The Reason Why Most People Are Not Consistent

The Reason Why Most People Are Not Consistent

I have already talked about consistency a lot. We should never stop talking about it because it is the main reason for failure. Lack of consistency is a big problem, but what is the reason for not being consistent?

There are so many reasons for it, but I think having not enough patience is the main and more common reason because I see it in most people. They want to get the results they want within a short time. This is impossible to happen. The universe and the world don’t work like this. It has taken the earth close to 5 billions years to become what it currently is. It was a ball of fire for over 3 billion years. There was no water, oxygen, plants and life. How do you expect to succeed overnight then?

Those who have such a mentality will never succeed in anything. Patience is key. When you are not patient enough, you won’t be consistent, even if you start very strongly, which is what most people do because of the initial excitement they have. Most people get extremely excited about starting new things, and so they have an extremely strong start. But, when they realize that it takes time to succeed, they slow down and quit. They are not patient enough to keep working until they succeed. It is easy to get excited about new things. But, that just helps you have a strong start. If you lose the excitement, you will slow down and quit.

Therefore, your mental conditions are tremendously important. You must know yourself, your emotions and behaviors. When you get excited about starting something, always remind yourself that if you don’t maintain the same excitement and you don’t work patiently, you’d better not start at all because you will only waste your time and money. Either start strongly and then keep working even stronger, or don’t start at all. Always remind yourself that it is impossible to succeed overnight. You must work hard, patiently and stronger every day.

It is hard to do this when you are dependent on yourself only and there’s no one to motivate you. You have to be your own motivation. You are the one who has to fight with disappointment. When you are not strong enough to keep fighting alone, you give up.

You need the initial excitement to start strong. And then you need patience to keep the excitement and keep working consistently. And you need strength to fight disappointment when things don’t work the way they must work.

It is not easy. That’s why you don’t see too many successful people around. They are very rare. Most people are average and below. They come and go without making any difference in anyone’s life or in the world.

If you see it too hard and complicated to do all of these alone, then the other good option is to join a community of people who are already doing it. You become part of it and you move forward with the community. The community takes you forward when it moves forward. It makes the work a lot easier for you when you do it along with a system that is already organized and developed. It lifts the burden of doing everything alone from your shoulders.

We have developed such a community and we are moving faster toward success every day. We have brilliant and glorious goals. We make the members of the community financially free, for free, risk-free, and permanently. No one else has ever done this, but we do it for the first time in history because humanity needs it. We will take humanity one step forward and one level higher. We have already done it.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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