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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsCan Cryptocurrency Be Widely Adopted Like Fiat Counterpart? 
Kenneth Ogbonnaya asked 3 weeks ago

Can Cryptocurrency Be Widely Adopted Like Fiat Counterpart?

jackso replied 1 week ago

Fiat, please clarify. I have not heard about it.

7 Answers
Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Australia must be behind the rest of the world here as I have not heard about these advancements here. People here are having issues with the fact that one day cash will disappear let alone the introduction of cryptocurrency.
I think that cryptocurrency and its acceptance and wide use may take some time, maybe a generation or two.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

I dont know about fiat, can you enlighten me?

Kenneth Ogbonnaya replied 20 mins ago

Fiat is your local currency

Male answered 3 weeks ago

Yes, but only time will tell.

Gareth White answered 1 week ago

Everything is generational, like technology. Slowly old fashioned physical money will disappear to be replaced with cards initially, phone tapping and crypto. Everything is all going online and becoming virtual.

David Matlala answered 1 week ago

Fiat money is government-issued currency like the US dollar, Euro or the British Pound.
It’s going to take a while for the cryptos to fully replace or be adopted as currencies.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 10 hours ago

As the cryptoccurencies is not a tangible money and is not accepted by most countries. It will time to replaced the physical currency.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 17 mins ago

Who will believe that bitcoin will be known as much as it is known today. I think it will be acceptable as fast as possible. 

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