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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions10 Million Real Followers or One Million Dollars; Which One Would You Like to Have?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 2 days ago

10 Million Real Followers or One Million Dollars; Which One Would You Like to Have?

10 million real followers is a lot better than one million dollars because you can make even billions with them. There are a lot of things you can do with one million dollars, but there are a lot more things you can do with 10 million real followers. They can be a steady stream of income for you for the rest of your life because they also refer others and the number of your followers grows. You can make millions with them every year, if you know how to provide and offer what they want. You need to be an experienced digital marketer, entrepreneur, supplier and an enthusiastic creator to offer what your 10 million real followers want, and they will pay for it while they appreciate you. What do you think? 🙂

kenndy4reality replied 2 days ago

On point brother.

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Vicaris answered 2 days ago

Vahid, I feel the same way but it depends on several factors. For a person with no means of livelihood, $1m will be chosen over 10M followers while for a person with a means of livelihood especially a business, 10M followers should be the right choice

fdk191503 replied 2 days ago

If they are real followers, you can ask them $1 each, and you already have $10 million.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 2 days ago

Yes, thank you 😀

Vicaris replied 2 days ago

Hi fdk, Easier said than done. I am just being realistic

fdk191503 answered 2 days ago

Of course, 10 million real followers. Real followers share the same intentions and dreams. They also have empathy for what you fought for. They can understand things as you do. And most importantly, real followers will give you a tremendous amount of opportunities, ideas, and energies. But you need to meet their deepest to keep them.

Birembero4 answered 2 days ago

10 million real followers is far great than 1 million dollars .lmagine if every one buys 10 dollar product and you get a commission  10 percent.Its very great to have 10 million real followers, companies will hire you to advertise their products.

Vicaris replied 2 days ago

Great angle of perception

kenndy4reality answered 2 days ago

For me I will choose 10million real followers rather than 1 million dollars . 

Vicaris replied 2 days ago

Likewise me

gwhite2203 answered 2 days ago

Definitely 10m followers as it has so much more potential to change your life forever

jeankomaro answered 2 days ago

10 millions dollars is a lot of money and you can you multiply it more than 60 times if you’re a good manager,you need to know how to do it otherwise you can loose all your money.
It is the same with 10millions real followers if you don’t know how to earn money using your followers, you will not benefit anything. You have to know how to monetize them.

Nolo answered 2 days ago

Having 10 million followers means you’ve got something they like. So, you need to go a step further by offering them something even more valuable for a small fee. If you can repeat this, then you’ve got yourself a steady source of income to make you more than the million dollars. 

Edward Duffy answered 2 days ago

I will take the 10 million real followers every day of the week as they can provide you with a constant source of passive income.

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