The Real Truth About Vahid in His “Private” Message to Me!

If ever you doubted Vahid…… YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS!🙏🤷‍♂️

A couple of days ago, we showed Vahid the love we all have for what he is doing to help us all. We produced a fantastic song with re written lyrics and 22 members performing their hearts out. The presentation made Vahid quite emotional and in this private message he shares some of his insights into the future structuring of LuckScout.

The community already enjoys free payments into our accounts each month. There are no subscriptions. There is free trading info sent on telegram. We also the opportunity for live trading information in the zoom room during the week.

Vahid was blown away by our choir presentation and since then has wanted to do even more to help us all.

I have had several exchanges with Vahid on what’s app voice messages service. One of the messages was so heartfelt and transparent, I thought it should be shared with the community.

I asked Vahid for his permission to forward this message, and to my surprise he agreed. Below is the link to a 2 minute video where he shows his genuine objective and honesty around the initiatives he has put in place and his plans for the future.

We thank (once again ) Vahid for the opportunity and as we grow together wish him well in the huge effort and time he is putting into the Luckscout project, for the benefit of others rather than his own pocket:

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