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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsAre There Some People in This Planet That Aren’t Blessed by God?
Leno Jean Pierre asked 2 weeks ago

Are There Some People in This Planet That Aren’t Blessed by?

I have heard it several times, some people saying that: They are blessed, they are lucky, God love them, God is with them etc… Because they are successful, they succeed in life, whatever they do, they gain, they don’t fail; in the other hand those who are crying, who are unsuccessful, failure is part of their life, then they blame God for not blessings them, for being unsuccessful after trying harder to succeed .They work harder, try everything to succeed ,but they never make it in their life . What is your point of view about this? Are there some people in this planet that aren’t blessed by God?

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5 Answers
Shane Collins answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Leno I feel this is a very touchy subject and that maybe a God should be left out of it I do not believe in the Christian teachings and can not say I believe in Gods helping hand. I believe that one success come from their selves and the choices that we make have a greater impact on our lives over the teachings of Gods help to reach our goals.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

Mr Collins, I’m Christian and i believe in n God, but it is never written in the Holy Bible that people should not work hard to succeed in life.only those who work hard and put God first in whatever they do will succeed because God the almighty is will with them.

Shane Collins replied 2 weeks ago

I am not saying that I just gave my opinion and I do not believe that God has a helping hand in our lives I do not believe he exists because if there was a God all this suffering would not be such a big issue. If we are oh so loved why let anything bad happen to us in the first place. Also for someone supposedly so loving really has a way of condemning you to hell if you are a disobedient follower but then again it is okay to have faith as small as a mustard seed the hole thing is very contradicting in my opinion. However I do respect your opinion and I am sure many others share the same believes as you but as you have your believe I am entitled to mine. Like I have mentioned above this is a touchy subject and I simply shared my opinion. It is in the first place very wrong of a God to favor followers so there again shaking my belief I hope you see why I have my doubts and will continue to have them. Enjoy the rest of your day Mr Leno.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 week ago

You’re welcome Mr Collins, even me i wonder sometimes why God allow such suffering to people that he called its children. Is it possible for a humans being to just love some of its children and leave other .there are lot of questions to ask, but the most important is that he is the creator of the universe and the only one that can solve our problems if only we believe in him and behave according to its laws.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 week ago

Everyone  are been blessed by God. God loves us equally

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 18 hours ago

Yes Mr Jackson, i know that we are been blessed by God the almighty who loves us unconditionally ,but many people don\’t think that way.

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