The LuckScout Club Members’ Participation in October 2020

It is 07:00pm EST on the last day of the current month, as of writing this post.

Tonight, at 11:59:59pm EST, your October points will be recorded, and then, in the first second of the first day of November 2020, your points will be rest to zero.

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The rewards of The LuckScout Club‘s paid members will be calculated and paid within the first days of November 2020.

Hereby, we thank you for your participation during October 2020. Please note that we are at the beginning of The LuckScout Club‘s journey, and we are just finishing the first month. Our goal is to enable our active and enthusiastic members to make over $200,000 per month, by the end of the first phase of our plan.

Yes, you heard right; $200,000 per month, or even more, for those who also sell different digital and physical products on our website.

This is really possible. It is not just a dream. However, it is your continuous participation that will make this happen, maybe even sooner than what we expect.

Probably, your October payment won’t look as you expected. But this is just the beginning. Getting some results, even for the first month of your participation, is not something that you can see with any other program on the Internet. But this is still amazing that the paid members of The LuckScout Club will get paid for the first month of their participation. Although their payments won’t be too high, it is a great start, and hopefully they will receive more and more in the following months, because our system is developed in a way that your continuous participation makes the system collect more points for you every month.

We rewarded our active members with free articles that cost $10 for each 100 words. But we rewarded them for free to show our members that we are not here to make a fortune for ourselves, and our first and most important goal is to enable our members to establish an automatic and stable source of income on our website. Our members’ success is our success. We will make money only when they make money and when they are happy with what we are doing for them on our website.

We will keep rewarding our paid members with free articles for the next month too.

This is just the beginning. The LuckScout Club is your own community and source of residual income. It is you who make The LuckScout Club‘s system reward you more with your continuous and active participation. We won’t be able to get anywhere without your presence and support.

Therefore, please keep on supporting us and please spread the words and encourage others to join.

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you can make a fortune just through your own presence and activities on our website, without having to refer and recruit at all. However, if you refer others, you will be rewarded directly (our system can track your referring activities if you do it through your referral link), while you will also be rewarded indirectly, because the more popular our community becomes, the more successful all members will be. No website can make money without traffic and fresh customers, and, you make more money on our website, when our website makes more money.

We will add more sources of income over time. This will make it easier to make money on our website, both for those who cannot publish articles and sell products or even play games, and also for those who can do all of these, in addition to browsing and reading our web pages.

So… please keep on participating and supporting the community to see better results every month.

If you are new here and you don’t know what The LuckScout Club is and how you can make money with it, please read the articles below, carefully:

Thank you 🙂

Best regards,
The LuckScout Team

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity. I pray and hope your target of paying members over $200,000 for their efforts would be actualized.

  2. Thank you Luckscout, appreciate the opportunity and there is certainly no expectation of the amount that I earn. Even if I use the September trial as a guide this will be good as it is money that I would not have earned in the first place.
    I will be over the moon with whatever the amount that comes through my PayPal account as I am proving to myself that I am able to do this blogging thing and I actually enjoy the community and I am looking forward to moving forward and creating more content that is worthwhile to everyone and even new members.

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