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Edward Duffy asked 1 month ago

🦠COVID-19 and the United States of America

So the news reports today are saying that the US have had 3,600 people die from COVID-19 which is a record under this pandemic. This is not a great result.
Do you think America can do much better as far as solving the problem of the virus? If you were advising Joe Biden as to how to stop the virus what would you say?

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2 Answers
Jackson Mugarura answered 1 month ago

I’m not good at advising but I hope America can do better than this and turn the tide around. This is a country with all that is required to handle this pandemic in terms of resources and manpower. The situation was just mismanaged by selfish Politicians. All that Joe Biden needs to do, is to get the right people in the right places and they work as a team to get the way out of this. Otherwise, the situation is so alarming going by these statistics. If nothing is done right, his ratings will also soon be in danger.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 1 month ago

It is difficult to say.  I think the United States will work more consistent against the covid pandemic under. president Biden administrasjon.  He has already established a group that will come up with actions against it.

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