To Make a Change or Make Something Work, Just Give It Some Extra Energy

Have you heard about the law of conservation of energy?!! It says, “energy (1) can neither be created nor destroyed – (2) only converted from one form of energy to another.”

What does it mean?

The first part is very easy to understand. It means the overall amount of energy is constant in the universe, and so you cannot create new amounts of energy to add to the overall amount, nor can you eliminate any amounts of energy. Energy cannot be created, nor can it be eliminated or killed. Energy is immortal.

In order to understand the second part which is a little confusing, you need to know what different types of energy there are. The most famous ones that we know and are very easy to understand are heat and light. So, heat and light are two forms of energy. According to the second part of the law of conservation of energy, heat and light convert to each other. You have seen this many times. When the sunlight turns into heat, and when anything that is hot radiates light, although we cannot see it and they are in the form of ultraviolet rays, and if the heat goes a lot higher, it results in incandescent in metals and creates visible flames or light.

Why am I explaining this here?

If we understand nature’s rules, we can have better lives. Energy is very important. Indeed, energy is the only currency that is known everywhere in the universe, not only on the earth. Deep inside, everything is energy. All materials consist of atoms, and different particles that form atoms are nothing but energy. So the universe is built from energy. Your body is energy, exactly as a table, chair, etc. because they are all built from atoms that are energy. So, your hand and wall are made up of the same thing. But, your hand cannot pass through the wall just because their molecules repel each other.

After this introduction, we reach the more interesting part of the story…

As I mentioned, energy is the only currency that is known everywhere in the universe. So, you can spend it anywhere that you want to make a change. Like currency of a country that is known there, and so you can spend it to buy things to make people give you services, you can spend energy to make changes in your life, body, world, etc. Your body and mind know energy and respond to it because as I said, energy is the only known currency in the world and universe.

The question is, how can you spend energy to make changes in your body, mind, life, world, work, business, and anything you want to change and make it the way you want it to be?

Let’s start from memory. As you know, memorizing people’s names is not easy, especially when you know so many people and you are dealing with too many. If you just read a name or ask someone’s name and they tell you once, you will most probably forget it. But, if you give it some energy, it will stay in your mind forever. Giving more energy to it is like nailing a picture on the wall. It will stay there forever. But if you try to keep a picture on the wall with your hand, you will get tired and will drop it.

How can you give more energy to something you want to memorize?

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong

Let me give you an example. I had a hard time remembering the first name of one of my favorite singers. His last name is Armstrong, which was so easy to remember because it was the same as the last name of Neil Armstrong who is the first human who walked on the moon. So, the last name already had lots of energy in my mind, and so I never forgot it. But, the first name, which is Louis, didn’t, and my mind couldn’t relate Louis to Armstrong, and so, anytime that someone asked about the name of the singer, I remembered the last name (Armstrong), but couldn’t remember the first name (Louis). But, do you know what I did to resolve this problem?

Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur

There is another person with the same first name who has lots of energy in my mind, the same way as Neil Armstrong does: Louis Pasteur who is the father of vaccination in the world…

So, I told myself: The same great things that Louis Pasteur has done in medicine, Louis Armstrong has done in jazz music!!!

Since the above sentence formed in my mind, I have never forgotten the first name of Louis Armstrong. It is because I gave it some extra energy. In my mind, his first name takes the energy from Louis Pasteur and his last name from Neil Armstrong. This equation enables me to remember a first and a last name that have no relation to jazz music in my mind.

You might say, memorizing the name of a singer doesn’t have to be that complicated. But, using the same method, I can remember so many things, like the names of my classmates, very easily, even after over 40 years, and a lot more things…

Use the Same Technique for Your Dreams and Goals

Dreams and goals are nothing but some thoughts, unless you give them energy in your mind, the way I explained above. If you give them energy every day, they will remain alive and active, and will push you to work toward achieving them. How can you give them energy?

Imagine yourself with them and in them all the time. Write about them. Talk about them with yourself, even if you don’t like to talk about them with others. Read books about them and watch films, videos, documentaries. Read the biography of those who have done something similar, or had the same thing you want to have.

Yes… Energy…

Energy is the only currency that even atoms and their particles know very well. It is a currency you can spend for everything. You can use it to change your life and the world. If you change, the world will change. We all need to become a little better than yesterday, every day. And, this is only possible by spending a little bit more energy every day. Don’t worry! You won’t run out of energy. Do you know why? I told you at the beginning of this article: energy  converts from one form to another, and so you will always receive new fresh energy from different resources.  Besides, the energy you release to spend on something, will be back to you through a different way, sooner or later. This is how energy behaves.

Let’s spend as much energy as we can to make the world a better place for everyone to live…

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