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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsAre You a Victor? or Are You Okay With Whatever Life Throws at You?
Nnaemeka Victor asked 3 weeks ago

Are You a Victor? or Are You Okay With Whatever Life Throws at You?

Where do you belong?
For the Bible made us to know that whatever a man thinks so is he (Proverbs 23:7)
As for me, I choose to be a victor and to remain a victor always.

Innigold replied 2 weeks ago


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Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

A winner in the face of challenges

Kenneth replied 3 weeks ago

I don’t accept whatever life trolls at me.
I am always a winner. If I fail in a project, I will restart again for the fact I believe in what am doing. If I quit, I have accepted what life trolls at me but, if forge ahead, am a Victor.

Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Vicaris, can you define the term victor that you have used?

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

I think he means someone who always wants to be a winner.

Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Thanks Vicaris, that makes sense now. Yes I try to be and I am still trying and I am refusing to give up and being part of this group is helping to give me the get and go to achieve. This is the major reason why everyone is seeing a large number of posts from me, I really want to succeed.
I really hope everyone here is a success and achieves what they really want.

oluwole sobayo replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks Edward Duffy i agree with you

Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Victor: a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

Great answers so far. I am expecting more answers from other members

Gareth White answered 3 weeks ago

It would appear I need to change my gender because I cant find a male equivalent but the name I would choose is Zafirah which means Triumphant, Successful in Arabic

David Matlala answered 3 weeks ago

Victor? Yes, I always want to be a victor. But whatever life throws at me, I first have to accept, assess, and then take appropriate action. If you’ve lost something, accept the loss and make the necessary changes to correct the situation.
I’m okay with whatever life throws at me because I take that as a lesson life is giving me. I need to learn that lesson well and make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes and avoid a similar situation in the future.

Babayanju Abike answered 2 weeks ago

In this life we will face so many challenges in every aspect of our life so it’s our choice to take it or deal with it 
As for me I believe in Action and prayer

Male answered 2 weeks ago

I will catch any good things life throws at me. 

Jackson Mugarura answered 6 days ago

One inspirational speaker said ” if you don’t fight for what you want, what you don’t want will take over”.  We therefore,  must always fight for what know that we deserve, taking enough action to achieve our ambitions.

Gareth White answered 6 days ago

Im an not always ok with what life throws at me but I learn to adapt and manage to eventually overcome the challenge. I always push to to be the Victor!

Leno Jean Pierre answered 5 days ago

I’m a Victor, I don’t accept whatever life throws at me. I deal with every bad thing in my life with prayer and actions. I try my best to change it by working hard not giving up. I challenge and face everything that disturb me. If I fail, I restart again, again and again until I win.

Birembero4 answered 3 days ago

I always work hard to be a Victor,even if I fail I continue working hard and I always succeed in getting what I need .On the way I meet challenges,which I turn into opportunities,a case in reference is when I had started trading forex,l could not give up l continued seriously doing online research on the subject matter, until l found article on Bollinger bands,it’s narration and explanation encouraged me to even such for more articles of

Innigold replied 3 days ago

Good one

Jackson Mugarura answered 3 days ago

Life can be funny sometimes, if just rely on life and don’t fight for what you want and deserve, you can always get disappointed. So, I strive/ fight so much for what I want.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 days ago

I’m a Victor, I’m not OK with whatever life throws at me, it’s is true that there are some fact that I can not change. But there is thing that I can change too. With positive mind, Hard work, perseverance etc I’m able to get my life better and better every day.

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