Too Good to Be True Dreams Will Become Achieved

In the 23-second video below, you can see that the audience became so excited when Steve Jobs resized a picture on an iPhone screen. Obviously, it was the first time the world saw that, and that’s why people became so amazed and excited. What Steve Jobs did is something 100% ordinary now, and even a 4-year kid can do it without getting excited. Is this video related to 1000 years ago? If not, then why resizing a picture looks so strange and exciting to people?

Indeed, this presentation was done in 2007. That was only 16 years ago, not 100, or not even 50 years ago. Yes, people saw that for the first time, only 16 years ago. It was only 16 years ago that people of the world couldn’t even imagine that they could see and resize a photo on the screens of their mobile phones. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone like that.

Can you imagine how fast the world has changed and advanced during the last 30 years? What if I tell you that if you can survive for 30 more years, it will become possible to live for 1,000 years, because we will learn how to reverse the aging process of our body cells? We will have flying cars and air taxis. Many of the fatal illnesses won’t be a problem anymore. Air pollution and global warming will be resolved and people will have better lives around the world. Many jobs will become obsolete and many new jobs will be created. Most people will work from home and robots will take care of most of the things humans are doing now (of course if the antihuman Chinese nation become stopped as soon as possible, otherwise they will dominate the world and will eliminate other human beings, as it is such a long time they are working on this project and have already killed millions around the world with their virus).

Is that all?

No! What if I tell you that you will make money without having to work? Not only that. You can even be financially free, without having to work. How?

Just your presence and participation makes money for you. People will already be part of a system that works and takes care of productivity. They pay people just because of people’s participation, not because of their work. It is your presence as a human being that is worth getting paid, exactly like when you participate in a company’s establishment from the beginning, and so when the company moves forward, you are part of it and you have shares from its profit.

The difference is, companies want you to take risks, buy their shares and force your money to help the company to grow. But in the case of The LuckScout Community, you don’t have to do that. You don’t take risks and buy shares. You don’t make any investments, nor do you pay any fees. You will be part of the system just based on your participation and presence. The points you bank overtime, make you part of a system that generates money for you permanently.

Is this too good to be true?

Yes, it is too good. However, seeing and resizing a picture on a phone device would look too good to be true too, if you talked about it only 17 years ago. But, it became possible just one year later, and it is now something commonplace.

Don’t fall behind…

This video explains how our system works:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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