The Second Law of Karma: The Law of Creation

Unlike what most people think that they are doomed by their destiny, I say we must build our destiny and future. I don’t believe in luck either. I believe in hard work. The harder you work, the luckier you get. This is the essence of the second law of Karma. So Karma is not just about the things you do to others. It is mainly about the things you do to and for yourself.

So, the second law of Karma is called “The Law of Creation”. You must create the things you want. It doesn’t happen by itself. We have to make it happen. If you are waiting to win the lottery and become a millionaire, then like billions of other humans on the earth, you must wait till the end of your life and die poor.

Buy lottery tickets. If you win, then great. But, do other things toward becoming a millionaire too because your chance to become a millionaire through lottery is less than one in 18,492,204 in The United States of America (should be the same or even worse in other countries too). However, your chance of being a millionaire through other ways, including inheritance, is 1 in 106. Although it is still very low, it is much better than the lottery.

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I don’t care about becoming a millionaire through inheritance because that chance is ZERO for the majority. What I do care about is becoming a millionaire, or at least achieving financial freedom, through your own efforts. We can become self-made millionaires if we want. At least we can achieve financial freedom if we plan, take action and work toward it. This is what the second law of Karma is saying. So, it is not just something that I say. It is something that the universe is saying.

There are so many things that you cannot change. For example, you were born as a human being. You cannot turn yourself into an alien or eagle. But, according to the second law of Karma, there are so many things that you can change, or even create, if you want. Financial freedom is one of these things, which is among the most important ones too.

Financial freedom makes your life a lot better. You can create a much better life for your loved ones and other people. The minimum thing that financial freedom can create for you is providing much better education for your children. It will make the whole society a much better place to live.

So, follow the second law of Karma, the law of creation, and make a much better life for yourself and the people around.

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