The Future World and a Solution for a Big Problem: Energy!

Since the world has become more industrial, one problem has always been on the table. Our cities, factories, cars, airplanes, ships, etc. need energy. They need lots of energy indeed. Humans thought that oil and gas would suffice, but soon they found out that these sources of energy are not endless, while they cause pollution and global warming. Sun is a great source of energy but it cannot be used for everything while it is still expensive to turn the sunlight into electricity that can be stored and used when needed.

In 1939 a German journal published an article that changed the course of history (here). The article proved that splitting atoms was possible. The idea was soon named nuclear fission. The article changed someone’s life too:

J. Robert Oppenheimer
J. Robert Oppenheimer

J. Robert Oppenheimer was a bright physicist who was interested in quantum physics. By the age of 25, he knew about quantum physics more than any American. As a theorist, he published an article in the same year (1939) that impressed everyone (here). The article explained how stars collapsed and ended up as black holes that had never been understood before. However, the German article that was published not long after Oppenheimer’s paper, attracted Oppenheimer’s attention to a different subject. He said: “I think it is really not too improbable that a 10 centimeter cube of uranium deuteride might very well blow itself to hell.”

Enrico Fermi
Enrico Fermi

While the article formed the idea of nuclear bomb in the minds of so many like Germans and of course Oppenheimer, another genius physicist, Enrico Fermi, worked on using controlled and harnessed nuclear fission to produce electricity. He succeeded in doing it in 1942. The first nuclear reactor could successfully use a controlled nuclear fission reaction to produce heat that boiled water and generated steam that could rotate an electricity generator to produce energy (electricity).

Oppenheimer was hired by the United States army to build nuclear weapons, based on the same theory, because Americans thought that Nazis were working on producing nuclear weapons too, and if they could do it sooner than the rest of the world, they would blow humanity up. Therefore, Americans decided to do it sooner than the Nazis. However, the Nazis were defeated before they succeeded in manufacturing their nuclear bomb. In spite of this, Americans continued their project, and Oppenheimer successfully tested the first nuclear bomb in 1945.

After Enrico Fermi’s nuclear reactor, the world thought that they had found a good solution for the energy crisis. But, soon they learned that nuclear energy was expensive, and generated nuclear pollution, while the earth’s uranium resources were so limited too. It means, nuclear fission wasn’t the solution.

In spite of this, so many countries are still using nuclear reactors to produce energy, while many of them are retiring their nuclear reactors gradually. The Chernobyl disaster proved that nuclear reactors are more dangerous than people could imagine.

The question is, how are we going to provide the energy we need during the next decades and centuries?

In my previous article, I explained how fast humans are progressing and what achievements we will witness within a very short period of time. But, what about energy? How are we going to provide the energy that our projects need?

Is there anything in the world more powerful than nuclear reactions, while they are safer, cheaper and leave no pollution?


Just a microscopic quantity of a strange substance that is called antimatter can create amounts of energy that is 1000s of times more than nuclear reactions. Like nuclear reactions, antimatter can also be used to create destructive weapons. Only 0.5 grams of antimatter is enough to create a bomb like the one that destroyed Hiroshima, while the nuclear bomb they used in 1945, had about 64kg of highly enriched uranium. One kilogram of antimatter will produce 10 billion times more energy than the explosion of one kilogram of TNT 😀

I don’t go into details of what antimatter is and how it generates energy. However, it seems that antimatter is the end solution for our energy needs in future. Although it is extremely expensive and time-consuming to produce antimatter now, storing it is still a big confusion and problem (because you cannot store antimatter like the normal substances), I am sure the world will find solutions for all of these too.

Antimatter is an endless source of energy. Unlike nuclear materials that generate pollution that can sometimes last for millions of years, antimatter leaves no pollution at all. It merely generates energy in the form of light and heat. The other thing is, unlike nuclear elements like uranium that have to be mined, which is a process that also hurts the earth and environment, antimatter cannot be mined. It has to be synthesized because it doesn’t exist on the earth.

100% of an antimatter fuel will turn into energy. It means, cars with antimatter engines will never need to be refilled. They can move forever, unless you crash them 😀

I won’t tell you about the antimatter weapons because not only I don’t want to scare you, but also I am so hopeful that humanity will grow in a way that they won’t have to even think about having weapons. Humanity will pass this stage and all humans will live in peace and prosperity on the earth. Why?

When there is enough endless energy for everyone on the earth, no need to fight. Am I right?

Those who want to dominate the world, will fall behind and will become defeated because they are not the ones who will have access to antimatter.

I don’t know how long it takes for humanity to reach that level. But, I won’t be surprised if you tell me 10 to 30 years.

Does this have anything to do with The LuckScout Community?

Yes, it does. Humans cannot reach that level overnight. All humans must grow. Humanity must move steps forward and levels higher than it currently is. Antimatter is the reward of humans who love and help each other to have better lives. Not everyone deserves a car that moves forever; the lights that won’t turn off; homes that are always warm in winter and cool and pleasant in summer; and a lot more endless good things, for free, and risk free. We are already working to develop one of them: Financial freedom, for free and risk-free!

A website and community that generates income for the members, forever, for free, and risk-free, is indeed the virtual form of antimatter 🤣😆

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