The list of the top MLM companies is a very dynamic one.

It depends on a huge number of factors.

From the kind of product on offer to the type of response, there are several aspects.

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Most importantly, the MLM should help people make money.

That is by far the most important factor.

The reason why any multi-level marketing company comes under the scanner is the business model.

This is exactly why we have created this list based on sustainability.

The ability to thrive through ups and downs is very important.

Think about why Amway or Avon are so popular amongst MLMs.

The long-term sustainability is a key consideration for any great MLM.

Needless, to mention, it depends a lot on their business model.

The frequency with which they can offer earnings becomes a crucial factor.

That alone decides how dependable the story is.

However, attractive the core story may be, if it does not make money, it is no good.

Moreover, that alone will decide how well they can manage demand.

This is because demand is a direct function of profitability in the market.

The absence of profitability and effective revenue generation will immediately impact response.

Here is a quick look at some of the top MLM companies.

The Top MLM Companies

Here is the list of the top MLM companies and their full analysis and description:

  1. The Wealth Network
  2. Herbalife
  3. 4Life
  4. NewULife
  5. Motorclub of America
  6. Rodan and Fields
  7. Advocare
  8. Pampered Chef

1. The Wealth Network

The Wealth NetworkThe business model is similar to how most top MLM companies operate.

However, this business does not have a multi-tiered payment policy.

But whatever type of membership you choose, you will get 40% of the proceeds as commission.

Just like most other MLMs, you join this firm for free.

However, there are other related products that you have to promote alongside.

That is not for free and have to pay upfront for them.

The revenue generation starts from this level.

The kind of upsell that you clock, decides the extent of your income.

However, there are various tiers of membership that you can choose from.

One of the most interesting features is the circle of affiliates they help you create.

Unlike most other affiliate programmes or MLMs, the stress is never on tapping your warm circles.

The idea is when you contact them, the number of ‘No’ and ‘ignore’ will be much higher.

Moreover, this warm circle exhausts after a certain period.

But when you approach complete strangers who evinced an interest, the success potential increases.

This also improves the sustainability aspect for individuals trying MLMs.

2. Herbalife

HerbalifeThis is a health nutrition maker and is amongst the most popular multi-level marketing firms.

It has expanded its operations in over 75 countries.

It has close to 2.5 million members as of now.

For a company that has started in the 1980s, it is a significantly big jump.

They have a wide range of product options and has a cult following in select Latin American countries.

However, you can think how it can be amongst the top MLM companies, despite claims of scams.

The fact is it had spats with the FTC with respect to the business model.

The company had to pay $200 million to former members as compensation.

But they are now in the process of business reorganization.

That said, the core business model looks fairly dependable.

The compensation plan is fairly well structured and offers decent revenue generation opportunity.

Additionally, members earn profit on every packet that they sell.

It means that the commission too forms a formidable part of the income structure.

Unstructured recruitment is one of the most important reasons for so-called failures in income generation.

The stiff competition and a massive number of members have also resulted in muted impact.

3. 4Life

4LifeThis is undeniably one of the most popular health supplement manufacturers globally.

When you search for 4Life reviews, almost 90% is positive.

That goes on to signal that perhaps the company is doing more things right than wrong.

Its flagship product that supports the auto-immune system has been acclaimed as a great product.

However, if you think that this is a magic wand that can help you become rich overnight, you are mistaken.

Just like every other MLM promoted product, you have to look at gradually creating the market.

The scaling up of business happens as an extension of it.

The idea is about providing families better nutrition levels across the world.

They call their compensation structure at the Life Reward Plan.

Quite needless to mention, it offers significant scope to grow.

They pay four times every month and in a certain case, 64% of the points amassed.

The overall plan about seven ranks in all.

The more ground you can cover, the better is the compensation structure.

That surely makes this an extremely attractive MLM proposition for members.

Though you can join the MLM with a bare minimum investment, it continues to yield favorable results.

What is particularly positive is the global acceptance of the product.

All over the world, the 4Life products have gained a certain amount of acceptance.

It is quite hard to find negative reviews about it.

In a way, that proves one fundamental factor that you cannot doubt the efficiency of the offer.

Moreover, that also goes on to establish 4Life amongst the top MLM companies.

The core point being that good quality product will undeniably ensure a better profit.

Profitability and effective revenue generation are after all the key elements.

They go on to decide on the authenticity of any product in long-term.

4. NewULife

NewULifeThis is another US-based wellness form.

It has catapulted in the list of the top MLM companies primarily on the business model.

The health and wellness niche is one of the most popular ones in the MLM space.

They offer FDA registered human growth hormone products.

These products are laced with a variety of health benefits from improved stamina to better heart rate and regulated blood pressure.

The compensation plan is multi-pronged like most multi-level marketing firm.

Members earn from selling the product and also recruiting more affiliates.

The compensation plan includes a total of seven levels.

The compensation level is totally dependent on the number of products one sells.

The residual compensation through a binary compensation method is an additional benefit.

So as you move up the cycle, the remuneration also increases in typical MLM style.

There is also a bonus element that gets incorporated with the rise in the levels.

Therefore, the expected list of benefits is quite stupendous.

But at the same time, the fine prints make it a much less impressive story.

Another key point to remember is that they have a FDA registered product.

The management is fairly silent on the potential approval outcome.

5. Motorclub Of America

Motorclub Of AmericaThe list of the top MLM companies comprises a varied range of companies.

There are some that may have a great revenue generation model.

At the same time, there are others which are phenomenal MLM stories.

Though profitability is important, the profitability of customers may not be the only concern.

In many ways, it is about highlighting MLM stories who have held their steed amidst tough competition.

The Motor Club Of America is amongst the oldest MLMs known so far.

Established in 1926, it is pretty much in the League of Avon and Amway.

In business for a little under 100 years, they operate in 50 states in US and Canada too.

They have over 6,000 repair centers and automobile service centers across the world.

However, this company does not sell motorcar insurances.

The members pay money to get the advantage of a variety of other services

These range mostly across a wide range of roadside assistance services.

So whether you are looking at tire change, filling up fuel, boosting battery, they cover it all.

These services are extremely beneficial for many who undertake frequent road travel.

It also helps members with travel assistance, reservation and other planning needs.

The benefits for members even account for discounts on prescription, dental treatment and the like.

Needless to mention, members get an advantage depending on the sale of distributorship.

While the service per se may not be bad, the level of income it generated is questionable.

It is possible that after spending a lot of money and time, you may not find enough customers.

That is a major source of worry about the firm.

It cannot be sustainable as an alternative source to raise money by an individual.

However, the fact that company has survived so long reflects some subtle demand.

6. Rodan and Fields

Rodan and FieldsAnother top ranking MLM company, this deals with skin care products.

Most of the reviews online indicate a largely positive outlook.

However, the products are priced slightly towards the higher end of the range.

This though is not any miracle cure for skin problems.

So in terms of value for money, it may not be very attractively positioned.

If you simply judge the product performance parameter, it may not be a great option.

But if it counts among the top MLM companies, it sure needs a relook.

Especially the business model of the firm needs to be analyzed carefully.

However, there is no different story outlined either.

Overall you can say that the story is lackluster one.

While the product is developed by some well-known names, the efficiency is mediocre.

In terms of the MLM structure too, there isn’t a huge difference either.

While the product is pricey and the company is making money, the same is not true about members.

Perhaps this is also a reason that it is not as popular globally.

Moreover, the products are priced significantly higher than peers.

The cost factor limits usage to a large extent.

The commission component is much lesser when you compare to options like Mary Kay.

You can attribute this to a flaw in the overall business model.

Primarily this system is created in a way that encourages the sale of products.

Product promotion is the primary objective of the business structure.

That is the most striking element of the overall MLM layout.

Profitability for individual members is a distant dream.

Perhaps a better idea is to try out the products as a retail customer before you take the plunge.

At the most, you can hope to earn some extra money being a member of this MLM.

7. Advocare

AdvocareThis is yet another dietary supplement product that has opted for the MLM route.

This company offers a wide range of products including vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The ultimate objective is promoting health and wellness of the users.

Just like 4Life, this too has a special appeal for sportsmen and other personalities.

On the whole, if you study the business model carefully, it is a mid-level MLM.

You can be a registered customer with the company, or you may also qualify for discounts.

If you are keen on additional income, you can also qualify for the role of a distributor.

Primarily these are the only two available positions in this MLM.

You can either be a distributor or a customer with Advocare.

This Texas-based company also has an A Plus rating from BBB.

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and lending it considerable credibility.

As a distributor, you can get these products at 20-40% discount on an average.

That undeniably offers a significantly large window to book profit if you are interested.

Its product line primarily targets weight management and enhancing athletic performance.

On the whole, you can either opt for the 24-day challenge or the 10-day program.

However, a detailed study will reveal that the ingredients used cannot be trusted completely.

The complaints on BBB also point to a certain trend.

The concern is you have multiple sources of complaints about the efficiency of the product.

Many online reviewers, who personally tried this product, have given a thumbs down.

So the risks seem to weigh heavily on the entire lineup.

After all who wants to spend a lot of money on a product that may not help them?

If you want additional income, perhaps it is a better idea to save it from spending on these products.

8. Pampered Chef

Pampered ChefThere is so limited information about this MLM,  that doubt reigns all around.

Almost the first search result about it is whether this is a scam or legitimate business?

That surely engulfs the entire MLM in a cloud of doubt.

Are you then wondering why would I put it on a list of the top MLM companies?

Well, this is a product line geared towards pampering chefs, as the name indicates.

They sell a wide variety of kitchenware and cooking aids.

Established in 1980, the business has been building a base gradually over the years.

What adds a lot of credibility to it is that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway picked it in 2000.

That alone highlighted the strength of the business fundamentals.

The Oracle of Omaha, an investment guru, has earned the reputation of backing strong stories.

The fact that he bought the company and appointed a CEO to run it says a lot about its potential.

The current business structure is also an outcome of this association primarily.

They start from basic accessories and expand to a range of options including stoneware.

Like most other multi-level marketing firms, their compensation is commission based.

So apart from selling the products, you can even expand your own team to earn more money.

You get a percentage for every recruit, discount on product and bonus payouts too.

So this is an out and out MLM outfit.

The profit percentage is closely linked to the projected commission and recruit potential.

Just the product sale will not churn a profitable proposition for you.

That way, the compensation plan is very straightforward.

The product cost is also in the affordable bracket.

However, it may still not be sufficient for a long-term living.

Sustainability is a decided problem with them.


So, all in all, the list of top MLM companies is pretty varied.

Assessment of the revenue generation potential is only one aspect.

There are several other elements that you have to pay attention to.

The most important aspect is, of course, authenticity and credibility.

But that is also subjective in certain cases.

Most times, those who are successful post rave reviews.

But those who have failed post negative reviews.

MLMs are not everyone’s cup of tea.

It needs decided strategy and sharp business planning.

Only that will ensure sustainable profitability.

We have taken all these factors in creating our list of top MLM companies.

They don’t just have a great product or affordable rates.

They are also facilitating an easier money-making opportunity for people.

That is what makes them one of the top MLM companies.