The Life Lessons That Only Albert Einstein Has Taught Us

Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday, and so it is also called “Genius Day“. Most people think that Albert Einstein was the smartest person who has ever lived on the earth. They think that his IQ has been the highest ever. His IQ wasn’t the highest ever, but I think he was the smartest in history. To be the smartest and the most influential person at the same time, having a high IQ is necessary, but not enough. Some other qualifications are also needed. Yes, I think “influential” is the best word that describes Einstein. He changed the course of humanity’s thoughts about the universe and life. The world changed and never became the same, after Einstein.

Albert EinsteinThere are so many like Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Johann Goethe, etc. whose IQs have been much higher than Einstein. Isaac Newton has done so many outstanding things in physics. But, he has never been as influential as Einstein. He had a wrong impression and mentality about “time“. Leonardo da Vinci was also such a great physician and scientist. But, most people know him because of his Mona Lisa painting. He hasn’t left any big impact on people’s lives. It is the same with Johann Goethe that most people haven’t even heard his name.

All of these people had a very high IQ, about 220 or above, whereas the highest IQ that has been estimated for Einstein is 160. It is a very high IQ, but it is far below 220. Even now, there are some people whose IQs are above 180 and 200, but you haven’t heard anything about them, because they haven’t done anything that is worth remembering. In physics and chemistry, there are so many genius scientists who have done lots of great things. For example, there is someone who has discovered/created nine elements, and so he won the Nobel prize and many other awards. But, I am sure none of you have ever heard his name, nor is there even one quote left by him. But, even 5-year kids know Einstein. They don’t know what he has done. But they know his name and they know that he was a genius, while many of them want to become like him. Why?

In addition to a high IQ, Einstein had something that most other brainy people don’t: LOVE❤️

Einstein loved life, people, the world, the universe and everything that was around him. Einstein was the man of love, not the man of science. That’s why most people don’t even know what Einstein has done, but they know him and his smile. There are so many beautiful quotes left by him that each of them can show you the right way of life, whether you know anything about physics or not:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

We make mistakes and create problems, with the current level of thinking, knowledge and intelligence we have. However, to resolve our problems, we must upgrade to a higher level of thinking, knowledge and intelligence. You cannot resolve a problem with the same level of thinking, knowledge and intelligence. This simple formula, if used in all aspects of life, from business to personal life and relationships, can resolve all problems. This short sentence is the biggest treasure one can ever have. Whenever I tried to resolve a problem by using the same kind and way of thinking that the problem was created, I made it worse and more complicated. But, the problem became resolved automatically when I upgraded my way of thinking.

I won’t make this article too long by explaining about Einstein’s theory of relativity and the colossal works he has done in physics and science. What he has described about time is too complicated to be explained in this article. If you are interested to know a summary of it, you can refer to a question that I posted on our Q/A section, and read my answer to that question: Does Time Move Only Forward or It can Move Backward or Even Become Stopped?

But, just to show you how genius Einstein was, here I only say that many of the things (e.g. black holes) that he talked about and predicted and proved their existence on paper and through math formulas and equations, decades later became admitted through advanced technologies.

Einstein is the most influential person in anything, including business. His words of wisdom can be used in anything we do. We just need to remember them in the right place at the right time. Einstein revolutionized the way of humans’ thinking. He proved that life and existence were different from what people thought. He proved that “reality” is usually different from what we “think” and “believe”. He taught us the healthy way of thinking and analyzing. Those who have known him can never ignore him in different aspects of their lives and business.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

“Balance” is what we need all the time. And, to keep our balance, we must keep moving and working hard. We will succeed; not suddenly, but slowly and surely.

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