October 2020 was the first month that The LuckScout Club system went live. It is the first time that The LuckScout Club’s members are getting paid.

We did a beta-testing in September 2020. Many LuckScout followers joined and helped us to test the system. However, it was just a beta-testing to check and debug the system and algorithm, and so we didn’t ask the members to pay the $95 monthly membership fee.

Everything went so well in September, and we reported the members’ performance in 5th of October here. The numbers you see in our September’s report are just numbers, and we didn’t pay the participants, because it was just a test and nobody was asked to pay the membership fee (you can join The LuckScout Club and earn points, but you will be paid for the points you collect, only when you pay the $95 membership fee, and you get in the Top Earners Group at the same time).

From the beginning of October, the program went live and those who wanted to get paid for their October activities (points), paid the $95 monthly membership fee. We appreciate their participation, support, and trust ♥ 🙂

Your Success Is Our Business!We can’t get anywhere without your support and trust. We are dedicated to work, as hard as we can, to make YOUR dreams come true and help you achieve financial freedom. Your success is our success. Your success is our business 🙂

Many others preferred to wait and see how the program goes. However, we are sure that they will also trust us and will join our program, because they see that our system works and makes money for members.

This is just the beginning. Our members’ income will go higher and higher over time. The program is developed this way.

We are now delighted to report The LuckScout Club’s performance in October 2020.

October 2020 was a good and strong start that was achieved with the help of our loyal and nice followers.

As you can see below, The LuckScout Club is the only system on the Internet that participants can make money even from the first month they join and start working, without having to refer and recruit, or promote and sell anything, although they can make more money if they refer others and sell digital and physical products. There are currently 16 ways to earn points.

In other programs, members spend lots of time and money to promote, advertise, refer, recruit, follow up, etc., without making a dime. It is just the company, or the top members (in case of MLM and pyramid schemes) who make money. But our program is 100% different. It is a revolutionary program. Now that The LuckScout Club system is launched, affiliate systems are obsolete, and competition has a different definition.

Now we have a new definition for competition: You earn more money if you earn more points. But earning more points also helps other members to earn more points in long and short term, and this benefits all members, not just you.

If you are new here and you don’t know how The LuckScout Club system works, please read the articles below carefully:

Below is the top 5 earners of October 2020:

UsernamePoints EarnedReward


1. The 5,000 points reward was added to the paid members’ final October balance.
2. This list is much longer. There are so many who have already started making money with our program. Although their income is not that much, they can increase it over time and it can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars if they keep working. I’ve explained it below.
3. We will make the payments through PayPal today.

Here are some tips for those who want to join and also those who want to increase their income:

1. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it as soon as possible. Unlike other programs, you can start getting paid in our program, even from the first month you join. Our paid members have already started adding more sources of points that earn points for them on autopilot. For example, some of them have published articles that remain on our website and will earn points for the authors, forever, every month. This means earning more points becomes easier for them, over time and the more content they add.

Besides, we have rewarded our paid members with free articles. Read this to learn why we did this and how much the articles we rewarded are worth. We will keep doing this to support our paid members who are among the first who have trusted us, joined the program and are helping us to take the program off the ground. They support us; we support them. This is a team work, and we are dedicated to serve our loyal members who support us.

2. Our goal is to enable our top members to make $200,000 per month in the first phase of our plan. This is really possible and we are working hard to provide the requirements it needs. We will add more sources of income, and will help our active members to add to their sources of points. Therefore, they will earn more points over time, even if they don’t work more, because many of the sources that will be added for them will earn points for them automatically.

We add more products to sell, and more members will join the community, and so the community’s income goes higher. This will increase the members’ income as well, while they also work to increase their own income.

We also help the eligible members to sell digital and physical products. Therefore, they will not only make money through their LuckScout Club‘s points, but they will also make money through selling their products.

3. Although the income of the first month of our members is not that much, still many of them have earned more than the monthly membership they have paid ($95). This process will be continued and we expect our community, and so each member’s income will go higher very fast and within a short time. Although we don’t guarantee anything, we will work hard to achieve our goals.

Once again, thanks to all of those who trusted us and joined the program, and congratulations to all of them for their strong start 🙂