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Questions and StoriesCategory: StoriesAsian Markets Rising With Impending US Stimulus Package
Edward Duffy asked 1 month ago

Asian Markets Rising With Impending US Stimulus Package

I have just read an article on MSN on the AFP news feed saying that Asian markets are on the rise with the news that the US will be signing off on a new stimulus package that will hopefully assist the US economy survive the COVID virus as they could be about to enter a second wave given the Northern Hemisphere is about to experience winter.
Apparently the White House has increased the value of the deal and the story is saying the Republicans are eager for a deal to be done.
It appeared that Trump has increased the stimulus package by $US1.8 Trillion last Friday and the story is saying that he favours an even larger deal.
This could be an election stunt for Trump to remain in the White House but the US may need a package such as this to survive the second wave.

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David Matlala answered 1 month ago

The democrats are actually looking for a $2.2trillion package. Trump is talking about raising the size of the package to $1.8trillion from the White house proposal of $500billion much to the dismay of some republicans. It’s a tricky maneuver that can affect his campaign. 

Ahmad Khasan answered 1 month ago

How does a stimulus to the American Economy be a boon to Asian markets?

kenndy4reality replied 1 month ago

Because the stimulus shows that the economy is terribly bad to extent that government have to support her citizens for their daily living. It will definitely make Asians stocks to rise.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 1 month ago

Not surprised because the Americans will have to rely on the Asian market for survival

Gareth White answered 1 month ago

The US love all the latest tech and gadgets and where do you think they are all made!!

Jackson Mugarura answered 1 month ago

It’s good world economy as a whole, and definitely currency and stock markets will respond in a way to such news.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 month ago

Stimulus will affect monetary value . That government will order for trillions of their currency to be minted to support the economy.,this causes inflation.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 weeks ago

USA stimulus parkage will be agood for the  general  global markets including Asia market.when demand  in USA increases,  demand for imports increase ,and automatically will lead to an increase in price for Yen and Australia dollar currencies.

Gareth White answered 3 weeks ago

it will certainly help the currency markets and in turn the world economy

Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago


Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 3 weeks ago

Yes.Asia stocks will rise especially Chinese stocks.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 weeks ago

I don’t understand this, does someone can explain me easier to have a best understanding .

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