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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsChina to Overtake Us Economy by 2028? What’s Your View?
Jackson Mugarura asked 4 weeks ago

China to Overtake Us Economy by 2028? What’s Your View?

According to the news today, China’ s economy is set to overtake the US by the year 2028. This is based on experts analysis of the current events and the impact of corona virus on the global economy. China was able to mitigate the effects of Covid19 and its economy remained stable and is expected to expand by 2% this year, while the US has been severely devastated by the pandemic which has claimed approximately 330,000 people and the trend is still on the upward trajectory. Experts have said that this has negatively impacted on the US economy, and China is set to take over as the world’s biggest economy in the year 2028. What’s your opinion on this? Do you think it will happen?

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2 Answers
Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 weeks ago

Its sad news for the current president elect Mr.Biden.He has a big hill to climb ,his 4 years in power will very much determine,if China will overtake USA by 2028.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 4 weeks ago

Do you think there’s something that Biden can do to the inevitable Eli, how will well will he handle this?

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