The Biggest Reason for Failure

What is the biggest reason for people’s failure? There’s only one answer for this question: lack of consistency!

This is usually the main reason for failure in everything, from education to sport and business. You fail when you give up and you don’t continue consistently.

Consistency is key. You must keep working. If you are not getting any results, you must keep working. If you are getting bad results, you must keep working. Even if you are getting great results, still you must keep working because you will fall down if you slow down.

Most people have a strong start in everything. But, they slow down after a while and then they quit. You must have a fresh and strong start every day, as if it is your first day.

In the middle of the way, you will have slow or negative days. Many of those who supported you, will leave you gradually. You lose friends and fans. But, the goal that you wanted to achieve is still there. You must always think about the goal, not the objects that distract you in the middle of the way.

As Einstein says, in order to live a happy life, you must tie it to a goal, not to people or things. If you stick to those who support you, you will lose your enthusiasm and consistency when they leave you. But, if you learn that it is only you who must keep working until the end, you won’t pay any attention to the slow days or those who leave you.

If you succeed in creating a team of hard-working and consistent people who have the same goal, your life will be a lot easier. This is what we are trying to do here too. The LuckScout Community is a community of those who want to achieve financial freedom. But, they don’t want to do it alone and individually. They want to do it under the umbrella of the community, which is a lot easier.

The LuckScout Team handles the hard and technical part of the work. The members don’t have to be technical, nor do they have to have any special skills or experiences, or pay any fees and take any risks. They just need to be active. They don’t even have to figure out how to be active. They receive emails that tell them how to be active every day. Having “healthy online activities” on the site is all they should do consistently. Consistency is the most important part of their work here. If they leave, they will miss the opportunities.

In The LuckScout Community, we need active and loyal members. We don’t need the crowd. The community will eventually achieve their goals, along with active and loyal members who keep supporting the community during the hard and slow days. They will forever have shares, not only from the community’s monthly income, but also from the profits of all of the projects that the community will have, in the short and long term, for free, and risk-free.

Those who stay, will be winners. Those who get attracted to the shiny objects that scams show them out there, will get scammed, over and over.

This video explains how our system works:

You can see the same video as slides:

More about this revolutionary system:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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