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The Markets Are Moving Like Crazy

After several months of indecision and then several days of slowness because of the Christmas and new year, today the markets have started moving like crazy and are all heading to the directions we expected.

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Last night we informed the LuckScout Millionaires Club members that it was strongly possible that USD/CHF went up to test the 1.0327 resistance level. This is what it is doing right now after about 10 hours from the publishing of this news on LuckScout Millionaires Club members area.

That was not too hard to guess and expect. There are some strong signals on the charts that tell you the direction of the market in advance. These signals are all linked to the fundamentals. Indeed, these signals are formed by the fundamentals.

Although I am not a fan of news trading the way that some day traders do on the shorter time frames, and I have several reasons for that (read this: 4 Lies About News Trading You Probably Believe), I believe, when the news are strong enough, they can easily form strong signals on the long time frame price charts (daily, weekly and monthly), and so the markets will move accordingly for several days, weeks, months or even years.

This is something that is happening on the charts now. The new USA president and his special political and economical point of view has made the international investors as well as the American ones trust the US economy, and as a result, a lot of money has started flooding toward USA.

This made the markets start moving before the Christmas and new year but then it was stopped because of the holidays. Now they have started moving again much stronger because now the banks and financial organizations are back to work and it is the time to follow their plans like crazy.

As a result, USD/CHF just reached and tested the 1.0327 resistance level few minutes ago. If it breaks above this level, then we will most probably have a strong uptrend that can be continued even for years, unless they do something like lowering the interest rates to stop or reverse it, or God forbids, something bad happens in USA, which is so unlikely.

Trading is all about having patience. Only those who are patient enough to wait for the strong setups can make money. That is why most traders lose money: Wait Sufficiently Trade Efficiently

USD/CHF Daily Chart... the price is trying to test the 1.0327 resistance level

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Good luck 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Markets Are Moving Like Crazy
  1. thanks chris i made 102 pips today, great job.

  2. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for another great article.
    Please, what do you think, does the setup above arrow from your chart was a too strong setup,which can move the price up strongly and cause strong up trend ?


  3. good you brought the market behavior lately to the right prospective; thank you Chris.

  4. Mehdi Fallah Mehdi Fallah says:

    hi chris and happy new year
    once again a great article. thanks a lot
    out of subject question:
    you always have mentioned us in whole your article about taking long time frame positions(daily,weekly and monthly) and avoided us not to take short time frame positions like 5 min ,15 min and 1H. but you did not say anything about 4H time frame .you didnot mention 4H time frame as a short time frame. what is your idea about 4h time frame. as a test I took several position on 4h based on candlestick and bollinger bands but most of them hit my stop loss . why it does not work these set ups in 4H.may i ask you to have an article about trading in 4h time frame if you had free time?
    thanks so much

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