December 2020 was the third month that The LuckScout Club’s members will get paid for their activities in this month. If you are new here and you don’t know what The LuckScout Club is and how you can make money with it, please read this article carefully and sign up as soon as possible: Join the LuckScout Club to Make Money on Our Website

Our previous months’ performance:

  1. October 2020
  2. November 2020

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you can earn points through 16 different ways, and your points will turn into money, under some special conditions that are explained here.

However, The LuckScout Club‘s members now have another great way to make money. They can make money through our EPIC Trading campaign. They have the opportunity to publish quality content on LuckScout and receive target traffic from search engines. EPIC Trading is new, and so the traffic we receive for our EPIC Trading related content is not currently that much. But it is growing so fast. This is a great opportunity to build quality content and have it indexed by search engines, and then receive the traffic when more people google for EPIC Trading related topic. Unfortunately, none of The LuckScout Club‘s members have used this opportunity so far, although many of them are EPIC Trading members as well.

Now, it is time to report The LuckScout Club‘s members performance in December 2020. Thanks to all members for their participation. The program can’t get anywhere without you. So thanks to all of you. Please keep working and supporting ♥ 🙂

Here is the top 10 earners of December 2020:

UsernamePoints EarnedReward
Ahmad Khasan923,136$253.10
Leno Jean Pierre711,223$195.00
Muda Markus Dolopoto653,139$179.07
Ad Hariyanto Adi611,066$167.54
Edward Duffy555,182$152.22
Jackson Mugarura510,218$139.89
Kenneth Ogbonnaya510,124$139.86
Gareth White480,394$131.71
Eli Davis Keinamura451,084$123.68
Steinar Kloverod410,442$112.53


1. In our system, points don’t have a monetary value. They are just to record the members’ activities. Therefore, based on the table above, you cannot say that for example  923,136 points equal $253.10, in all months. If some conditions were different, members would earn more or less money with the same number of points in December 2020. Each month has different conditions, and so, a member who has earned for $253.10 for his 923,136 points in December 2020 can earn more or less money with the same number of total points, the next months.

I had to explain this because some people may ask: I had earned less number of points last month, but I earned more money compared to this month. Why is that?

The points and the money you’ve earned this month have nothing to do with the points and the money you had earned in the previous or you will earn in the following months. You just need to focus on healthy activities that are listed and explained here and here.

2. The list above is much longer. There are so many who have already started making money with our program. Although their income is not that much yet, they can increase it over time and it can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars if they keep working.

3. We will make the payments through PayPal from today.

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