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Tony Robbins Acromegaly: Does It Make Any Difference for You?

Tony Robbins acromegaly is one of the subjects that some people are interested in. When I talk about this success legend, Tony Robbins, some people ask whether he has acromegaly or not. It makes me furious sometimes. While there are a lot of important things about him that can change people’s lives, why are some people stupidly after something that doesn’t make any difference at all?

I’d like to ask those people who want to know does Tony Robbins have acromegaly or not, what the difference it makes for them whether he has this problem or not. Why don’t they try to get his message instead and have a better life? A living legend who has become an inspiration for millions around us…

Now, instead of telling you whether he has acromegaly or not, I tell you what you can learn from him for free.

Tony Robbins Acromegaly Has Zero Importance If You Listen to His Words of Wisdom.

Celebrate the Gift of Life

They say positive thoughts yield positive results and the self-help guru lives it every minute. As a participant when you come out from one of his sessions, Tony Robbins acromegaly is a distant thought, what matters is you see your life in a completely new perspective. You learn to understand the true meaning of Robbins’ famous words,

“Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

This becoming more becomes the key catalyst that can truly propel you towards absolute excellence without a doubt. At that point, it does not matter if Tony Robbins has acromegaly, what counts is your enhanced belief in yourself and commitment towards celebrating the gift of life in a positive manner.
Celebrate the Gift of Life

Overcome Fear

Tony Robbins says it is crucial for you to keep your focus and not yield to fear. Fear can go a long way in pushing you to a corner and limiting your overall potential to a large extent. This is what many of us are suffering from, aren’t we?

Perhaps in this context, Tony Robbins and his acromegaly condition is a big lesson to follow. Instead of being an underachiever, Robbins inspired many to follow his footsteps, focus on the long-term goals and not get deterred by short-term hindrances. Your single-minded focus will often go a long way in helping your goals despite roadblocks.

Overcome Fear

Master Your Being

According to Tony Robbins, taking control of his being is what helped him is in overcoming acromegaly.

He says there are three phases involved. You must learn to gain control of your intellectual being, the physical self and the mental frame of mind. You might be understanding something intellectually but may not be able to respond to it emotionally.

Similarly, there are moments where you are emotionally charged, but your body is not able to provide you with the support that is needed for it. Therefore, it is very important to bearing about a complete union of yourself and look at gaining complete control.

Master Your Being

Experiences Make a Person

In many of his motivational sessions, Tony Robbins outlined the importance of experiences. In short, experiences shape our perception, our responses and the overall ability to create a far fledged constructive response process. Broadly as per his talks and writings, there are four types of experience,

  1. What could be good for you
  2. What could be positive for others
  3. Supposedly negative experiences for you
  4. Bad experiences for others

Our entire response mechanism is fashioned taking into consideration these basic experience formats. From who we are to what we achieve is intrinsically linked to this experience bank.

Experiences Make a Person

The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life is a complex labyrinth of emotions, and often our success is a direct outcome of the balance that we can establish in this space. Whether we are talking about,

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Growth
  4. Connect
  5. Contribution
  6. Surprise

They all help you either stand out or blend in with milieu as per the needs of the time. For example, growth is closely linked with your contribution to other’s growth. Or certainty in some aspects of life gives you the strength to handle the uncertainty in many other areas.

The Cycle of Life

Your Beliefs Help You Move Ahead

When you are grasping the essentials of life or listening to any of the Tony Robbins speech, do you ever think about 2? No, you don’t.

Most times it is either an afterthought or curiosity before you meet him. This is because Robbins in his inimitable style and trademark charisma is able to address the core of your beliefs and help you see things the way he perceives them. That, in itself, highlights the power of belief. Beliefs can either take you forward, or a negative conviction could demotivate you completely.

Your Beliefs Help You Move Ahead

Perseverance Pays

It does not matter if you wonder does Tony Robbins have acromegaly but what he says makes absolute sense.

The cardinal concept is that you must continue with your effort and at some point of time, your effort would surely pay. The point is you must remain committed to the cause and rewards will surely come about at some point of time or the other.

As the old saying, a strong resolve can even move mountains. Robbins helps you understand that what does not kill you will make you stronger. If your level of commitment and resolve remains strong, you can achieve almost anything.

Perseverance Pays

Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future

Often we make the mistake of letting our past dictate us. We are so shaken or unhappy with past experiences that we refuse to take chances in future and that often creates the fine line between success and failure.

So does Tony Robbins have acromegaly is inconsequential till you can get past the ‘past’ and rework the future as per the changing times and the modern demands? Often learning to adapt yourself is what will take you forward.

Don't Let Your Past Dictate Your Future

Don’t Strive for Perfection, Just Put in Your Best Efforts

As the old saying goes, it is only human to err. But somewhere, we seem to forget this cardinal fact in our day to day struggle towards perfection. Whether it is in academics or professional field, we simply want to be the best and often that comes in our way of actual success and hinders growth.

We become so focused in our lives towards perfection that our life becomes extremely high strung and there is absolutely no breathing space at times. Tony Robbins makes you realize that it is sometimes important to chill, make mistakes and then learn from those instances.

Tony Robbins highlights the importance of being flexible and letting go of this stress. He says more than being perfect; it is important for each one of us to try being a great individual.

Don't Strive for Perfection, Just Put in Your Best Efforts

You Are a Master of Your Destiny

Often in life, you would meet many people, who would just give up on a situation saying they were destined to fail or even destined to meet disappointment. In this context, Tony Robbins’ acromegaly is an ideal learning experience. He explains how it is quite simple to give up but very hard to keep persevering.

Do not let little failures dissuade you. You must look at the bigger picture and see how you can bring about a strategy that works. Remember the decisions that you take would directly impact the overall direction that your life takes.

So if you are afraid of failure or scare to take the plunge, don’t crib about destiny, it is after all the decision that you took which impacted your future. So next time before blaming your destiny, think again. Think about the ways you could have altered your decision and brought about better gains.

You Are a Master of Your Destiny

Take the Plunge

That brings us to the next point, the need to unleash your will power and take the plunge. For you to enjoy the fruit of your hard work, you must have the guts to take the risk and be prepared for the consequences.

Maybe sometimes you won’t be successful at all or at times your success will not be on expected lines. As Robbins says,

“When you take action, you get empowered by knowledge, and that helps you take more constructive action and chart out a better success path going forward.”

Take the Plunge

Ask Precise Questions

Questioning is often considered an important part of growing up. Have you seen how many questions kids ask? Well, it is not just the sheer number of questions but also the type of questions. They never ask general questions. It is always very precise and to the point.

So instead of questioning does Tony Robbins have acromegaly, you could far better invest your time in questioning the principles of your life and the various elements guiding you. The right questions can often lead you to the right answers and make your entire life experience a relatively happier one.

Ask Precise Questions

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you talk of action, decision and questions, they lead you to one destination, and that is knowledge. As the saying goes, Knowledge is indeed power.

Power makes you successful and famous. So no wonder Tony Robbins’ through the course of his struggle with acromegaly stresses on the need to gather knowledge. However and whatever you become in life knowledge can take you higher and further in your tryst towards excellence and greater self-worth. It is single-handedly the most powerful mantra to help you overcome your weaknesses and get past your limitations.

Knowledge Is Power

Don’t Make Too Many Rules

Through the course of his various motivational courses, seminars, talk shows, Tony Robbins stresses on the need to live life freestyle. He highlights the more we free ourselves from pre-decided rules, the more we stop trying to constrict our lives within a strict framework, the better are our chances of experiencing true happiness and absolute success.

In his words, rules will only make your life perspective narrower and the potential for future happiness bleaker. Therefore you must strive to take life as it comes and make the most of it as beautifully as you are able to.

Don't Make Too Many Rules

Look at Problems as Potential Solutions

Have you ever wondered why you face so many problems or considered others lucky that they scrape through their problems while you get stuck? Well, as Tony Robbins and his acromegaly saga will have you understand, the problem is in your approach or rather your mind. You alone can help yourself overcome it.

Look at every problem as a gift, like Tony Robbins says, then your entire approach towards a problem changes. You become more positive and are able to cope with the outcome in a lot more effective manner. Remember every problem challenges you, tests your inner strength and addresses your biggest weaknesses.

In short, the talks and motivational speeches that self-help guru Tony Robbins organizes help you address you look at life a lot more constructively. It helps you take up the challenges that life throws in a lot more vibrant and positive manner.

Solving your own problem can often give you the strength as well to take up the challenging situation in a constructive manner and without the possible bumps that you thought you would be facing.

Look at Problems as Potential Solutions

Set Your Goals Higher

There is an old Indian saying that says only when you target reaching the top of the tree; can you even strive to reach at least the middle of it? The simple explanation of it is you need to aim higher and set a definitive target to experience absolute success. Tony Robbins stresses on this key fact time and again in the course of his speech and talk sessions. He says,

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.”

Set Your Goals Higher

Treat Your Relationships with Respects

When Tony Robbins through the course of his acromegaly struggle, gives you life lessons, it is but obvious that relationships would come into play.

Often achieving your success in relationships appears trickier than in real life. Robbins identifies the key reason for it as our expectations from relationships and inherent denial to also give something back in the process.

You have to remember that every relationship is a two-way street. You will get what you give. So never compromise on the respect and the giving aspect that every relationship is defined by.

Treat Your Relationships with Respects


Often in life, it is quite simple to rubbish a person, what he says or overall approach but the reason why you must take note of Tony Robbins and his unique acromegaly condition is because of the important life lessons he brings forth.

While it is true that he is not saying anything unique or for the first time, but the fact is that he is able to make it effective by communicating in the right way. So instead of bothering yourself about does Tony Robbins have acromegaly, look at how you can bring about perceptible positivity in your life through his chats. This will help you become a better individual and a calm winner.

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One thought on “Tony Robbins Acromegaly: Does It Make Any Difference for You?
  1. Charles Booth says:

    Wow great article! I love Tony hes the man! I first heard him in my mid 20’s and i can say that his book changed my life for the better for sure. He has the most commanding stage presence I have ever seen and I have never been to a live show lol! I don’t know if he has that thing or not but If he does I think it favored him and his career! He’s a huge guys right off rip then when his intellect hits you hits you on top on top of his physical size trust me you will pay attention! He has a gift for sure and is one of the most genuine self help teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to read! Every time i see his face I immediately feel at home like hes retaliative or something lol His book should be mandatory in every middle school in america! Anyway rambling but yeah great read thanks I think ill go watch some you tube of Tony Right now! You can never go wrong listening to such a great!

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