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Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 1 day ago

The video below is the example of helping people with something they need and look for, and then asking them to take a look at your offer at the same time. They will do it when they see that you have been helpful to them.

This is a good marketing technique: While I grow my Pi team, I invite the new Pi miners to learn about Epic and sign up for it to start making money sooner than the time that Pi may making money for them.

Please kindly watch this 2 minutes and 34 seconds video to (1) start mining Pi if you are not doing it already, and (2) learn how I am smartly growing my Pi team while I try to refer people to Epic Trading as well.

You can do it too. Start your YouTube channel and talk to people. It has so much fun while it works and drives traffic to your Epic business. Please start your YouTube channel and focus it on your Epic business.

Please watch and then like the video if you think it is worth liking


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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 day ago

Marketing of techniques is the means of bringing custom to buy your products. This can be achieved is by making a regular advertisements, both on television or radio and on social media.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 12 hours ago

Great videos,useful for us who can’t refer people to join our team. Thanks you for sharing your technique.

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