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Leno Jean Pierre asked 2 months ago

Be Kind to Everyone It Can Change Your Life

Once upon a time, two graduated young man was looking for a job to improve their lives and help their families to get out of the poverty.

Unfortunately, after applying in many companies they never got a recall for job interview.

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One day, while working by the road side one lady came to them and asked for help after greeting.

She was finding someone to repair her car, suddenly one young man replied by screaming at her, he said: do we look like as mechanics? Don’t you know that we are graduated from University? Are you come to insult us? Get away, he kept being rude and disrespectful.

The lady replied, I just need a help I don’t mean to insult you, please help me. The other young man calmed down his friend, consoled the lady and asked for forgiveness. Then he went with the lady, tried to repair the car, finally he succeeded to start the car and the lady was very happy.

After all the lady asked him about his job, the Young Man replied: I’m jobless, I have applied in many companies, but things didn’t work out. Well the lady replied, I’m a CEO of a company, take my contact and come to my office tomorrow morning, I will give you a job. Before leaving, the young lady gave him some money for the transport and to buy some clothes.

The young man was surprised and couldn’t believe that he got a job without passing any interview. His friend was shocked and disappointed when he realized that the lady was the CEO of a company and has given money and job for his friend.

The lesson is that we must be kind to everyone even if we don’t know them; kindness has safe many lives and solved countless problems.

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3 Answers
Shane Collins answered 2 months ago

Hi there yes kindness is very important and we should never treat others differently to what we would expect to be treated. We all suffer our daily battles some days are better than others but showing some kindness may make things a bit easier for everyone. Being rude and mean never got anyone anywhere and one can not change the world alone but by showing kindness one can really be a light in someone’s dark day and  by doing so we can spread kindness instead of anger and rudeness. I agree that kindness is important and that it will further you more than being a mean and grumpy person nobody likes and gets along with a rude person.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 2 months ago

I agree with you both Leno and Shane.  If you are kind against people both them you know and people you don’t know, you will have it better with yourself and you will be rewarded like the man in Lenos example.  You have of course to watch yourself not to be kind in a wrong way so people exploit your kindness and you will loose both money and faith in people.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

Yes this story has given more courage and strength to be kind to people. If you don’t someone the simplest thing to do is to great him or just pass by without saying anything. Everyone needs help in some circumstances.

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