The Karma Law of Connection

Most people have a wrong impression about “time”. Although Albert Einstein revealed the truth and facts about time, still most people think about it the same as people of 3000 years ago because they have heard about Einstein, but have never read and learned what he has said about time and what his relativity means.

Here, I don’t want to explain about Einstein’s relativity. This article is about the 6th law of Karma, that is CONNECTION. However, it is interesting and exciting to know that this law talks about one of the things that Einstein has revealed about time. “Connection”, is the 6th law of Karma. It says, “past, present and future are all connected”.

Einstein revealed that, indeed, there is no past, present and future. They are all the same and are already there. Your past hasn’t passed, and your future is not supposed to become formed and come later. They are both there. What we see now as present, is indeed the slow journey we have in time that is already there. What we see at the moment becomes our past and what we will see, will be known as our future. But, they are the things we see. In reality, there are already there before we see them, and whether we see them or not.

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I stop talking about what Einstein has explained about time because it becomes too complicated. This article is about the 6th law of Karma. This law means, what you have done in the past, what you do now and what you will do in future are all connected.

Back to the five articles I already published about Karma laws, and while you consider that they are all focused on getting better every day, the 6th law of Karma is almost the same as all other five laws say. The heart of Karma laws so far, is to get better than you were yesterday, every day. If you’ve done this yesterday, then now you should be better than what you were the day before yesterday. If you do it today too, then tomorrow you will be better than yesterday and today.

This is how the past, present and future are connected. It is as simple as this.

You don’t have to memorize the Karma laws. And unlike what most people think, you don’t even have to be worried about others, when it comes to Karma. Just try to be a better person every day, compared to your yesterday. If you are a father or mother, become a better and kinder father or mother than you were yesterday. If you are a teacher, become a better teacher today. Work more. Care more about your students and children. If you are a member of The LuckScout Community, do a little more than what you did for the community yesterday, and repeat this every day.

After a while, you will become a great parent, teacher, friend, citizen, spouse, neighbor, driver, etc.

If any of The LuckScout Community members work a little more for the community, every day, then after a while we will have a big community of financially free people. Working for The LuckScout Community, is working for humanity. When you work more for this community, not only you will earn more points and more money and profit, both in the long and short term, but also you help the community and all other members to earn more points, money and profit, in the long and short term.

This is how The LuckScout Community has been designed and developed. It is not to make some members rich. It is to make all the members financially free. However, to achieve this, our members have to be active. Creating an account is not enough. And, with the most recent changes we have made, and with more changes we are planning to make, only active members will be the real owners of this community and will have a share from the profits it will make, from all projects, in the long and short term, for free, and risk-free.

In The LuckScout Community, what you do today, builds your future and the future of the community. This is the real and practical meaning of “Connection” as the 6th law of Karma.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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