The First Day of Our Live Day-Trading

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We finished our first day-trading session with the members of The LuckScout Community who became eligible to join us day-trading program known as The LuckScout Club, in our October. If you don’t know what the The LuckScout Community and LuckScout Club are, please read this page to the end.

In The LuckScout Community, we help the members to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders who will achieve financial freedom on their own. The members of The LuckScout Community, earn money on this website for free, through their activities and earning points. Then, they can use the money they make to trade with us in The LuckScout Club, if they want, to grow their money and turn it into a big capital that makes them financially free. They don’t pay us any money, nor do they give us their money to trade with them. They just learn how to trade with their own money on their own. They can use the money they have earned on our website for free, so that their trading will be risk-free for them. No other website or company has ever done this for the people of the world.

If you want to achieve financial freedom for free, risk-free, and without getting scammed, our program is the only program that you can currently find on the Internet. So, start now by creating your account.


Today, I explained about some important basics and fundamentals of trading. Every day, from Monday to Friday, we get together in a Zoom meeting room at 9:15am EST to get ready to start day-trading after the New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30am EST. I analyze different time-frames, from weekly to one minute. I show the forming and formed trade setups on all these time-frames.

I usually take two sets or groups of positions. One is based on the early trade setups that form after the New York stock market opens. In these positions, I mainly use candlesticks patterns. The other set or group of positions are based on the deeper chart analysis, mainly on the 15min and 5min charts, using technical analysis, support/resistance breakouts and strong chart patterns. The second set of positions give more time to those who cannot be at the computer right at 9:30am EST.

Before we start trading, we also check the important economic news that are scheduled to be released on the day.

That’s all. We expect to make at least 2% profit per day, while we can lose 2% or less. Sometimes we make more than 2% profit, based on the market’s conditions and the trade setup(s) that form on the longer time frames I explained above.

Today, while I was talking to the attendees, I took a position after the New York Stock Market opened. The position hit the target and made a 1.918% profit. Not a bad day for the first day of the week and while you are talking to the attendees who are watching your trading for the first time 😀

The Miracle of Our System and LuckScout

Making about 2% per day, or 30% profit per month, on average, enables you to turn a $500 account into $1 million after 29 months. Do you know any other business or job that gives you such a freedom by spending less than one hour at the computer for 5 days a week only???


It only needs your patience and consistency.

You can start it from here:

LuckScout helps you become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder:

In The LuckScout Community, you and other members of the site have a share from the website’s income, based on your activities and the points you earn. Maybe you don’t need this money. But, there are so many in The LuckScout Community who need it to start their trading journey.

In The LuckScout Community, we help humanity. We help people to achieve freedom, for free, and risk-free. If you want to be part of this program, even if you don’t need the money that LuckScout pays you, still your presence and activities help others who need this money. You won’t pay them any money. You won’t pay us any fees. But your activities on the site, not only (1) help you earn more points to have a bigger share from the website’s income (whether you need it or not), but also (2) they help other members to earn more points and have a bigger share from the website’s income too, while (3) they help the community to make more money, and so on. Above all, your activities (4) help you to become eligible to trade with us every day, which is where you can learn to turn your $500 account into a big capital that makes you financially free.

Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving people makes the money come in. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

In The LuckScout Community, you help people to achieve financial freedom through your presence and activities, and other members and the community help you do the same. There are so many who need your presence and activities here. And, “activities” is the price of being part of this awesome program and system that even gives you the $500 you need to start trading risk-free.

Your current month (October) performance and the points you have earned may make you eligible to join us in our private trading room in the following month (November), if you reach the minimum requirements. And, it will be the same every month, unless we decide to modify and optimize the rules and criteria (read this post carefully to learn how we trade and how you will trade with us). We want everyone, including you, to make the most of The LuckScout Community and this opportunity. Click Here to start.

Thank you!
I love you all💝

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Please see the attached screenshot:

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