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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsA Better Life? 10 Years After 2010 “Arab Spring” Uprisings and Street Demonstrations?
Jackson Mugarura asked 2 months ago

A Better Life? 10 Years After 2010 “Arab Spring” Uprisings and Street Demonstrations?

The year 2010 saw the beginning of the so called “Arab spring.” These were the uprisings/ demonstrations that begun in North Africa, and within a few days spread like wild fire across the whole Arab world. These uprisings were basically demands by the population for employment and better living conditions. They begun in Tunisia and quickly spread to Egypt, Libya, Syria, and many other Arab countries. This came to be called the “Arab spring.” But it’s main impact was the fall of regimes in almost all the countries where they happened. In Egypt and Libya, they led to the fall of depotic regimes of Hosin Mubarak and Muamar Gaddafi’s repressively. This though, came at a cost as many demonstrators lost their lives at the hands of security agents. But in the end, these uprisings largely achieved their objectives of ousting these doctors, with exception of cases like Syria and Yemen, where fighting and loss of life has raged on for years. I think this fighting has done more worse that good, as large scale destruction of property and infrastructures as well as loss of life has continued un bated for years now.  People’s lives have been shattered, hunger and other forms of untold suffering have been experienced in countries like Syria, Yemen, Libya, to name but a few. Almost all these wars begun as the “Arab Spring” demonstrations, that were agitating for employment and better living conditions. It is noted that, in some countries like like Tunisia, Algeria, etc, there was no much hustling as the regimes just fell after a few days of street demonstrations. This ushered in new administrations/ governments which started working on popular demands of the people and I guess this has changed people’s lives to an extent. But in some cases like Libya, it is said that people lived a far much better life than what they experienced in post war and Gaddafi regime. Indeed, the wars in Libya and Syria still rage on todate, many years after what started like street demonstrations demanding better living conditions. These wars have in one way or another heavily impacted on people’s lives. Do you think people in these countries are living better life than what they had? What’s your opinion?

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2 Answers
Ahmad Khasan answered 2 months ago

The only thing that I consider when this kind of conflict occurred is who get the benefit from fit? Every conflict in the Arab states is mostly related to the oil resources. And it is very likely that the conflict is inflicted by foreign countries. They put these Arabic countries into domestic chaos so that they can access the resources for themselves. And for the people of this Arabic states, they are far from better live. No one can have a better live if the country in which they live is in constant conflict.

Jackson Mugarura replied 2 months ago

Thanks for a great insight Ahmad.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 months ago

I do not think the Arab spring achieved what the demonstrators wanted.Okay in Egypt and Libya,the dictators were removed but currently in Libya there are always up risings fighting between the government troops and rebels. In fact Libya is all most becoming like Somalia where there is no government.problems of the population like human rights violation are always on the rise.The effect of dictatorship take long time and as we talk now more countries especially in Africa are on a time bomb for general up rising of masses.

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