. Maybe some people disagree and say that Rockefeller or Edison were the biggest entrepreneurs. But this is not correct. When it comes to building and mass-producing a product that becomes the most successful product ever, and also when it comes to creating jobs for people, Henry Ford is number one in history. Not only that. If morality and ethics is also an important part of business and entrepreneurship, Henry Ford is number one, although like any other extremely successful person, he developed lots of enemies, and although he was tough and strict.

Henry Ford
Henry Ford

From the mediocre people’s point of view, Henry Ford may look like nothing but a greedy businessman who only cared about promoting his own business. But if you look deeply, you will see that he was an angel who was in love with machinery and enabling ordinary people to have what they have already dreamed of. His life story never stops teaching you new and great things, whenever you study it.

Henry Ford was born in a farmer family. But, his parents had been enlightened enough to understand that farming didn’t satisfy their son. He loved machinery. His father helped him to follow his passion. Although he didn’t even finish grade 8, everyone knew that he was a genius that schools couldn’t feed his ambitious spirit. First he focused on building racing cars. Within a very short time, he became the most famous car racing champion who built his own racing cars. He recorded the highest speed at that time with the racing car he had invented. However, when he grew up more, he thought about using his talents to do something that benefited ordinary people like his parents.

Ford Model T
Ford Model T

Long story short, after a while, he produced the Ford Model T that became the most successful car in history. Yes, you heard right: it became the most successful car in history ever. Not only Model T was completely invented by himself, but also he invented other things that no one had figured out until that time:


One day, he went to see a friend in a slaughterhouse. He saw that a moving chain of slaughtered animals was passing in front of the workers while each worker did something special without having to walk.

Ford Model T Assembly Line
Ford Model T Assembly Line

He suddenly thought that why shouldn’t they do the same to produce their cars faster? Therefore, he was the first who invented the production and assembly line in machinery, and so he succeeded to produce 1,000 Model T every day, whereas they used to produce one car at a time before. Later, they produced a lot more and reached 10,000 cars per day. Ford Model T was exported to all countries in the world and Henry Ford produced 50,000,000 of this car, until they discontinued Model T and switched to an upgraded model.

Henry Ford became the richest man, not only in the United States, but also in the world. But what I have explained about him so far, doesn’t attract my attention that much. There are so many who have become the richest in the world. But, when it comes to Henry Ford, there are a lot of qualifications that cannot be found in anyone else, and those are the things that I like about him a lot.

He worked for people, not for himself. He was the first in the United States that paid a $5 daily wage to their workers. When his competitors heard that, they all laughed at him because they thought Henry Ford would become bankrupt by paying such an insanely high wage to his workers. Not only Henry Ford increased the minimum wage to $5 per day, but also he gave the workers a one hour midday break. And guess what! Anyone rushed to work for him and the quality and quantity of their products went a lot higher.

That’s not all. There is so much evidence that proves that Henry Ford worked for people, not for himself. For example, when they started the Model T production in 1908, they sold it for $850. However, when they improved their systems, and so the number and also the quality of their cars went higher, instead of increasing the price to make more profit, Henry Ford decreased it over and over, just to help all American families who dreamed of having a car to become able to buy one. Later, he even established another factory that produced a much simpler car that they sold for $300 only.

Here is where I told you that entrepreneurship is not just about making more money. Anyone can do that. It is more about ethics and morality that you cannot see in most entrepreneurs and business-people. Most of them think about nothing but making more and more money at whatever it takes. Compare Henry Ford with the so-called geniuses these days who want to achieve their ridiculous dreams by stealing from poor people around the world: Sugarcoated Scams Who Suck Your Blood if They Can

The long story of Henry Ford’s life doesn’t end here, but I won’t make this article too long. I finish by adding one more thing that proves Henry Ford wasn’t just a man of money. He was a man of people and love:

He had hired tens of thousands of workers from different countries. After increasing the wage to $5 a day, he established a department in his company that was responsible for teaching English to workers for free, helping them have a higher level of hygiene at their homes and enabling them to have anything that was necessary to have a better life. This literally means he didn’t work for himself. He worked for the good of the society. He loved to see people having better lives.

Not every entrepreneur and business-person is like that. Henry Ford had learned that true happiness could be found in making people happy. He had learned that he could enjoy his life when everyone around was also enjoying their lives.

Those who don’t work for people, will be forgotten, no matter how much money they make. And, we work to have a community of financially free, happy and rich people.

We achieve our goals, not immediately, but slowly, surely and definitely!

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