The Modern Form of Affiliate System

Affiliate systems are the classic and ancient forms for earning commissions or rewards that work based on referring, recruiting and generating sales. When the Internet became accessible to the public, the same system was used to enable Internet marketers to promote products and services of other individuals or companies to earn commissions. They called it affiliate marketing. It became part of the Internet marketing or digital marketing.

ClickBank is probably the pioneer of affiliate marketing on the Internet. It is among the rare websites/companies that is still working since 1998. It was one of the first affiliate programs that I joined. When you sign up for an account with them, you can promote their digital products (e.g. eBooks) to earn commissions. Your account gives you an affiliate link that is called hop link. When a hop link is set to a special product and you send it to others, if they purchase the product, ClickBank adds your commission to your account.

You can also become a vendor and list your own product(s) in ClickBank. If so, ClickBank affiliates can promote your product too. If they generate sales, ClickBank pays their commissions and deposits your profit in your account. ClickBank sends you a check every two weeks, or they pay you through bank wire if you add your bank account to your ClickBank account.

I have worked both as an affiliate and vendor with ClickBank and I have made a lot of money with them for years. Just in 2010, I became one of the top vendors among hundreds of thousands of their other affiliates and vendors:

There were/are thousands of other affiliate programs too. Many of them stopped working while new ones come every day. Amazon is almost the biggest affiliate program on the Internet, if I am not wrong. You can promote Amazon’s products through your affiliate links to earn commissions.

However, people HATE affiliate programs!

Do you know why?

The main reason is that many people have joined so many affiliate programs, including Amazon, and they have spent lots of time and money to refer, recruit and generate sales, but they have got no results.

From most people’s point of view, affiliate programs or affiliate marketing is a waste of time. And, they are right! 😀

It is not easy to generate sales to earn commissions through affiliate programs. Indeed, they used the classic affiliate system (an outdated and obsolete system) on the Internet (which is based on the advanced technology). It was a big mistake. It was like installing a steam engine in a rocket ship 😀

This form of marketing will die in the near future. Sending affiliate links to others, or promoting them on a website or on social media has become hateful and is getting abandoned.

The Modern Form of Affiliate System

We have invented a modern form of affiliate system in LuckScout. The LuckScout Community has a modern affiliate system built-in:

As a member of The LuckScout Community you don’t have to refer, recruit and generate sales to make money. You make money based on your “healthy online activities” on the site. However, what happens if you refer someone to the site?

Our members are happy and they introduce the website to others. Unlike the classic and ancient form of affiliate program, you won’t earn any direct commissions if you refer others to LuckScout, while you don’t have to do it to earn points and make money. But, the more the community grows, the more money it will make. Therefore, you will get paid more too because you are a member of the community.

So, you won’t have to refer anyone to the community to make money. But if you do, both the community and you will make more money. Your referrals won’t be locked to your account. They will be part of the same community that you also have shares from the profits it makes. You don’t have an affiliate link or hop link here. You can simply ask people to sign up on

This modern and innovative system will have lots of advantages. The first and most important one is what I already explained: members don’t have to refer/recruit to make money.

The other advantage is, classic affiliate programs can create legal issues for the website and community. But, our built-in affiliate system has nothing against any law. Besides, our modern system creates more intimacy among our members. How?

If you join a classic affiliate program, other affiliates will hate you because you will be their competitor. You will have to promote the same products, and if you do it better than other affiliates, their sales will go down.

But, it is the other way round in LuckScout:

If other members see that you are promoting the community strongly and you bring more members, not only won’t they hate you, but they will also appreciate and support you because you are growing the community’s income that everyone has a share from it. It is the same when they refer/recruit. They will add to your income if they do it.

Therefore, our innovative and modern system not only does not trigger competition, jealousy, hostility and hatred (that are so common in classic affiliate systems) among our members, but it will create more intimacy and support. Super-active members won’t be hated by other members. They will be loved and supported more because they help the community, not just themselves. Those who make more money in LuckScout, first they have made more money for the community, and then they have got a share for themselves 😀

No one has ever created such a modern and innovative system before, and will never do it in future because no one is after making members of a community rich. They are all after making themselves rich. Just look at the most recent examples, HyperVerse and HyperNation. They scammed $6.5 billion from 1.6 million people around the world, and they are still doing it, and they’ve never answered to anyone, nor have they ever cared about the people who have lost their shirts because of them. And, there are still so many crooks who are promoting them, while they do know now that they are scams and Ponzi schemes.


Introduce a community, membership, affiliate, etc. system that is better and more innovative and advanced than LuckScout while it supports all the features that LuckScout has, and I will send you a $1,000 prize 😀

This video explains how our system works:

You can see the same video as slides:

More about this revolutionary system:

And please see these pages too:

Haven’t you joined The LuckScout Community yet???

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See you on board!😃❤️🌺🌹💝🌸🎊🎉✨🌹👑🍺👏

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