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Questions and StoriesCategory: Stories💣 Adolf Hitler the Man With the Most Assassination Attempts Against Him; Did You Know That?
Shane Collins asked 4 months ago

💣 Adolf Hitler the Man With the Most Assassination Attempts Against Him
Did You Know That?

Adolf Hitler is one of histories worst dictators that has caused many mass murders and forced his followers to partake in his quest for blood. It is actually no wonder Adolf Hitler had many enemies and many people hated him for his horrible acts against human kind and some where even brave enough to try and assassinate Adolf Hitler there was not just one attack but many that followed unsuccessfully and Adolf Hitler then died by his own hand when he realized he lost the war. Many people had believed Hitler to be immortal due to the fact that he always managed to survive numerous assassination attempts which in the end only shook more people causing the fear of Hitler to be even greater. Many people of today also do not get to hear about these assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler but rather more of the terrible, violent and cruel acts that he had committed. What about you did you know that Adolf Hitler existence was tried to be removed by many assassination attempts? Even more astonishing is that he survived them all with little to no scratches. I honestly had no idea until I watched a documentary explaining the numerous assassination attempts against him needless to say it did not end well for the person’s that attempted or plotted Hitler’s death and or if you will downfall. Also it is numerous studies and documentaries that had led me to believe and conclude that Hitler has had the most assassination attack attempts against him than any other man in the world would you agree?

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Gareth White answered 4 months ago

I think I watched a similar program. There were a lot of people and countries who wanted him dead for obvious reasons and like you say he survived many assassination attempts. They recently confirmed that he dint actually die in the bunker were they thought he died. Apparently he lived for several years after he presumed death!

Shane Collins replied 4 months ago

That is indeed interesting Gareth I have to investigate thank you for your awesome reply.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 4 months ago

I didn’t know about, this but it was justified because he presided over the death of so many innocent people during his time.

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David Matlala answered 4 months ago

I know that attempts were made on Adolf Hitler’s life but I was not aware that they were so many. He was very lucky to survive so many and one can only conclude that the Devil himself was protecting this monster. The devil made sure that none of the plots succeeded so that his disciple should complete all those horrible deeds.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

I have heard about Adolf Hitler history of being a dictator and has killed many people, and i also knew that many people tried to assassinate him but he survived several times and final died by itself

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Muda Markus Dolopoto answered 4 months ago

No Sir, When I refreshed the page, the page ask me to login again. After login, the page about Adolf Hitler was gone. I close the page and opened again to see whether my comment has been posted? Evidently, my comment has not been published. So I want to publish again
This is my comment
What I know from history is that Adolf Hitler claimed that the German race was the best race (Deutshe uber alles). But the fact that the best race is Jewish, so he wanted to rule the whole world and to commit genocide against the Jewish

Shane Collins replied 4 months ago

Hi Muda Hitler did in fact believe in the Aries race and that pure Germans must have blue eyes and blond hair. Therefor he targeted the Jewish people based on their genetic differences and therefor claimed that the Jewish people where impure and had to be exterminated to fix the problems of Germany hence why the Nazi uprising took place and millions of Jewish lives where lost in mass murders and or gassing Adolf Hitler was even so cruel as to conduct experiments on Jewish people trapped in concentration camps to see if he could create the perfect Aries race. Adolf Hitler also made lamps and ash trays from his human victims.
Luckily his rain was stopped because he really has committed the most heinous crimes against humanity. Also the most baffling to me is he isn’t even from Germany therefor making Hitler himself not even close to the so called “perfectly pure race” but still he was responsible for the tragic deaths of millions.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 4 months ago

I have heard so much about the beast called Hitler, though, I didn’t hear about attempt to eliminate him. Someone has caused death of millions or killed millions of people ,should have more than enough enemies that should even make life his life shot. He a lucky idiot to have survived the attacks.

Shane Collins replied 4 months ago

Very lucky indeed.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 4 months ago

It is common for the leader of a country to receive frequent assasination attempts. Many people (their enemies) are happy with their death. It is why the assasination attempt to them will never cease. 
I know that Hitler received assasination attempts, such as the operation valkyrie, but I don’t know that he is the one to receive the most assasination attempt.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 months ago

Why do dictators survive for so long.He should have died earlier because he was against humanity.

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