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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsCan a Political Division of a Country Like the One We Have Seen in the United States Take Place in Other Democratic Countries?
Steinar Kloverod asked 2 months ago

Can a Political Division of a Country Like the One We Have Seen in the United States Take Place in Other Democratic Countries?

The US presidential election has shown us that it is possible to weaken confidence in the country’s democratically elected authorities and an electoral system. This creates a basis for mistrust and division in a modern society. By using disinformation, lies and hate speech, a basis is laid for pitting the country’s inhabitants against each other. This is very clearly illustrated in connection with the US presidential election that has just taken place.

We also see it in connection with the storming of Congress on 6 January and all security measures in connection with the inauguration of Mr. Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Washington and other US cities are similar to a war zone due to all security measures in connection with the presidential inauguration on January 20.

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Can a political division of a country like the one we have seen in the United States take place in other democratic countries?

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5 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

Yes,politics has devided countries into groups which is very dangerous for the stability and the progress of the countries. My Guinea Conakry is more divided than the United States of America ,politicians have created division and mess around the country.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

I think the US case was caused by the type of leadership at the helm, the self-centered and egoistic type of leader. If such type of a leader is at the helm, it’s possible like in the US case.

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Edward Duffy answered 2 months ago

Avery interesting question Steinar. Yes I think it can happen in any democracy as it really depends on people and it also depends on herd mentality and it needs the right type of personality to be able to polarise peoples thoughts and actions and the who knows when this can happen.

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Shane Collins answered 2 months ago

Yes but I feel politicians are to blame because they are the ones dividing people into groups which in the end is not good for sustainability leading people to more mistrust and due to that division being even greater surely democracy is questionable. I also do not think that democracy is all that important anymore seeing as in recent years that tampering with elections is becoming more common. Democracy is definitely in question all around the world. I don\’t really know how to describe the situation in African countries but here is way to much corruption leaving citizens exploited and the next leader may be even more corrupt than the previous one. If you ask me politics is one big mess and our democracy is most certainly at threat.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

I think political division is the same in many countries around the world. They have divided people in groups ,and make them their victims because they can easily handle the situation and mess up everything according to their Will.

Shane Collins replied 1 month ago

That is actually so so true Mr. leno

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