Become an Independent Self-Sufficient Wealth-Builder for Free and Risk-Free

Please watch the video first:

As a member of The LuckScout Community, you will follow a route to become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder, while you will have a share from the website’s income every month. So, you earn while you follow your wealth-building route.

Before you go ahead and read the rest of this post to learn what The LuckScout Community is exactly and what it will do for you, just please answer these questions to yourself:

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– Are you making enough money consistently?
– Are you 100% happy with your financial situation?
– Do you think that you should have made more money all these years to live with more peace of mind and freedom?
– Is your income enough and stable?
– Is your income dependent on others who can stop working or can change their goals and plans at any time, and so they cause you to lose your income?
– Have you ever tried to make some extra money, but you lost or got scammed?
– Have you ever joined a program to establish a new source of income, but you got disappointed after spending lots of time and money and referring your friends and loved ones to the program?

Don’t you think that you need to establish a good, reliable, legitimate and strong source of income that no one has any control over?

I know how people answer the above questions because I have been in this business since 2001 (about me). I know how average and poor people get hurt by crooks and scams, and how billionaire blood-suckers make the average become poor, and the poor become poorer (read this and this).

The poor and average become deceived, and so they join the crooks’ programs that claim to be the best way to become rich or to achieve financial freedom. However, these programs only make the founders richer, with the money they steal from the members and investors.

Don’t Follow the Wrong Track

I have been working online since 2001. I am among the first who started making money online. So, please let me share some important and shocking facts with you:

  • Promoting others’ products/services, affiliate programs, etc., doesn’t get you anywhere. It only makes the company rich. Why?

You have to work too hard or spend lots of money to drive targeted-traffic to their landing pages, just to earn some commissions. Eventually, either you won’t succeed to make a reasonable income, and so you will give up after a while, or they change their compensation plan, stop their program, scam people and disappear or become stopped by authorities. I have so many examples.

  • I have seen numerous network marketers, working since 2000 or even earlier. Not only they haven’t got rich and financially free yet, but they still have to work hard to survive. Why?

Any scheme they promoted, either turned out to be a scam, or stopped working after a while, and all their efforts went down the drain.

  • I haven’t seen even one training course, either online or offline that has enabled their participants to start making real money, consistently and nonstop. Why?

Even with the best course, they just give some general information that is good to learn, but not enough to work and make money. Buying these courses only makes the sellers rich. Most or almost all of them have never done what they teach. They have never succeeded in what they teach people to do. I have numerous examples of this too.

(Once I signed up for a 3-day Amazon course for $900. They gave us just some general information, and said, if we wanted to learn in more detail, we could sign up for another course that was $20,000. I didn’t do it, but later I saw someone who had signed up for the $20,000 course too. He said, after the course, he lost $40,000 on Amazon, because of doing what they had taught in the course.)

It is the same with all courses, including online trading, be it stocks, Forex, cryptos, metals, etc. I have never seen a real trader (who can make money consistently) come out of these courses. The main reason is that those who create and sell these courses are not traders. They are scam digital marketers who pretend to be professional traders.

Don’t waste your time on joining these kinds of programs, schemes, courses, etc. You will only make the founders rich. They are all a waste of time and money.

  • Offering your own product/service won’t get you any results 99% of the time.

Many people think that they must offer a product/service to have an independent and self-sufficient wealth-building system. It is great if someone is really offering a good and demanding product/service (of course it rarely happens). However, this is not everybody’s bread and butter also. Offering a good and demanding product/service is one thing, and selling it is another. And, most people cannot do both or one of these at the same time. I don’t add “competition” as another important factor in the list of the problems that you will have when you offer something to sell. Just look at the numbers and statistics: 80% of small businesses (who offer a product/service) never finish the second year:

Small business success rate

Maybe you say that 80% is only for brick and mortar businesses. But it is even worse with online businesses.

I am not trying to stop you from creating and selling your own product/service. You can try it if you want. However, beware that there is an extremely high probability to fail, after wasting lots of time and money. Promoting others’ products/services is a terrible choice too. I already explained it above.

  • Trading signals and robots are either scams or they work for a very limited time, and then they wipe out all profits they have made. Why?

Robots are robots. They cannot analyze the markets and see the bigger picture. They just compare some parameters. They make a mess when the markets’ conditions change. Therefore, they make some profit for a while, but then they start losing. They can even wipe out your account because they usually set too wide stop loss and too tight limit orders. Their losses are a lot bigger than their gains.

Signal programs are almost the same. They are usually created by those who know nothing about trading. They just want to make some money through selling signals. To satisfy their customers, they must send several signals per day, which is a disaster because markets are not buy/sell signal factories. They are not supposed to form too many signals every day. If you force to trade while there is no real signal (trade setup), you will lose. I have never seen even one signal program that works profitably for a reasonable while.

  • Forex or crypto investment programs are either scams or they will have to stop paying after a while.

All Forex or crypto investment sites and platforms that pay a fixed amount of daily, weekly or monthly profit, are either Ponzi schemes and scams, or if they are not (which is extremely rare), they will stop and won’t let their investors withdraw their funds. Why?

There’s no question about those that work as scams and Ponzi schemes from the first day. They are there to steal some money and disappear. So, if you see a website that for example pays 1.5% per day, just run away and never look back (see this and this). There are many of them these days. They claim that they trade cryptocurrencies (crypto rug-pull scams) or Forex. But, they are not true. They take money from new members to keep paying earlier ones, to make them stay and bring new investors and members. But, they will eventually shut down the site and run away with everyone’s money, sooner than later.

In case they really trade, it is still risky because usually they are not professional traders and they lose money. Therefore, they will have to shut down their site. If they want to stay longer, they will have no choice but to turn into a Ponzi scheme. They must do this to take money from new members to recover their losses and pay the earlier members for as long as they can. In all these cases, you will lose your money.

Therefore, it seems you have only two choices:

  1. You forget about achieving financial freedom or even take your financial level a little bit higher. You are doomed to be happy with what you have, and you must forget about the things you dreamed of having.
  2. You become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder.

The first choice is for losers. It is not for you. Choose it only if you want to be a loser and live like a loser forever.

The second choice is for those who want to make a difference and achieve their goals, or at least live a better life. I am sure this is what you want to choose. So, please keep reading:

Become an Independent and Self-Sufficient Wealth-Builder

To become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder, you don’t have to offer a product/service, promote others’ products/services, or trust anyone. You can make money where money is already flooding.

How is it possible to make a lot of money and increase your income over and over, without promoting any product/service, referring/recruiting, generating sales, paying membership and upgrading fees, following complicated and boring training videos and courses, giving your money to so-called traders to make some money for you, joining crypto rug-pull scams, investments, trading signals, and so on?!!

It is like surfing. To enjoy surfing, you don’t have to create your own sea and the waves. You just surf the waves that were already created. They are always there and you don’t have to create and maintain them. You can use them when you want. You just need to learn and master surfing.

Or, it is like driving. You don’t have to manufacture a car or establish a car factory if you want to drive. You just need to buy, lease or rent a car.

You do the same when you want to become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder. You make money where money is streaming. You don’t have to create the money stream by offering a product/service or promoting others’ products/services.

Your source of income won’t be under the control of anyone or anything, nor will the amount of your income be determined by others. Unlike the schemes I explained above, there is no fixed amount of commission, reward or interest in this case. You can start small and grow slowly but surely. Nothing can limit your progress and growth.

While you are following your wealth-building route, the LuckScout team and community will financially support you because of your participation. We do this because we are serious about creating a community of independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders who achieve financial freedom on their own, and then they will help others do the same if they want. This will make the world a much better place to live for all of us. After helping all members to reach this level, we will focus on our bigger goals with them. Only The LuckScout Community members can be part of these plans.

You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want. — Zig Ziglar

Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving people makes the money come in. — Robert Kiyosaki

Is it easy?

It’s easy for us and we have made it easy for you too. We know how to do it, but it is impossible for most people because they don’t have the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, competency, tools and conditions.

Going to Everest, alone and without the proper equipment, is too risky. But, you can do it with the support of the right people and with having proper equipment. This is your only and ever chance to become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder and to achieve financial freedom. It won’t be back if you miss it. It cannot be offered to an unlimited number of members. We won’t be able to accept anyone if we reach the limit, unless a member wants to leave. But, I don’t think anyone ever wants to leave while they are building their wealth nonstop.

It is not as easy as I said above. However, it will become very easy when you learn it the right way and with the right person. Maybe you have already tried it and lost money. But, you didn’t do it the right way. It is like driving. You hurt yourself and others if you don’t do it right. But, if you learn how to do it right, you will love it. You just need someone to help you do it the right way.

However, our system is a lot more than this. It was not created to teach you how to trade. When you become a member of The LuckScout Community, you get paid to learn and trade. Even if you don’t want to trade, still you can be a member and enjoy the payments because the community pays you for your presence and participation. Therefore, if you are not interested in trading to become an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder, you can still become a member and participant to enjoy the benefits.

Our system was designed and developed to enable everyone to make money, whether they like to trade or not. However, those who choose to become traders, will get a lot more. Not only will they become able to make money through trading, but also they will receive The LuckScout Community benefits for as long as they want.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has never been offered anywhere else. However, in The LuckScout Community, we cannot accept an unlimited number of participants. The LuckScout Community is not a membership program that anyone can join, nor does it offer any referral or affiliate system. It is not an MLM, pyramid or networking scheme.

This system is not a:

  • multilevel membership/marketing (MLM) or pyramid scheme;
  • trading, investing, money management, buying and selling advice or signal;
  • Ponzi scheme;
  • crypto trading or HYIP;
  • data entry;
  • online survey;
  • financial advisory;
  • training course.

This system is unique. It is not similar to any other program. In this system, members become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders. How?

Our members don’t have to watch long and complicated training videos. Indeed, we don’t teach the members anything. Do you know why? I already explained it above. Training courses don’t work. People hate them and they don’t have the patience to sit and watch long and continued training videos, and then use and try what they have learned. Training courses just offer some lessons and leave the rest to the students. We are much more advanced than doing this because we know humans and their mentality. We know that teaching people won’t do anything for most of them.

In our system, members watch and follow what we do every day without having to sit and learn something. They just watch and take action. They don’t get overloaded with lots of useless information and training. They do exactly what they need to do to make money, while The LuckScout Community pays them. That’s why we have called it The LuckScout Community, not LuckScout Course.

You won’t be dependent even on us and LuckScout. You will start making money on your own and without our help, while you can stay with us to improve your knowledge and skills, and to keep making money with your LuckScout Club membership too.

How to Start

1. Create your account Here for free, and start following the instructions you will receive from us to earn points. To learn more, please read the pages below:

2. After a while of being active on our website, you will become eligible to trade with us every day. That’s the time you can grow the money you make on our website through trading. We make 30% profit every month on average. With patience and consistency, you can turn a $500 account into a million, after about 29 months of trading with us. This is NOT an income guarantee. It is how our system works.

Our system is free. Not only you don’t pay anything, but also you will get paid for your presence on the site. At the same time, we have made your trading risk-free because you can trade the money that you make on our website for free, which means you don’t have to risk your hard-earned money. That’s why I said this system is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. See you on board! 🙂❤️🌺🌹

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Sandra Riyano
15 days ago

All l can say is be abundantly blessed for your extreme kindness and selflessly wanting to improve the lives of others.

Mfanufikile Derrick Hlophe
17 days ago

morning Vahid how do join you zoom meeting.

Mary Pendergest
17 days ago

Thank you Vahid for your outstanding efforts to guide us. I am actively learning and growing as a trader. My heart is full of gratitude.

Ola Iwindipe
18 days ago

May God bless you Vahid, for giving hope to the hopeless. I never believe there is a program that can pay me without investing my own money, but LuckScout prove me wrong. Now I am seeing the big picture.

Eloise Taylor
19 days ago

Vahid has created a self independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder, program, you don’t have to offer a product/service, promote others’ services, or trust anyone. .Start with $500.00 to 1,000.00 dollars and build on that relax don’t be anxious and worried use your demo account until you feel relax. While you practicing learning you work on building and growing the points to hep other. Thanks Vahid.

Ovie Peter
19 days ago

Vahid you are a big and shining star, you make our future very promising. Indeed other people scam and steal their client money but you are a straight. Forward man ,who promise and do it. Am overwhelmed by your hand work.thank you sir.

Phyllis Cobbins
21 days ago

I believe in LuckScout community and I believe in you, Vahid! I realize that this is a unique opportunty for all of us here in this community. I thought your article was straight to the point and above the table. I have been in just about everything that you mention in your article from scammer and it never worked.Some would work for a while, then it would just stop. I lost time and money. We have to help each other to become independent and self sufficient in LuckScout. I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am on board with LuckScout, all the way! Thank you for creating this unique opportunty for all of us!

Eloise Taylor
21 days ago

Vahid, as l write this post l can’t help but cry.This is overwhelming,l can’t get on telegram,this just make me saddened,l know trading the market is the best start for me,l feel close and l feel like the rug is being pulled out from me.To become an independent and self sufficient wealth-builder, you don’t have to offer a product/service, promote others’ products/services, or trust anyone. You can make money where money is already flooding.Yes the market the money is already is flooding the market,l need help because l lost so muchThat’s why I said this system is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. See you on board okay that’s what you said.Vahid l love you.please help me.

Eloise Taylor
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
20 days ago

Love you too Vahid, I am working hard to make our platform grow to a million dollars a month 🙂

Maryam Fatehyan
21 days ago

Nothing we do in life is easy. I have had different businesses and none of them have been easy. I also worked with Amazon Online, not much of success.
But here at Luckscout we slowly but safly and surely, learn to become financially independent which is amazing!
We have a looooot to learn and do but we definitely get there.
Thank you Vahid for this great opportunity

Judy Sovran
21 days ago

Well Vahid, I have pretty much done everything that you described as how not to succeed. So grateful to have found LuckScout and what you are offering. I never dreamed I could in such an amazing community of people all wanting the best for each other and helping each other out. So amazing! Thank you so much.

Ofa Felemi Tuungafasi
21 days ago

No matter how long it says about our LuckScout families as long as we know it’s all about slow money make but sure n keep you n me stress free in our whole whole lives Thank you Vahid for all you’ve done

Dean Mikalauskas
21 days ago

Thank you for this Vahid and I’m so glad and grateful to be here

Maryam Fatehyan
25 days ago

Most of us are struggling with our bills and lack of money, day in and day out.
We need to understand the concept of money and how it should work for us instead of us working for money!
In order to that, we should really do our du diligence and not trust everyone and anyone!
There are so many scams out there to get people who are desperately trying to make it better for themselves and their families.
But trusting them causes us to lose everything we have. It’s very critical and crucial to be wise and understand the risks.
I was extremely lucky to come across Luckscout (It’s name says it all).
Here we are a community and on the way to become a huge family.
We look out for each other and help one another to grow with Vahid’s leadership.
He teaches us step by step how to become Financially Independent.
If you want to find out, just join our community and you will understand.

Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
25 days ago

Good morning Vahid. With all your dedications, no doubt luckscout will create miracles that already. Thank you we love you so much.

Eloise Taylor
25 days ago

Thanks Vahid,on the article on how to Becomes an Independent self-sufficient wealth builder.the article talk about some things l have already experience in life trying to buy programs to become financial free You made the point ,by saying that Lockscout community is a once a life time community ,I love that phrase..l love thanks a million.The article become an independent self-sufficient wealt builder.Thank you my brother Vahid Love you more.

Mercie Salima
26 days ago

Thank you Vahid for this detailed article . ‘Serving others’ as Robert Kiyasaki stipulates is beneficial and has a reciprocal effect I hope our success in LSC will benefit not only our families but others as well who fell victims to scams.

Ovie Peter
26 days ago

Mr Vahid thank you for another article teaching us how to Become an Independent and Self-Sufficient Wealth-Builder. It’s indeed true that luckscout community members becomes an independent and self-sufficient after learning how to trade stock market, and apart from that members get free money from the site by doing simple task. Vahid you so great and amazing for this kind of wisdom you have shown us, remain blessed sir.

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