The LuckScout Club program was started last month in September 2020. We did a test to make sure that everything worked properly. Then we went live at the beginning of October 2020.

If you don’t know what The LuckScout Club system is and how our members can make money with it, please read the below articles carefully:

Many of The LuckScout Club members helped us to perform the test last month. We appreciate their participation and support ♥ 🙂

Now they want to know how their performance was during the last month (Sep 2020). If you haven’t participated yet, please read the below report to become amazed to see how our system can potentially make money for members. This report was written to give the participants a clue about how they are going to work and make money with our system, during the current and the following months. You can join and start working now if you haven’t done it before: Join the LuckScout Club to Make Money Online from Home

Please note that as I explained above, what we did last month (Sep 2020) was just a test. Participants didn’t pay the $95 membership fee, and we won’t pay them for their September 2020 activities. However, here in this post, I will report how the participants performed, and I will give an estimation about the money they would make if what they did last month wasn’t a test.

Please note that the numbers I will give here below are not income guarantees or forecasts, and they have nothing to do with the members’ performance and income during the current and the following months.

The money that The LuckScout Club members make is based on so many different factors that will be different in different months. Nobody will make the same amount of money that they have made in the previous months.

The LuckScout Club Members Performance in September 2020

So here is the report:

To properly understand the report below, you should read the above articles carefully.

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you will get paid for the month only when you succeed to get in the Top Earners Group. The number of members of the Top Earners Group won’t be the same every month and it differs based on the total number of the active LuckScout Club’s members, their performance, and also our website’s overall performance. However, we may exceptionally consider all members of The LuckScout Club in the Top Earners Group in some months, to reward them all. But this will rarely happen.

We have considered 108 members in the Top Earners Group in the previous month. Arisonace became #1 member with 13,420 points, and he would earn $1,846.64 based on The LuckScout Club‘s algorithm. The other members’ rewards are lower than Arisonace because the points they have earned are much lower. They would have earned more money, if they had earned more points:

UsernamePoints EarnedPayment

All members of the Top Earners Group will be paid every month. Therefore, all of the 108 members of the September 2020’s Top Earners Group have earned money theoretically based on the points they have earned, but I didn’t place them in the table above, not to make this page too long. The last member (#108) in this list of the Top Earners Group is Giniterese who has earned 290 points and $39.91.

If you had also participated and you would like to know how many points and how much money you have theoretically earned in September 2020, please let us know what your username is through leaving a comment below, and we will let you know.

Once again, please note that the numbers we are reporting here on this page are related to September 2020 that we tested The LuckScout Club system. No money will be paid to the members and participants for their September 2020’s points and performance. Also, these numbers are not income guarantees and forecasts.

Now, I am going to answer some of the questions that I know you will ask: 🙂

– You said Arisonace has earned 13,420 points, and so  $1,846.64. Does it mean that if this month he earns for example 26,840 points which is twice of his September 2020 points, then he will earn $3,693.28 which is twice of the money he has earned in September 2020?

No, because there are some other factors involved that are usually different in different months. No two months can be the same. Therefore, if Arisonace collects twice of the points he has earned last month, he may earn even more than twice of the money ($3,693.28) he has earned last month, but he may also earn less, based on the factors I mentioned. To learn about the factors, please read the articles below carefully:

– If I join this month and earn enough points to get in the Top Earners Group, will I be paid with the same rate/relation as the table above?

No. You may get paid more or less because as I said there are some other important factors involved. It is not just the number of the points that you earn. However, the number of the points that you earn determines your ranking in the Top Earners Group, and it is also very important in the amount of the money you will be paid.

– Will the income of The LuckScout Club’s members go up? Can this program make us rich?

There is no limit. The income of our members will go higher when the site and the community grows and becomes bigger which is what we expect to see and we will work hard toward achieving it. Our members have a vital role in the success of the community and increasing of their own income. Although this is true that anybody who earns more points will earn more than other members, earning more points by each member also helps the community to grow bigger and it helps everybody’s income go higher.

This system is so new. However, according to our calculations, the Top Earners Group’s members can earn even hundreds of thousands of dollars, (1) when they earn enough points and (2) while the community has reached that level. We hope to get there very soon. Your participation and our technical support takes The LuckScout Club there, hopefully very soon.

– If I join The LuckScout Club now and get the first position in the Top Earners Group for the current month (October 2020), will I earn the same amount of money ($1,846.64) like what Arisonace has done in September 2020?

We never know in advance. You may make more or less than him. It depends on several factors that are different in different months.