The Book on Rental Property Investing Review

The Book on Rental Property Investing is one of the most detailed books on real estate investment.

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It gives you a 360 degree perspective on the whole art of earning returns from rentals.

Real estate as a sector is a fairly complicated space.

You have different types of real estate investment.

It can be a residential investment or commercial property.

But one of the biggest return potentials is in rental properties.

The Book on Rental Property Investing ReviewThat is why The Book on Rental Property Investing review highlights the advantage it provides.

Brandon Turner is a celebrated investor in the real estate space.

This is why the advice that he offers to readers is both practical and realistic.

It does not delve into complicated concepts.

On the contrary, the idea is to create an awareness about the wide range of rental investment concepts.

It touches upon a range of alternatives and opportunities.

So when you are exploring rental investment options, you will not have to go beyond this book.

Turner has seamlessly woven his years of experience with some non-conventional ideas.

In many ways, that also gives a lot more credence and believability to the final product.

Most importantly, this is one of this books that has stood the test of times.

In many ways, this becomes the bible for many who are confused with how to deal with their property.

When you are looking to generate returns through rentals, it incorporates many factors.

Most importantly the taxation element is one of the biggest factors to pay attention to.

In that context, The Book on Rental property investing becomes a comprehensive guide.

The beauty is that this book serves the interest of beginners as well as veterans in the market.

It also addresses the unique requirements of different markets globally.

Knowing the Author

Brandon TurnerThe Book on Rental Property is as much about the author as it is about the dynamics of real estate investment.

The author, Brandon Turner is a celebrated writer in the real estate space.

He is known for his practical sense and unique narration style.

Needless to mention that is what often makes his work unique and attractive.

An active investor, Turner focuses on rental investments as well as the flipping house.

He is also the co-host of one of the top rated podcasts in the world, The BiggerPockets.

The BiggerPockets is undeniably one of most talked about business podcasts globally.

But writing is undeniably one of Turner’s most important areas of expertise.

Apart from The Book on Rental Property, he has authored quite a few other bestsellers too.

In fact, he has the rare distinction of being one of the select authors with 3 best sellers simultaneously.

Apart from that Turner also contributes regularly for Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Needless to mention that he is an authoritative voice on the realities of rental real estate investment.

He has more than a decade of experience in buying properties and managing rentals.

This gives his advice a distinctive futuristic flavor.

It helps in creating solutions that address their profitability and stable returns prospects.

On the whole, rentals need a more value-based price analysis.

Moreover, the positioning of the property also matters.

The maintenance cost of the house also needs to be accounted for.

So determining the rent, approaching new clients and the legal formalities are all crucial elements.

You have to take into consideration every factor in isolation as well as in totality.

The Book on Rental Property strives to achieve exactly this end for its readers.

Turner leaves no stone unturned in trying to provide a comprehensive know-how.

The Layout & Concept

The Book on Rental Property review is incomplete without a proper analysis of the concept.

This book has close to 350 pages and was first published in 2015.

On the face of it, the catchy titles, content, and composition attract readers instantly.

It is an extremely informative and educative book on real estate investment.

The quality of advice is also very specific and refers to overall individual concerns.

The style of narration also plays an important role in it.

It is very simple to understand, and the author uses some practical examples.

As a result of that, the acceptance is much better on an overall concept.

The language too is essentially basic English and does not deal with any difficult concepts.

So, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can associate with the concepts quite easily.

The fluidity of narration also makes it an extremely easy read.

It does not come across as a mammoth piece of theories woven together.

An average reader can easily get to the core of the concepts.

They don’t have to put in additional effort in trying to understand what the author means.

Whatever ideas the author is putting across is absolutely crystal clear.

This seamlessly addresses all potential trouble spots for readers.

Often the potential of rental investments is not explored adequately because of this issue.

The associated problems of rental investment are not spelled out that easily.

You cannot easily identify the challenges of rented properties globally.

However, the narrative style of this non-fiction composition is so accurate and pointed; it helps to make a sustained impact.

Most importantly it is without the absolutely preachy kind of tone.

It almost comes across as a friendly perspective from a helpful neighbor.

That makes it a sure winner.

The Love For Rental Properties

The initial chapters of The Book on Rental Property outlines the rationale of rental investment.

It goes on to explain readers the beauty of this investment instrument.

It easily underlines the primary wealth generators in this genre.

As an investor, it provides a clear perspective on the potential value plays in this segment.

That, in many ways, is one of the most crucial bits of information.

It helps them gauge how much money they need to allocate for rental investment.

Just like commercial or residential properties, rental investments too need adequate research.

While the returns in some places can be huge, it may not be so attractive in other places.

The location and the demand dynamics play a crucial role in rental investment.

If it is close to an industrial area, there will be more demand for residential properties.

People who are just joining a factory may not be in a position to buy a new property.

However, the cash they are earning can help them afford a rental property.

So if you have invested in a rental property here, your resultant returns will be reasonably higher.

So as a result, the book uses such easy to comprehend examples to make the point.

The Book on Rental Property highlights the challenges involved in the rental investment.

It clearly encapsulates the key elements that the investors have to keep in mind.

Often in the race to make quick returns, investors lose track of the challenges involved.

However, this book keeps readers grounded on those counts.

There is no unnecessary euphoria associated with the investment calls.

These are practical, to the point advice that can keep investors focused.

So whether you are a new investor or a seasoned player, it helps you to get an edge.

Identify Your Key Triggers For Success

The lucid style of narration is undeniably one of the strongest points of this book.

The Book On Rental Property Investing Review is incomplete without of these triggers.

They create a succinct consciousness about the prospects of this type of investment.

The right thought is the most important step towards gaining consistent returns.

The right thought is not just about identifying proper opportunities.

It is also about analyzing the right source of returns.

This involves thorough research and detailed analysis.

The source of the rental investment also plays an important role.

Moreover, the associated paperwork too has a role in the overall investment plan.

This is where the plan associated with your real estate investment strategy finds a mention.

The author highlights the importance of picking a proper investment plan.

His personal experience as an investor also helps in creating a reasonable return strategy.

This is what will help investors acquire appropriate assets at proper prices.

That indirectly creates an avenue for quality investment at reasonable rates.

The investment rationale does not change in case of rental properties.

The Book on Rental Property Investing beautifully brings to light this crucial factor.

That creates a conducive foundation for long-standing assets with a superlative return strategy.

Like they say, a right beginning is often the best way to create a sustainable investment strategy.

The Book on Rental Property Investing review underlines this cardinal concept.

It tells investors the route to create consistent returns through the rental route.

That, in many ways, helps investors to diversify their investments in a sustained manner.

Often real estate investment is all about creating a strong foundation.

This book helps investors grasp this perspective is a simple and easy to understand format.

Needless to mention it adds to the charm of the book.

The Unique Element In The Book On Rental Property Investing

When you read investor testimonials, you will notice that Brandon Turner creates a unique brand of investment techniques.

It does not comprise of a keen sense of profit and right assessment of returns.

Turner also propagates the idea of a calculated generosity.

He mixes light humor in his narration.

That undeniably creates a composite style of narration.

Terms like ‘wantapreneuer’ for those who keep reading books but never invest interests readers.

It makes them keenly aware of how thoroughly the author has studied various groups of investors.

Moreover, it also lends a unique versatility to the narration.

All types of investors can refer to this book to get meaningful inputs on their investment strategy.

He also intersperses his narration with some credible practical tips.

Easy options like not charging the complete market rent or looking for better insurance tips help investors optimize their returns to a large extent.

Just like stocks, these real estate investments also need a higher logical quotient.

Being emotional will not help you clock sustainable returns from an investment.

Obviously, you will like a few more than the rest.

There are some properties you can easily walk away from while you are attached to few.

But the problem is you cannot invest on the basis of that.

Turner offers some easy solution to get around these primary hitches.

It will help you address these fundamental problems with relative ease.

Needless to mention that it can create a definitive return strategy for average investors.

This can also enhance the overall scope of profit from the investment in totality.

In many ways, these elements also go a long way in creating a loyal set of investors.

That, in fact, adds to the overall charm and appeal of the book.

How To Manage Property Managers

The Book on Rental Property Investing is not just a ready handbook on rental investment.

It also helps investors understand how to deal with their property managers.

The property managers are like brokers in stock markets.

Going ahead with your investment scheme without them is difficult.

But at the same time, dealing with them can be rather tricky at times.

What is particularly worrying is that you can sometimes end up paying them huge fees.

There are many associated service charges that you must pay.

This is exactly why any The Book On Rental Property Investing review heroes this factor prominently.

Brandon gives his readers some practical tips on how exactly they should deal with the problem.

The beauty of the concept is not just in knowing where to invest or how to invest.

It is also about being confident about the platform you need to use.

That goes a long way in sealing your profits to a significant extent.

It, therefore, boosts your return prospect to a large extent as well.

As a result, you can look at optimizing the overall value that you can derive from the investment.

The deposit and the rent components in the monthly reports are very important.

Most times, they are not spelled out, and property owners remain unaware of the benefits or disadvantages of the same.

There are many elements like property taxes, bills for maintenance are other aspects.

As a property owner, you have to be careful about these small elements.

They can impact the overall tax liabilities in a relatively significant manner.

So as a result, the choice of a competent property manager plays a very important role.

Turner gives you many helpful tips in this context to get around the problem in a constructive manner.

Constructive Target Best Strategies

The Book on rental property investing review is incomplete without a mention of the way it can wrap up.

It wraps up with a set of definitive target based objectives for the investor.

It gives specific example based options for investors to capitalize on.

This is also the part where he highlights the importance of a right real estate team.

He mentions that an appropriate real estate team can help you strengthen your return objective to a large extent.

This list comprises of people like the Lender, Real Estate Agent, Contractors and spouse.

Essentially they are the key members of your core group.

In the absence of these individuals, your profitability may be hampered.

They often become your ear and eyes and help you address every aspect of your investment competently.

As a result, Turner highlights the importance of deciding on a strong team for the same.

He also brings to focus the benefits and demerits of self-management and professional property management.

The legal and tax part of the overall investment strategy also comes to focus.

Moreover, it also gives you a broad perspective on ways to decide on a property.

The final thought segment also takes into account the difference in perspective.

Different types of investors have varied investment goals.

That often plays a crucial role in deciding how the investment pans out.

Therefore, it also brings to focus how every factor is interlinked.

Only when they operate in tandem, you can get a meaningful strategy for a longer term.


The Book on Rental Property Investing is, therefore, one of the best options to refer to for sustained gains from rental properties.

The overall level of awareness about various rental properties is pretty limited.

Therefore, this book plays a meaningful role in helping investors develop a profitable investment model.

So if you are a serious real estate investor, do get your copy of The Book on Rental Property Investing.

In case you feel it is a time taking process, refer to this The Book on Rental Property Investing review for detailed understanding.

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