“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” — Albert Einstein

The above quote is the focus of my today’s tweet. Are you brave enough to change when the world changes? Are you intelligent enough to find new ways of happy living? Are you smart enough to create new ways of making a living when the old-school methods stop working?

The changes we had during the past several months are more and bigger than the ones we’ve had in the past decades. Many lost their jobs and sources of income. Many companies got bankrupt. Millions of employees got laid off…

Are these all threats, or there are opportunities in them too? No doubt that they are all great opportunities.

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65 million years ago, some sudden and severe changes in the earth’s environmental conditions caused all dinosaurs to die while they have been living on the earth for 180 million years. They don’t exist anymore. But something that happened and cased them to die was a big opportunity for other living things to grow and flourish.

Dinosaurs haven’t been able to change themselves or change the environment, otherwise they would survive. So they died and other animals found more room to live. It is the same for us. If we can’t change according to the new conditions, we won’t survive, and others will take the control. This is what those who caused the most recent disasters want. They want to take the control of the earth. They can do it if we don’t face the changes intelligently. They will succeed if we leave the scene.

If you think you are intelligent, then your ability to change yourself, your life and the environment is the sign. You are intelligent if you are able to change. If you believe you are not intelligent enough to change according to the new conditions, then there is still a great option for you: Follow those who are intelligent enough to change!

Just follow the intelligent who know how to look at disasters as opportunities. Follow the right people and you will be OK.

No doubt that most people won’t be able to make a living through the ways they have been following before. It is the Data Technology era now. You can become a Data Technologist even when you are not expert in anything. And, you can make a living through it. You can make a living through your online presence and the power of sharing that the Internet gives you.

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The Measure of Intelligence Is the Ability to Change.